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    Autocross and Motocross on the Sunday 22nd May at Ta’ Qali

Autocross and Motocross on the Sunday 22nd May at Ta’ Qali


On the Sunday 22nd May 2016 Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi will be organizing the tenth program of ASMK Pasta Poiatti 2015/2016 Championships. The program starts at 11.45am and racing starts at 12: 00 hours. The day’s racing will consist of Motocross and Autocross who will be competing on track in an anti-clockwise direction.

Meanwhile a look at the Autocross and Motocross classes where as more time passes more added stress is placed on all those who stand the chance to win their respective championship. In the Motocross Class A we find the challenge for the leadership between Camilleri brothers with just an 11 points gap. Clayton on a KTM motorcycle leads with 208 points and lies ahead of his brother Kyle on another KTM with 197 points. Third place is won by Paul Muscat on a KTM with 144 points.

In Motocross Class B the Gozo riders continued to dominate the classification. It seems that this award will be won by a Gozo rider. Mario Cauchi on his Honda is dominating this class B with a substantial advantage over his followers. Cauchi leads with 257 points and is followed by Etienne Bigeni with 197 points on his Honda motorcycle. Third placed Jorn Stellini on a Kawasaki won 155 points so far.

In the Open Class Category for all Motocross riders irrespective of age and experience we find leader Mario Cauchi on Honda with 94 points. Cauchi is followed by Etienne Bigeni on another Honda with 84 points. In third place is Paul Muscat on KTM with 75 points.

The situation in the Autocross National Championship category shows that Christian Mark Galea on his Fiat Ritmo is approaching another title in this category. Galea is leading the classification [...]

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    Galea and Pace win in Autocross and Muscat wins in Motocross

Galea and Pace win in Autocross and Muscat wins in Motocross

On Sunday 24 th April 2016 Assoċjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Kaorozzi organized nineth championship event from ASMK Pasta Poiatti 2015/2016 Championship. The day’s programm included Autocross cars and Motocross Motorcycles where 42 competitors regiistered for the day’s event .

Meanwhile in the Autocross section we had seen both the Standard Class together with the Modified classes A and B. In the Autocross Modified class nno one competitor won all the Heats of the day though there was great competition between Andrew Pisani on an Opel Nova and Josef Grech on a Fiesta. Both were the favorites of the day. Other drivers who qualified for this Class A were Christian Mark Galea on a Fiat Ritmo, Borg Malcom and Gordon Johnson both on an Opel Corsa and Ivan Birmingham on Suzuki Swift.

Right from the Start of the Final Class A we saw Galea making a very good launch and right by the first corner he had already developed a competitive advantage. Galea left behind him Johnson and Grech battling for second place until after the second corner there was a contact between two cars which was out of the vicinity of the referee. This resulted into a collision on track between the rest of the finalists.  This resulted bad to Borg and was forced to retire as he found himself face to face with Johnson’s car as well as with several tires on track as a result of the accident. The race final continued with Galea taking the Finish Flag followed by Grech and Pisani. Birmingham finished in fourth place followed in fifth place by Johnson.

For final Class B starters were Jean Paul Grech on a Peugeot 106, Jonathan Camilleri and Joseph Micallef both on an [...]

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73 athletes benefit from the Youth Elite Athlete Scheme



The Youth Commission, within the Maltese Olympic Committee launched the new Youth Elite Athlete Scheme whereby highly promising and dedicated young athletes from various National Sports Federations were selected to form part of this Elite Scheme. The scheme aims to help these young athletes with financial benefits to be able to cover expenses while seeking to better their abilities by attending overseas training camps, international competitions or sports schools abroad. Funds for this Scheme have been allocated by the Maltese Olympic Committee for use within its Youth sector. Chosen athletes were nominated and after a meticulous selection process the MOC Youth Commission has shortlisted 73 youth athletes from 20 National Sports Federations.

All National Sports Federations affiliated with the Maltese Olympic Committee were asked to nominate their best youth athletes. Maltese Olympic Committee Director responsible for the scheme, Mr.Paul Sultana stressed that : “ Following the experiences of the past years where in 2014 the MOC had 33 athletes from 13 federations and in 2015 there were 67 athletes from 20 federations, aware of the ever growing interests in the youth sector within the affiliated federations for 2016 there is an increase in the number of athletes as 73 athletes from 20 federations will benefit. One has to note that for athletics and swimming there is allocation to track and field as well as to swimming and synchronized swimming respectively”.

The Maltese Olympic Committee with the main aim of investing in young talents has allocated 40,000 euros for this project which is more than double than it was in 2014.

The Scheme remains open and the progress of these selected athletes will be closely monitored to ascertain if they should continue to form part of the Youth [...]

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    The Maltese Raffa Bowls team wins third place in the Austrian international tournament.

The Maltese Raffa Bowls team wins third place in the Austrian international tournament.


In the international tournament held in Hard, Austria, on the 16th of April, the Maltese Raffa Bowls team wins third place when competing against sixteen teams from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Poland, and Liechtenstein. In this high-level tournament, attracting the top Raffa Bowls players from Europe and monitored by the EBA (European Bowls Association) and the CBI (Confederazione Boccistica Internazionale) the Maltese players David Farrugia, Reno Farrugia, and Stefan Farrugia were accompanied by the Malta Raffa Bowls Club President, Adrian Sciberras.

In the first game, the Maltese team competed against the skilled Austrian team winning this first round, 12-5. For the following round, the Maltese Raffa Bowls team played against the Germans. In this tactical and challenging match the Maltese won by one point with the score of 12-11, leading them to the quarterfinals. The Liechtenstein team was up next against the Maltese team. The Maltese Raffa Bowls players won this round by 12-13 leading them to the semi-finals played in another Raffa Bowls pitch located also in Hard. The Maltese Raffa Bowls team ended their participation in the international tournament when losing to the capable and strong Swiss team 12-2 and placing third with the total of six points. The Swiss team won the international Austrian tournament for Raffa Bowls with nine points, whilst the Liechtenstein team was runner up with eight points.

The Malta Raffa Bowls Club kept all its followers well updated by live updates of scores and pictures on its Facebook page ( A number of followers have wished the Maltese Raffa Bowls team good luck and congratulated the player’s success on the same Facebook page.

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On Sunday 24th April 2016 Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi is to continue the National Championships sponsored by ASMK and Pasta Poiatti 2015/2016. The Autocross cars will be racing their Ninth event and Motocross is also organized on the day. The Program begins at noon (12:00 pm).

Meanwhile a slight look at the Autocross and Motocross classifications show that in Autocross Modified class Christian Mark Galea on a Fiat Ritmo still tops the chart and is expected to continue defending his lead with the 161 points won so far. Galea is followed by Malcolm Borg on an Opel Corsa with 112 points. In the Autocross Standard class we see Deane Farrugia on his Citroen AX to continue to lead this classification with 45 points followed by Traydon Bailey on his Ford Ka with 36 points.

In the Motocross Class A Clayton Camilleri on his KTM is still leading the classification and is expected to continue leading with 208 points while his brother Kyle is 2nd placed with 172 points also on a KTM motorcycle. In Class B the Gozo Riders are still defending the first two positions in the ranking. Mario Cauchi on a Honda is leading with 207 points and is followed by Etienne Bigeni in 2nd place with 197 points on Honda motorcycle.

Meanwhile the Board of Disciplinary Action of the Association met this week and decided on two cases of misconduct by the competitors. In the Autocross section Johann Vella will be suspended from the next event on Sunday following misconduct in his last activity. From the Motocross section Clayton Camilleri and Paul Muscat are also suspended from the next activity on next Sunday following improper behaviour by their spectators on site.

Meanwhile on Sunday [...]

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International table football tournaments

The Valletta Subbuteo Club will be holding two international table football tournaments on the 23 and 24 of April at The Magazino, Valletta Cruise Terminal, Valletta Waterfront.

On Saturday, the International Open will be played with 5 different categories to be won, from under 12 to veteran. The Grand Prix will be held on Sunday, with both team and individual honours to be won.

These international tournaments will both start at 9am and are held under the auspicious of the international federation, F.I.S.T.F. A good number of foreign players will be taking part and these tournaments are part of the Valletta 450 anniversary.

Fil granet tat-23 u 24 t’April, il-klabb tal-Valletta Subbuteo se jorganizza zewg kompetizzjonijiet internazzjonali tat-table football (subbuteo). Dawn il-kompetizzjonijiet se jigu milghuba fil-Magazino, Valletta Cruise Terminal, fil-Valletta Waterfront.

Fil-gurnata tas-Sibt se tintlghab il-kompetizzjoni tal-International Open u l-Hadd jintlghab il-Grand Prix. Hemm 5 kompetizzjonijiet x’jibtrebhu, li jibdew min taht it-tnax il-sena sa veterani. Se jkun hemm numru sabih ta plejers barranin jiehdu sehem, kif ukoll il-kompetizzjoni tal-klabbs, li tohloq interess kbir.

Dawn il-kompetizzjonijiet se jibdew fid-9am u huma parti mill-Anniversarju tal-Valletta 450 u se jintlghabu taht l-awspicju tal-ghaqa internazzjonali tat-table football, l-F.I.S.T.F.


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Maltese Olympic Academy visits San Andrea School

Six athletes namely Rachid Chouhal, Antonella Chouhal, Kirsty Caruana, Suzanne Buttigieg, Sana Grillo and Marcon Bezzina together with Maltese Olympic Academy official Charles Camenzuli took an active part in an Olympic Games celebration organized at the San Andrea School in Mgarr. Hundreds of students took part in preparing projects, installations and visual information relative to the history of the Olympic Games dating back from the origins in ancient Olympia. Emphasis was also made to the coming edition of the Games in Rio.

Parents of pupils at San Andrea School also attended this activity.

With the participation of the Maltese Olympic Committee Athletes children where given information of how athletes prepare themselves for competitions as well as their experiences in international committments.

On behalf of the Maltese Olympic Academy, Charles Camenzuli thanked San Andrea School for such initiative which helps in transmitting the olympic ideals among the young generation. On behalf of the MOC the athletes presented the school with official kits signed by the athletes .
 Charles Camenzuli

Malta Olympic Academy

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European Powerlifting Championships

This Year the European Powerlifting Championships where  held in Weston Super Mare England on the 9th and 10th April.
Two lifters represented Malta in this competition. Dylan Callus  a 19 year old junior lifter  took part in the under 100Kg class. He placed first from the Juniors in his class with lifts of 200kg in the squat, 140kg in the bench press and 265kg in the deadlift. He attempted to lift 275.5kg in the deadlift but was a no lift due to incorrect technique.
Frances Spiteri of 67 years of age took part in the Masters 6 under 82.5kg body weight class. His results were 150.5kg in the squat which is a new European and World record in his age and weight class. Frances best deadlift was of 185kg and this was also a new European record in his age and weight class respectively.
These were very prestigious results achieved by a very promising young lifter and also an inspiration to may people advanced in there age since Spiteri is the oldest powerlifter that represents Malta during overseas competitions.
Please find clips of the lifts bellow

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Simon Giordmaina Drag Racing team sets new targets

When it comes to satisfaction there is nothing better then winning it instantly generates motivation. The 2015 season was a year of success for Simon Giordmaina Drag Racing Team, winning the Maltese OPEN Class Championship stopping the clock at 7.55 seconds. This winning  year  arrived  after two successful years when Simon’s bike had been in the US, raced by legendary driver Rodney Williford. The time spend in the US was a massive learning curve for the whole team, Rodney’s talent was running at a constant 7.00 seconds at major events where he took part. It was also a massive boost for Simon Giordmaina with a Maltese bike doing such incredible times.

During this time support was also given to the Italian Carbonera Super Street Bike team, once more injecting some Maltese magic with the Italian  bike clocking in the 7’seconds, a historic moment for the team.  It was another accolade for both team and local tuner Giordmania.

Being high on  motivation, an excellent winning base, the team propelled itself towards 2016. Rodney even though on the other side of the world was part and parcel of the local team, his vast knowledge and experience was an accelerated input  for the team to reduce the time on track.  Changes to the bike where coming from all sectors, new body parts, Rodney Williford side mount turbo setup, new GTX turbo, new bike geometry, suspension and clutch, plus a new setup and engine mapping.

The latest edition to the team was Franklyn Borg,  the team’s new driver for 2016, Franklyn a seasoned racer is new to SSB but his first outing was an instant success. Trying out the bike on test day, he clocked a time of 7.85seconds.  Franklyn inaugural [...]

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    Electrofix Hibernians jisfidaw lil Caffe Moak Luxol għar-rebħ tal-Kampjonat femminili MSV Life

Electrofix Hibernians jisfidaw lil Caffe Moak Luxol għar-rebħ tal-Kampjonat femminili MSV Life

Electrofix Hibernians u Caffe Moak Luxol se jilgħabu kontra xulxin fis-serje finali fuq l-aħjar minn 7 partiti għat-titlu MSV Life Kampjonat Femminili 2016, l-44 kampjonat fl-istorja tal-basketball tan-nisa f’pajjizna.

Fit-triq lejn is-serje finali, Electrofix Hibernians, li spiċċaw fl-ewwel post wara l-istaġun regolari, għelbu lil Gzira Athleta fis-semifinali. Minn naħa l-oħra, ic-champions renjanti fl-aħħar sentejn Caffe Moak Luxol xejnu l-isfida ta’ PAVI Depiro wkoll fis-semifinali.

Il-kowċis taz-zewġ finalisti, Alex Farrugia (Hibs) u Charles Bonnici (Luxol), akkumpanjati mill-players rispettivi Nadia Mifsud u Steffi De Martino tkellmu mal-midja qabel il-ftuħ ta’ din is-serje finali nhar il-Ħadd li ġej.

Il-president tal-Malta Basketball Association Paul Sultana u John Buttigieg, Executive Brand Manager tal-isponsors tal-kampjonat MSV Life ndirizzaw ukoll lill-midja.

Kemm Farrugia kif ukoll Bonnici qalu li jisperaw li jkollhom l-iswadra kollha għad-dispozizzjoni u qed jistennew li din is-serje finali tkun waħda bilanċjata hekk kif iz-zewġ finalisti wrew li huma l-aħjar skwadri fil-kampjonat dan l-istaġun.

Il-captain ta’ Hibs, Mifsud, stqarret li qed jimmiraw li jerġgħu jieħdu t-tazza Raħal Ġdid wara nuqqas ta’ sitt snin. Fil-fatt, Hibs, li b’14-il kampjonat mirbuħ huma l-aktar team ta’ suċċess fil-basketball femminili, l-aħħar rebħu l-kampjonat fl-2010eta dakinhar kienu għelbu lill-istess Luxol 2-1 fis-serje finali.

Il-forward ta’ Luxol De Martino, minn naħa tagħha, qalet li Luxol se jippruvaw jagħmluhom tliet kampjonati mirbuħa konsekuttivi u b’hekk jitilgġu għal 12-il kampjonat fl-istorja.

“Bħala MSV Life, aħna kuntenti li erġajna qed inkunu assoċjati mal-basketball. Nafu li l-logħba għandha bosta segwaċi f’Malta u l-isponsorship ta’ MSV Life jaqa’ fil-linja tal-isforz tal-kumpanija li tassisti lill-komunita” qal John Buttiġieġ f’isem MSV Life li din is-sena huma l-isponsors tal-kampjonat tan-nisa.

“Kull logħba dan l-istaġun bejn Hibs u Luxol kienet waħda nteressanti u qed inħarsu b’ħerqa lejn serje finali ferm attrajenti” qal Paul Sultana. Il-president tal-MBA ħabbar ukoll li mill-istaġun li ġej [...]

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