ASMK AUTOCROSS Finals on Saturday 31st January

ASMK AUTOCROSS Finals on Saturday 31st January

Sunday 25th January 2015 ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ organized the seventh program of the ASMK – Pasta Poiatti 2014/15 Championships at Ta Qali. Despite the overnight storm the Association made everything to continue the day’s  program as scheduled. But it was not the same for the Motocross section. These races had to be postponed for safety reasons for another day. 

Meanwhile the day was not missing any fun as though the track surface was excessively wet at first most drivers change racing techniques and adjust to the continuously changing track conditions. This condition leaves some drivers struggling to keep their vehicle stable on course. Despite these conditions on the day 24 drivers which were divided into 2 classes participated in the day’s event. The current classes are one for Autocross Modified and another for the Standard class. 

A look at the day’s events where in the Autocross Modified Class Vince Farrugia on Volkswagen Polo, Christian Mark Galea on his Fiat Ritmo and Lucas Pace on his Honda Civic obtain the highest score of the day during the three Heats. Though none of the competitors managed to win all the heats of the day Farrugia, Galea and Pace secured their positions on the Class A Final race. Together with these Andrew Pisani on Vauxhall Nova, Godfrey Gauci on Ford Fiesta and Philip Grima on Ford Escort also secured their place on the six-car Start line-up.

Class B finalists are Malcolm Borg on an Opel Corsa, Philip Joe Vella on his Opel Nova, Jean Paul Grech on a Peugeot 106, Jason Martin on Volkswagen Polo, Pedro Attard on his Fiat X-19 and Martin Godwin on an Opel Corsa.

Unfortunately the instability of the [...]

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The 8th edition of the Malta Golf Association Shield

The 8th edition of the Malta Golf Association Shield sponsored by NESCAFÈ DOLCE GUSTO was won by John (Jnr) Micallef with a differential score of 29 two ahead of Bernard Bugeja and three better than Maike Beekman and Catherine Milet.

The tournament reverted to a Medal stroke play for the first day and a Stableford for the second day with the Stableford points’ results subtracted from the Medal net scores to determine the overall placing. The re-scheduled competition (cancelled from November 2014 due to the storm that hit the Islands) was played in very favourable weather conditions and on a well presented golf course at Royal Malta.

32 ladies played their first day on Thursday 22nd January with Dodie Waterhouse registering the best score with a net 70 (68 when calculating the difference between the men and ladies’ tees) on countback ahead of Maria Woodward, Peta Hattersley and Joanne Cassar. The two female juniors Filippa Konig and Mia Allsopp came in with a net 72 (70) and 79 (77) respectively.

Out of the 79 men that played on Saturday 24th, 12 played to their handicap or better. JJ Micallef’s +1 handicap turned his gross 65 to a nett 66 to tie him with Bernard Bugeja, Patrick Brown and Thomas Jacobsen but still very much 3 shots behind the nett 64 carded in by Peter Gatt and Frank Wagg and 1 shot behind Andy Holland. The only junior boy in the field – Laurens Schulze Doering – came in with a nett score of 75 to place right in between his two girl counterparts.

Unfortunately, for personal reasons, the best lady could not play in the second day which as it progressed saw the main protagonists fail to retain [...]

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More ASMK Autocross and Motocross This Sunday

More ASMK Autocross and Motocross This Sunday
On Sunday 25th January 2015 ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ is to continue its Motorsport activities in the ASMK – Pasta Poiatti National Championships 2014/2015. This event is to took place at the Motorsport Complex at Ta ‘Qali. This Sunday the ASMK will be organizing the seventh program for the Autocross sections and the third event for the Motocross. This Program begins at 11: 00am while official Practice sessions will be held on Saturday from 2:00pm onwards.

Meanwhile a look at the general Class A classification at the Motocross championship list and following two events we find Clayton Camilleri on his KTM 250cc motorcycle ranks at the top with 102 points. In second place with six points less is Paul Muscat on a KTM with 96 points while 3rd place is won by Edward Ciantar on a Kawasaki with 79 points. Four points below and with 75 points in fourth place is Trevor Muscat on KTM motorcycle as well.

Ludvick Muscat on KTM motorcycle is placed at the top of the Class B riders list with 105 points. Ludvic is followed by a Gozo rider Adam Sultana on a Kawasaki motorcycle. Sultana ranks in 2nd place with 83 points while Elvin Debono ranks in third place on his Kawasaki 250cc  motorcycle with 69 points. Fourth place is won by young Julian Abela on a Honda with 59 points.

The Autocross section have passed half of the current league which is based on 12 events. At the top of the National League is Philip Joe Vella on his Opel Corsa with 133 points. Vella has developed an advantage on his fellow competition drivers. Christian Mark Galea on his Fiat Ritmo is [...]

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Malta Judo – 43rd edition of the National Championships

The Malta Judo Federation hosted its 43rd edition of the National Championships at the Bocci Drome in the Cottonera Sport Complex. The day started with Sensei Joe Castillo, Gaetano Scerri, Joseph Muscat, John Curmi and 60 young dragons on the mat. Our young Judoka brought the Bocci Drome to life as they demonstrated their skills in Judo through games and friendly contests. Envic Galea, President of the Malta Judo Federation said in his opening speech that all our young Judoka are winners, as Judo is not only a sport, but a way of life. All the dragons were awarded a gold medal to commemorate this event.
The first Judoka to go on the mat were the Espoirs – Judoka aged 12 to 14 years. This age category has special rules, such as no sacrifice techniques, strangles and armlocks, as it is considered as a transitional category between the non competitive and the competitive age categories. The winners of the Espoir categories were Massimo Micallef, Cameron Gray, Sean Spiteri, Adin Vella, Clive Camilleri, Thomas Zerafa, Gabriel Camilleri, and Ena Camilleri.

In the Cadet, Junior and Senior categories, the spectators and coaches present witnessed some extremely interesting contests and beautiful Ippon. The winners in the Cadet categories were Kurt Camilleri (Tigne Judo Club), Andreas Castillo (Shirojudokwai Judo Club), Joseph Muscat and Kurt Butters (Kamikwai Judo Club), Alice Battistino and Martha Spiteri (Hibernians Budokwai Judo Club). Some of the cadets also contested the Junior and Senior categories. The winners of the Junior Categories were Joseph Muscat (Kamikwai Judo Club), Cormack Spiteri (Tigne Judo Club), Alessio Muscat (Kinsu Judo Club), and Esther Spiteri (Hibernians Budokwai Judo Club). Lamberto Raffi, was also present at the event, who together with our [...]

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ASMK Trials Championship on Sunday 18th

ASMK Trials Championship on Sunday 18th.

On Sunday 18th January 2015 ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ will continue its motorsport events by the Moto Trials riders. This program is the 3rd race in the ASMK Pasta Poiatti National Championship 2014/15. This event is being held at the Hard Rock Cutting Quarry known as Tal-Maghlaq within the limits of Qrendi. This competition starts at 9: 00 am and is open to non-ASMK members too.

Meanwhile a look at the classification of the Trials section competitions we see that Class A rider Damon Bonello on a Gas Gas with 40 points leads this class. Bonello is followed by Robert Caruana on another Gas Gas but with 32 points. Third position is won by Rowen Bonello who is elected to Class A following his championship win in Class B on Beta by 28 points.

In Class B we find Joseph Scicluna on Gas Gas with 40 points at the leading place. He is followed by Bernard Sammut on a Beta and Manuel Camilleri on a Gas Gas both with 32 points each. 4th place goes to Daniel Caruana on Gas Gas 26 points.

Yet on Sunday 11th January 2015 the Association organized another program. The sixth event of the ASMK Autocross Championship 2014/15 was held at the Sports complex at Ta ‘Qali on a very well prepared track and spectators areas. 28 Autocross cars registered on this to race in the Autocross Modified and Standard Classes.

A look at what happened during the day shows that competition was close and nobody won all the three the Heats on the day but Philip Joe Vella on an Opel Corsa won the highest scores of 24 points and secured his place on the [...]

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First ASMK Events for 2015

First ASMK Events for 2015
On Sunday 4 January 2015 the “Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi” organized the first motorsport event of the New Year. The Enduro section within ASMK organized the second Championship event which was sponsored by Pasta Poiatti and Dunlop. Although the Association possesses permissions to organise such Enduro events be held outside the ASMK sports complex at Ta ‘Qali, this event was an exception where the Enduro course was laid on and in between the Motocross and the Autocross tracks for the Enduro Motorcycles. This was possible thanks to several member/helpers under the leadership of Mr. Eddie Bonello. They managed to make a course of two kilometers with various types of driving routes suitable for both the novice and expert Enduro riders.

31 competitors registered and took part in this event which was divided into two classes. Class A for motorcycles under the 250cc and Class B for engines greater than 250cc. Class A was battled between thirteen riders and all struggled to make the best possible time laps of the two timed heats following the Pole Position.

During the day Joseph Scicluna riding a Honda 125cc 2T began to dominate this class during his 1st timed run where he registered a best time of 2 minutes 59.99 seconds. Scicluna continued to improve in his second Heat when he registered a best time of day in that class of 2 minutes 53.70 seconds and earning him first place in Class A. But the battle in Class A continued mainly for second and third places between Bernard Sammut on Yamaha YZ 125cc and Daniel Caruana on 125cc Honda CR. The fight between the pair for best time was sealed when Sammut [...]

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Sports Awards Photos 2014




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Next Sunday’s 21 December 2014 ‘Association Sport Muturi u Karozzi” will be a special day long event which is organised to raise funds in aid of the Malta Community Chest Fund. In this 21st ASMK edition the ASMK program will include the 5th Autocross event of the ASMK Pasta Poiatti National Championship. The Motocross section will be racing their 2nd Championship event in this program starting at 10.00am. A Car Demolition Derby is expected to start at around the 3: 30 pm.

The general public present on this day is important to note that ASMK will be organizing Autocross Rides. Much interest was shown in last year’s edition where ASMK had a strong demand for this experience. On Sunday a number of Autocross cars fitted with a second seat will be available on the track Start Line for these rides. A donation of €5.00 is collected by ASMK Officers in charge to raise funds for Istrina.

During these rides one can film his ride on video or experience the feel of racing Autocross cars while on track with experienced ASMK drivers. Perhaps, these rides will influence new drivers into he Autocross Standard and Modified classes.

For the more daring spectators Zanu Racing Team have prepared an Autocross car which will be available for anyone wishing to drive himself along the ASMK Autocross Track. Any adult can do so against a fee for Istrina. The Safety helmet and seat belts will be provided along with the car. Special thanks for this team for their generous offer in this regards.

So far, ASMK has already completed four events of the National Autocross Championship. The ASMK Pasta Poiatti 2014/15 in the National [...]

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Refereeing Update for the Judo National Team and Referees

Refereeing Update for the Judo National Team and Referees


The International calendar of the Malta Judo Federation came to an end this weekend, with a refereeing update by International Referee Dr Katalin Fridrich.

Dr Fridrich is an ex member of the Hungarian National Team, and is now one of the top 50 referees in the International Judo Federation. She has refereed in all classes of European Championships, Grand Prix and Grand Slam. As part of the preparation for the Games of Small States of Europe in Iceland, and other International Events, the Malta Judo Federation invited Dr Fridrich to attend National Team Training, and give refereeing advice to each and every team member, depending on their style and tactics. Together with the senior and junior national teams, the coaches Alex Bezzina and Lamberto Raffi made maximum benefit of Dr Fridrich’s visit.

In between sessions, Dr Fridrich also gave a seminar to the National Judo Referees, going through all the recent updates in the refereeing world. Since Dr Fridrich is an active referee in the Judo World Tour, she could update our referees with the latest information in refereeing. Having our National Referees up to date with International Rules is of benefit to all Judoka in Malta.

Few weeks before, our Junior team competed in an International Tournament in Lodi, where 84 teams contested the Cadets, Juniors and Under 23 categories. Jeremy Saywell showed his superiority and experience at the event by eliminating all his opponents by Ippon and winning the gold medal in the U23 -66kgs category. For the other 2 Judoka who contested the U23 categories, this was the first international experience in the Under 23 category.  Luke Montebello placed 3rd in the +90kgs and Cheryl Kaye [...]

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    GSSE Iceland 2015 and RIO 2016 Olympic Games MEDIA ACCREDITATION

GSSE Iceland 2015 and RIO 2016 Olympic Games MEDIA ACCREDITATION


GSSE Iceland 2015 and RIO 2016 Olympic Games MEDIA ACCREDITATION

The sport media.

Editors / photographers


The Maltese Olympic Committee shall be participating at the Games of Small States of Europe which will be held in Iceland between the 1st  and the 6th of June 2015 as well as the Olympic Games which will be held in Rio de Janeiro between the 5th and the 21st August of 2016.

Members of the Media and photographers wishing to be considered for accreditation for these games are to submit their applications in writing to the Secretary General of the Maltese Olympic Committee (c/o National Swimming Pool Complex, Maria Teresa Spinelli Street, Gzira GZR 1711) by not later than the 20th of December 2014.

Kindly note that all expenses for traveling and accommodation for both multisport events are to be borne by the chosen applicant/s and the number of accreditations for the different games depends on the allotment given to the MOC.

Moreover, the chosen applicants will bind themselves to cover  the Maltese Athletes taking part in such events and to give a number of photos / articles, free of charge to the MOC which will have the right to reproduce these on its website and facebook pages.

Applicants can opt to apply for both Games of Small States of Europe or for Olympic Games only.

The chosen applicants will also be bound by the respective conditions of the Olympic Games and the GSSE

Applications are to be sent to the Secretary General, Maltese Olympic Committee, c/o National Swimming Pool Complex, Maria Teresa Spinelli Street, Gzira GZR 1711


 Charles Camenzuli
Director of Media MOC

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