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The Malta Weightlifting Association Electoral Congress was held on Saturday 14th January at the Cottonera Sport Complex where the board members for the period 2017-2020 were elected.

Jesmond Caruana kept his position of President of the Association, while new members were introduced with Michael Fava being elected as General Secretary and Kurt Camilleri as Treasurer. Ramona Borg and Rodmar Pulis kept their positions in the committee as executive members.

In picture attached. Kurt Camilleri – Jesmond Caruana – Michael Fava

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Il-KOM isellem lil Lino Bugeja

Il-Kumitat Olimpiku Malti jsellem lil LINO BUGEJA wara li tħabbret il-mewt tiegħu. Eks Segretarju Ġenerali fis-snin ’70 f’mument meta l-KOM kien f’perijodu ta’ transizzjoni, Lino Bugeja għex għall-isport. Apparti karriera fil-futbol kemm bħala plejer u wisq aktar bħala kowċ, Lino Bugeja jibqa’ mfakkar għall-fatt li kien wieħed mill-atleti li kienu ħadu sehem fl-ewwel edizzjoni tal-Logħob tal-Mediterran f’Lixandra fl-1951. Magħruf għall-imħabba li kellu għall-Olimpijadi u l-Moviment Olimpiku. Għal bosta snin għalliem fl-Akkademja Olimpika fil-Grecja, fl-2012 ippubblika l-uniku xogħol bil-Malti ta’ studju dwar l-Olimpijadi ‘Agon’.  Huwa wkoll membru fil-Hall of Fame tal-Kumitat Olimpiku Malti.

Il-President, Kumitat Ezekuttiv  tal-Kumitat Olimpiku Malti u għaqdiet nazzjonali membri jwasslu l-kondoljanzi lil Familja Bugeja l-aktar lil uliedu Christopher u Nadya.


Charles Camenzuli
Direttur tal-Media
Kumitat Olimpiku Malti                                                                       





Photo caption :

Lino Bugeja fl-1978 fiż-żmien meta kien Segretarju tal-KOM flimkien ma’ Joe Bajada u Sandy Duncan fl-okkażjoni tal-50 Anniversarju tal-KOM

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On Sunday 8th January 2017 Assoċjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi (ASMK) opened the ‘ASMK – Pasta Poiatti 2016/2017’ for the Autocross and Motocross. On this day 39 competitors registered for the day’s activities. This resulted following a heavy investment on the Autocross and Motocross tracks which pleased all Drivers and Riders. The Project took three months to be finished due to the heavy damage caused by the bad weather in the last weeks.
Meanwhile, a look at the day’s event reveals that in the Autocross Classes nobody won all the 3 Heats but Philip Joe Vella on an Opel Corsa, Karl Micallef on a Fiesta and Gordon Johnson on an Opel Corsa won the highest scores of the day thus guaranteeing their place in the Class A Final Race. Terence Azzopardi and Jonathan Camilleri both on Opel Corsa cars and Andrew Pisani on a Vauxhall Nova also won a place for this final runs.
Right from the Start of this final we saw the six cars speed off to the first corner which was impossible for the six cars to pass together abreast at a speedy pace. In fact Camilleri and Pisani had to back up and continue the race from the last positions. In the meantime Johnson took the helm of the race followed by Azzopardi and Vella together with Micallef managed to overcome Azzopardi after the first Lap. But after the third Lap, Vella was seen to slow down due to a mechanical damage in one front wheel. This Race Final ended with Johnson winning and followed by Micallef and Azzopardi. Pisani and Camilleri followed in fourth and fifth places.
The Class B Autocross Final Start Line was composed of Joseph Micallef [...]

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On Sunday 8th January 2017 the ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ will be opening the Autocross and Motocross National Championships. The Autocross will be racing on a new track surface which is recently renovated while the Motocross riders will be competing on a completely new track which now has a longer Lap distance – that of 1430 meters. The Autocross track now has a greater vision for the spectators to enjoy.

Again the ASMK 2016/2017 season will be sponsored by the firm ‘Pasta POIATTI’. This particular Sunday program starts at 10: 00am with the Autocross and Motocross races. The program is scheduled to close with the ‘Once a Year’ Demolition Derby. This Derby is held for the 22nd year, in aid of L-Istrina Foundation.  This event was scheduled to happen on Sunday 18th December 2016 but it was postponed due to very bad weather on that day. This Demolition Derby is expected to start at 3: 30pm with the participation of the 14 Car Drivers who will be in great competition driving various coloured cars in the competition.

Meanwhile the ASMK Administration has worked hard to solve the problems caused by bad weather that have developed on the race-track due to the storms and rainfall in the recent weeks of 2016. Thanks too to the assistance and aid of several benefactors contractors including ‘Central Asphalt Ltd ‘and ‘Polidano Group’ the racetracks project is now complete. These works were executed under the leadership of ASMK Projects Manager Mr. Lawrence Darmanin. who managed to guide us to finalise the project of the Autocross cars which was scheduled to be finished by Sunday 18th December 2016. Now the cars and motorcycles Championship can be launched on good race [...]

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ASMK through the Year 2016

ASMK is now 31 years young and is still one of the Islands major active Motorsport events organisations on the Island especially with regards to Off-Road Circuit motor racing. ASMK is very well known for Autocross car racing and Motocross, Trials and Enduro races. These are all run on a National Championship platform. All Autocross and Motocross races are held at the ASMK Motorsport Complex at Ta Qali. A One Day event is held in Gozo for all Maltese and Gozo Autocross drivers to raise funds for ‘Dar ARKA’ who is doing great work in Gozo for its disabled residents in its premises. The Ministry for Gozo, the site owners including the Gozo Horse Racing Federation and other sponsors made this event possible and fruitful for this year too.

All the ASMK championships are backed by ASMK and Pasta Poiatti who sponsor these championships year after year. All Motocross, Autocross and an Annual ‘Car Demolition Derby’ are run at the Ta’ Qali Sport Complex. The Trials and Enduro championship events are taking place in different locations outside Ta Qali around the Island. One Enduro Race is held in Gozo with resident competitors too.

Through the years the ASMK Management have made the best use of the location area at Ta’ Qali and though this place has become limited in footprint ASMK Officers constructed and maintain Autocross and Motocross tracks and a location for Trials and Enduro races too. Car Demolition is held here too.

The Spectator areas are quite safe as they are elevated from the tracks surface level, are constructed at a reasonable safe distance from the tracks and are protected by a protective steel net of reasonable height. One of the main seating [...]

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Demolition Derby giet posposta ghat-8 ta’ Jannar.

L-‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ jiddispjacija tinforma li l-attivita Autocross u Motocross bid- Demolition Derby ta’ nhar il-Hadd 18 ta’ Dicembru giet posposta ghat-8 ta’ Jannar tas-sena l-gdida.
Minkejja li l-Assocjazzjoni ghamlet kull sforz possibbli biex issewwi l-hsara fil-korsa kkagunata mill-maltemp u l-korsa ssir wahda accettabbli biex l-ASMK ittella l-programm bid-Demolition, li-sfida tal-maltemp sa tippersisti anka fil-granet li gejjin u mhux sa thalli lill Ghaqda issewwi l-hsara prezenti fil-hin ghall din l-attivita.
Daqstant, il-programm kollu bid-Demolition b’risq il-‘Malta Community Chest Fund’ sa jsir nhar il-Hadd, 8 ta’ Jannar 2017. Il-programm jibda fl-10.00am waqt li d-Demolition tibda fit-3.30pm
Inselli ghalik
ASMK – Malta

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On Sunday 18th December 2016 the “Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi” will be organizing a special event held annually during the Christmas period. Like in previous years this event is held to raise funds for L-Istrina. In this ASMK 23rd edition of such an event the program is to include the first races of the Autocross and Motocross of the ASMK Pasta Poiatti 2016/2017 National Championships. The day’s program begins as early as 10:00 am and is planned to end with the Car Demolition Derby starting at 3: 30pm.

Though the Demolition competitors are finding it very difficult to buy old cars for this ‘Once in a Year’ event, fourteen competitors have registered for this competition. Most of these drivers are repeaters in this game so it is difficult to forecast a Winner and his Runner-Up. Though car smashing is the role of this game yet there are special Safety Rules to prevent driver injury. Such preventive rules are to be observed by all drivers during and to the end of the Demolition Derby. In the meantime, the Association takes all safety measures to prevent injury to the drivers.

Meanwhile, today Tuesday 13th December 2016 the Trials section within ASMK started the National Trials Championship. Despite being a small section within the ASMK, ten competitors registered for this event while being divided into two classes. Among the expert competitors Antonio Leonardi a former Sicily champion in this sport competed in this Expert Class. This event was held at the tal-Ballut hard-rock quarry at San Pawl tat-Targa.

In Class A the competitors had six sections to combat against. Yet Damon Bonello on a Gas Gas motorcycle made a good start and was followed by Rowen Bonello on a [...]

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The ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ notifies that tomorrow’s Sunday 11th December Motorsport events are cancelled due to the bad track conditions with effect of the bad weather of the past few days.
This storm has prevented the ASMK Officers to finalize work on the Autocross cars and the Motocross tracks. Lately the Association has tried everything possible to bring back the tracks conditions to the highest standards to effect car and motorcycle racing. Unfortunately, this afternoon the ASMK was forced to cancel all activities planned for tomorrow Sunday 11th December.

The Autocross championship Start is now postponed to Sunday 18th December 2016. This program is set to start at 10.00 am which also is a part of the Special Christmas event in aid of ‘Istrina 2016’. This program is to include Autocross and Motocross and the ‘Once a Year Car Demolition Derby Event’ to start at around 3.30pm. This will conclude the day’s program.

Meanwhile the Association is set to continue the Trials program as planned on Tuesday 13th December which is also a Public Holiday, The 2nd Trials event will be held at San Pawl tat-Targa hard rock cutting quarry. This program is set to start at 9:00 am.

The Association informs that on one can find information related to all the Sport organized by the Association, as well as regulations, news and a continuous update of the sporting calendar on the website:-

One can also visit the Facebook Pages named ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ and in ‘A.S.M.K. Malta ‘.


L-‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ tavza li l-attivitatjiet ta’ ghada il-Hadd 10 ta’ Dicembru 2016 gew ikkancellati minhabba l-kundizzjonijiet hziena tal-korsa b’effett tal-maltemp ta’ dawn l-ahhar granet. 

Dan il-maltemp [...]

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15 Edizzjoni MOC Sports Awards 2016


media information………nr. 2

Rikonoxximent lil atleti minn 23 assocjazzjoni.

Atleti minn 23 assoċjazzjoni nazzjonali tal-isport nhar is-Sibt 3 ta’ Diċembru ser ikunu ppremjati mill-Kumitat Olimpiku Malti fil-15 l-Edizzjoni tal-MOC Sports Awards li għandha ssir fil-Lukanda Corinthia, Attard.

Dawk nominati ser ikunu ppremjati fi xi waħda mill-kategoriji fosthom dik speċjali, bronż, fidda u deheb kif wkoll dik tal-platinum. Minn din l-edizzjoni l-KOM introduċa wkoll il-kategorija intiża li tgħati rikonoxximent speċjali lil dawk l-atleti jew timijiet li jkunu kisbu suċċess li jmur lil hinn mir-riżultati miksuba.

Fl-edizzjoni ta’ din is-sena hemm wkoll għaxar Kunsilli Lokali nominati għar-rikonoxximent lil dak il-Kunsill li jkun wettaq attivita’ sportiva fi ħdan il-komunita’ tal-lokal.

Kif sar fl-edizzjonijiet kollha tal-MOC Sports Awards din is-sena wkoll ser jiddaħħlu membri ġodda fl-MOC Hall of Fame.

Għas-serata ta’ premjazzjoni filwaqt li l-mistieden speċjali ser ikun it-tiratur Roberto Di Donna rebbieħ tal-medalji tad-deheb u bronż fl-Olimpijadi ta’ Atlanta fl-1996, l-ispettaklu ser ikun f’idejn Kinetic Dance Studio immexxija minn Daphne Gatt filwaqt illi mistieden speċjali ieħor huwa Mieszko Wlodarczyk fejn bil-ballun tal-basketball jgħamel l-impossibbli possibbli. Preżentatur tas-serata ser ikun Charles Camenzuli li fil-passat kien wkoll ippreżenta dawn l-Awards fl-2008 u fl-2011.

Is-serata ser tixxandar fi trasmissjoni diretta fuq TVM 2


Charles Camenzuli

Direttur tal-Media KOM



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15 Edizzjoni MOC Sports Awards 2016
ROBERTO DI DONNA , twieled Ruma fit- 8 ta’ Settembru 1968 – meqjus bħala wieħed mill-aqwa tiraturi ta’ kull żmien fl-istorja tal-Olimpijadi.
Ħa sehem f’erba’ edizzjonijiet tal-Olimpijadi fl-1988 f’Seoul, fl-1992 f’Barcellona , fl-1996 f’Atlanta u fl-2000 f’Sydney. Il-qofol tal-karriera kien fl-1996 meta f’Atlanta rebaħ il-medalja tad-deheb fl-airpistol fuq disatanza ta’ 10 metri (585 + 99.2) kif wkoll rebaħ il-bronz fil-pistola fuq distanza ta’ 50 metru (569 + 92.8)
Fl-1994 fil-finali tat-Tazza tad-Dinja, fi Munich rebah il-medalja tal-bronz fil-pistola libera filwaqt li fl-1995 f’edizzjoni ohra tal-finali rebah id-deheb fl-istess kategorija u kiseb il-fidda fl-air pistola
Is-sena 1996 apparti s-success Olimpiku kienet wkoll success fil-finali tat-Tazza tad-Dinja f’Naefels meta rebaħ il-medalja tad-deheb fiż-żewġ kategoriji.
Fl-1997 fil-finali tat-Tazza tad-Dinja f’Lugano rebah id-deheb fl-air pistola u l-fidda fil-pistola.
Huwa għandu r-record Taljan fl-airpistol (592/600) u fil-pistola (573/600). Fl-aħħar snin mexxa skola tal-isparar u fl-istess waqt baqa’ jikkompeti. Mill-2011 inħatar bħala kowċ nazzjonali taż-żgħażagħ tal-Italja.


Charles Camenzuli
Direttur tal-Media KOM

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