ASMK Launch PASTA POIATTI 2016/17 Season Next Sunday

“Assoċjażżjoni Sport Muturi u Karożżi” (ASMK) is opening the 2016/2017 season by a Trials event on Sunday 30th October 2016 taking place at the Motorsport Track at Ta’ Qali which is again sponsored by Pasta Poiatti.
This season is to include six (6) races by the Enduro motorcycle bikers and eight (8) events by the Trials motorcycles. Almost all such competitions will be taking place outside the ASMK Sports Association Complex. Also, ASMK will be running an eight (8) Motocross events championship together with 12 championship events for the Autocross cars in a Standard, Modified and a Super Class which is being launched as from this year.

The 2016/17 launching event of Sunday 30th October will be for the Trials Section which following the success of last season, the Association will continue supporting and running these events in a Championship form. The Association is bound to continue exploring new sites for the Trials and Enduro riders championship events which are both attractive and competitive. The new locations are made possible thanks to several quarry owners who are cooperating with ASMK to hold these events in their locations.

On Saturday the Trials committee under the leadership of Manuel Camilleri will be locating the equipment for the Sunday Trials sections at the ASMK Sports Complex at Ta’ Qali. Registration is open on Sunday morning at 9: 00am while the competitive Trials riding competition starts at 10.00am. All registered competitors will be divided in two classes: – Class A is for the more experienced and skilled riders while the Class B is for Riders who are less experienced including Beginners in this sport.

Meanwhile the association is currently ongoing preparatory work to renovate the Autocross track and to re-design a [...]

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Courtesy Visit by Mr. Vizer and Mr. Envic Galea

Dr Muscat accompanied by Hon Chris Agius, Parliamentary Secretary for Sports, received Mr Vizer, President of the International Judo Federation(IJF) accompanied by Mr Envic Galea president of the Malta Judo Federation for a courtesy visit. In Dr Muscat private office, they reviewed the World Judo Kata Championships, just organised the weekend before and the training camp that followed.

Hon Chris Agius pointed out that just under 300 participants from 30 countries from 5 continents attended. The Prime Minister said that the Government was more than pleased to help the Maltese Judo federation finalise their centre which will surely help to bring back the sport to the successes and honours that Judo is known to bring to Malta. He thanked Mr Vizer for supporting the Federation and for the work he is doing for Judo around the world as Malta will surely also benefit.

Mr Vizer thanked the Prime Minister for the invitation and presented him with the IJF Gold Medal. Mr Vizer also presented Hon Chris Agius with the IJF Special Recognition Award for his support to Maltese Judo.



Dr Muscat, akkumpanjat mill-Onor Chris Agius, Segretarju Parlamentari għall-Isport, irċieva s-Sur Vizer, President tal-Federazzjoni Internazzjonali tal-Judo (IJF), akkumpanjat mis-Sur Envic Galea, president tal-Federazzjoni tal-Judo f’Malta, għal żjara ta’ kortesija. Fil uffiċċju privat ta’ Dr Muscat, huma rrivedew il-Kampjonati Mondjali tal-Kata (Judo), li għadhom u l-kamp ta ‘taħriġ li segwa, li għadhom kif ġew organizzati ġewwa Malta.

L-Onorevoli Chris Agius enfasizza li ftit anqas minn 300 parteċipant minn 30 pajjiż minn 5 kontinenti attendew. Il-Prim Ministru qal li l-Gvern kien aktar minn kuntent biex jgħin lill-federazzjoni tal-Judo Maltija biex jiffinalizzaw ċentru tagħhom li żgur ser jgħin biex iġib lura l-isport għas-suċċessi u l-unuri li l-Judo huwa magħruf li jġib lejn Malta. Huwa rringrazzja [...]

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    €1020 Donated to ‘ARKA FOUNDATION’ by ASMK in Gozo Races

€1020 Donated to ‘ARKA FOUNDATION’ by ASMK in Gozo Races

During the weekend between Friday 9th and Sunday 11th September 2016 Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi (ASMK) successfully organized the Third activity with Autocross cars in Xewkija Gozo. This activity was carried out with the aid of the Minister for Gozo together with earlier events organised during the year by ASMK, namely the Enduro for motorcycles held last April and this Autocross event held this Sunday 11th September.

Work on the temporary track for cars lasted one week to construct several works also conducted by government workers and the ASMK Officers. This was a made possible with good operation of all resources, machinery belonging to the ASMK and other machinery provided by benefactors and the Ministry for Gozo during this week.

The Association would like to thank the ‘Gozo Horse Racing Association’ for accepting the ASMK request to use a part of the horse track and change it into a temporary Autocross track for cars. This track was constructed for a few days only. Thanks also are given for the cooperation of the Gozo Police Corps, the Gozo Works Department, the Gozo Sports Board, Road Construction Ltd, the Water Services Corporation (WSC) and last but not least thanks to the Apap Family from Victoria who assisted in sorting any difficulties that the ASMK Officials encountered during the week of temporary racetrack preparation.

The main objective of this event in Gozo was to raise funds in aid of Arka Foundation. Thanks to the generosity of the spectators who attended to this once a year activity who contributed by their donation ASMK collected the sum of €1,020. 00. During the presentation to the race winners the ASMK President in the presence of Fr Michael Galea director of ARKA [...]

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    30 countries represented in Malta at the World Kata Judo Championships

30 countries represented in Malta at the World Kata Judo Championships


Around 300 delegates from 30 countries across the 5 continents, will be participating at the World Kata Judo Championships on the 1st and 2nd of October at the University Sports Pavilion. This edition will be the 8th edition, and the second one to be hosted in Malta. In 2009, the Malta Judo Federation hosted the 1st ever World Kata Championships, where 25 countries were represented.


The Kata Championships consists of 5 Kata: The Nage No Kata and Katame No Kata introduce a series of Kodokan Judo techniques in Tachi waza (standing) and Katame Waza (grappling) respectively. They contain all the teachings of Prof Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo. Joseph Muscat and Joseph Bonello will be representing Malta in the Katame No Kata. The Ju no Kata (forms of gentleness) is designed to teach the fundamental principles of judo, especially the principle of Ju (yielding or gentleness). The couple representing Malta in this Kata will be Ivan Esposito and Tiziana Apap.  These Kata will start at 09:00hrs on Saturday 1st October. The finals will start at 15:00hrs.

The other 2 Kata demonstrate Judo and Self-Defence. After Prof Kano created Judo and removed all the techniques that could directly damage the adversary, he decided to insert in his programme a series of techniques of Jujutsu to remind the origins of his discipline. The Kime No Kata represents the art of striking, and of winning the opponent, even if he is armed with a knife or sword. After many years, because of social changes, a new system reflecting the modern needs was required, and the Kodokan Goshin Jutsu was created, which is a very dynamic kata in comparison to Kime no kata. The Kodokan Goshin Jutsu shows the use of Judo when applied [...]

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Tmien xufiera Maltin jikkompetu f’hillclimb gewwa Ragusa

Tmien xufiera Maltin membri ta L’Island Car Club Malta sejrin jikkompetu f’hillclimb gewwa Ragusa fi Sqallija, fi tmiem il-gimgha. Din ser tkun id-disa u hamsin episodju tat-tellieqa f’Chiaramonte Gulfi. Ix-Xufiera huma, Joe Anastasi b’Mini Cooper 1500cc, Darren Camilleri b’Reynard 903 Suzuki 1300cc, Edward Calleja b’Lotus Elise Honda 2000cc, Captain James Dumford, b’Radical PR6 Suzuki 1400cc, Jesmond Mangion b’Lotus Elan Cosworth  2000cc, u ibnu Ryan Mangion b’Ford Escort Mk1 Turbo 1600cc, Mark Micallef b’Radical Club Sport Suzuki Turbo u Noel Galea b’Escort MK2 Vauxhall 2000cc

It-Tellieq gewwa Chiaramonte toffri sfida ferm ikbar minn dik li x-xufiera huma imdorrijin biha Malta peress li l-itwal triq li ghandna Malta hija ta 1.2 kilometru filwaqt li dik ta Chiaramonte hija ta 5.5 Kilometru. Il-karozzi iridu jkunu preparati ghal triq ta dan it-tul kif ukoll il-koncentrazzjoni tax-xufiera.  Ix-Xufiera Maltin sejrin jikkompetu f’diversi klassijiet kontra 150 xufier Taljan.

Din ma hiex l-ewwel darba li xufiera Maltin telghu ghal din it-tellieqa gewwa Ragusa u kellhom xi successi, fosthom is-sena l-ohra meta Mark Micallef saq il-karozza Osella Honda tat-tim Catapano Corse u spicca it-tellieqa fit-tnax il-post fost ix-xufiera kollha. Is-sena l-ohra ukoll Edward Calleja, Noel Galea, Joe Anastasi, David Anastasi u Chris Tanti rebhu il-klassijiet rispettivi taghhom fil-waqt li Joe Anastasi rebah il-klassi tieghu fl-1980, 1981, and 1982 meta ikkompeta ma xejn inqas min 30 kompetitur iehor.

It-tellieqa qiegheda tigi organizzata mit-Team Palike ta Palermo, wiehed tajjeb jghid li l-Maltin jigu milqugha ferm tajjeb mill-istess organizzaturi. Biex ikunu jistghu jsuqu f’din it-tellieqa barra minn xtutna ix-xufiera Maltin kellhom jakwistaw licenzja ghas-sewqan kompetittiv kif ukoll passaport tekniku ghal-vetturi taghhom mill-Federazzjoni Maltija tal-Motorsport

Eight Maltese drivers’ members of the Island Car Club will be competing in 59th edition of the Chiaramonte Gulfi hill climb in Ragusa in Sicily [...]

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Maltese Softball Team Wins European Cup


The Mediterraneo Softball Team have made history by winning the European Women’s Softball Championship Pool B beating the host team from the Czech Republic 8-0. The team played a splendid tournament winning all nine of the matches they played.

Mediterraneo ST was set up in 2015 by Michele Tarabuso who also owns the Serie B Caserta Softball Team in Italy. The partnership has given young Maltese girls the opportunity to play and experience softball at the highest levels in Europe.

Mediterraneo’s win promotes the team to the European Premier Cup. The European Premier Cup is the top women’s softball championship in which the winner will be considered Champion of European.

For more information on the tournament visit and .



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    President and General Secretary of the Malta Judo Federation working at the Rio Olympic Games on behalf of the International Judo Federation

President and General Secretary of the Malta Judo Federation working at the Rio Olympic Games on behalf of the International Judo Federation

President Envic Galea has been active in the International Field of Sports for decades. Since 1991 he has been sitting on the Executive Committee of the European Judo Union (EJU). Today he is serving as General Secretary and Chairman of the Medical commission. In 2013, Mr Marius Vizer President of the IJF asked Envic to set up the International Judo Federation (IJF) Academy. In August 2013 he started it and still runs it as its Director. By now, the Academy is handling the coach education of 65 federations including Georgia, Turkey, USA, Zambia, Australia, Hungary, Mexico and others.

General Secretary Louisa Galea has followed his international footsteps, and spent 9 years working for the EJU in the Secretariat and in Marketing. In 2013, she moved to the International Judo Federation, where she is Protocol Manager and coordinates logistics for the IJF at all Grand Prix, Grand Slam and World Championships.


Both of them have been invited to Rio 2016 Olympic Games by the International Federation: Envic as an International Technical Officer and Louisa as Staff. These will be Envic’s 4th Olympic Games on behalf of the IJF and Louisa’s 2nd, having volunteered at the London 2012 Games. This is a big honour for the Malta Judo Federation, to have 2 of its officials at the Games on behalf of its International Federation.

This October, the Malta Judo Federation will be hosting for the World Kata Championships for the 2nd time, for which the Maltese Kata Couples: Ivan Esposito & Tiziana Apap, and Joe Muscat and Joe Bonello, are preparing at full speed.

Many other projects are in the pipeline for Maltese Judo starting this September. The new Dojo in Pembroke is up and running, and we are just [...]

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Ian Fenech & Sacha James win Endurance Race 2016

On Saturday 30th July evening ASMK organized the ‘Once a Year Autocross Endurance Race’. This is an Autocross race where drivers can team together to drive the same car over the ‘One Hour Long’ trace. This year edition 8 teams with 16 drivers registered for this event but only 6 teams with 12 drivers participated in this race.  At around 9:00pm the Autocross Track at Ta ‘Qali looked significantly different under artificial lighting. All of the 6 Starting Cars were lined up to start at the strike of the Hour while several Officers of ‘Malta Records’ were on sight and following carefully that all regulations of this race were being scrupulously observed. At the GO sign all cars drove off along the one kilometer track hoping for the best that their vehicle will survive the punishment of this Hour long race.

The starting line was composed of Angelo Galea and Dexter Bianco on Peugeot 106, Quin Camilleri and Rodner Bianco on Peugeot 106, Katrina Zammit and Steve Micallef on Renault 5, Ian Fenech and Sacha James on Citroen AX, Carlo Mifsud and Darren Magro on Ford Fiesta and Brandon Lee Vassallo and Dennis Vassallo on Peugeot 205.

Right from the Start we could notice that the teams adopted different strategies. Some made mildly fast laps while others took advantage of any clear spot and raced as fast as they could. One could also note that each pitstop lasted the equivalent of 2 Laps on the track. Ian Fenech together with Sacha James on Citroen AX ahead of Mifsud together Magro on Ford Fiesta was among those who started registering fast Laps. All cars were maintained and re-fuelled by a small team in the pits while racing [...]

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    Annual Autocross ‘One Hour Endurance Race’ on Saturday Night

Annual Autocross ‘One Hour Endurance Race’ on Saturday Night

On Saturday 30th July 2016 ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ will be holding a special event for the Autocross cars at the ASMK Sports Complex in Ta’ Qali. This ‘once a year’ Endurance Race starts at 8: 30pm where again the cars will be racing under artificial lighting in a ‘One Hour plus One Lap’ “Endurance Race”. The winner of this race is the one who manages to cover the highest number of laps during this time.

In last year’s edition 89 Laps were recorded and registered in Malta Records on the Association Autocross track. Yet in the 2014 edition 94 Laps were recorded by Em. Muscat on an Opel Corsa. All competitors are well preparing their vehicles to last this prestigeous race and hope to beat this 2014 record which currently is the longest race on track with cars in Malta.

For this edition the registration period is closed yet 8 teams have registered to participate next Saturday 30th. The teams are made by Ian Fenech and Sacha James who will be competing on a Citroen AX, Quinn Camilleri and Rodner Bianco on a Peugeot 106, Angelo Galea and Dexter Bianco on a Peugeot 106, Carlo Mifsud and Darren Magro on Ford Fiesta, Rennie Sciberras on a Honda Civic, Carmelo Mifsud and Glenn Mifsud on a Hillman Imp, Katrina Zammit and Keith Micallef on a Renault 5 Campus and Brandon Lee Vassallo and Dennis Vassallo on a Peugeot 205.

It appears that to date there is no activity of this kind recorded in Maltese Motorsport. For this event the eight participating vehicles will be driven by two drivers per car and assisted by two helpers and a mechanic in the paddocks. The race will be controlled [...]

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William Chetcuti visits Bajada’s stand during MFCC Fair

William Chetcuti visits Bajada’s stand during the MFCC trade fair, with the World Cup medal he recently won.
Mark Bajada, managing director was present during this visit.

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