Judo Annual Medical Seminar


The Malta Judo Federation is hosting the Annual European Judo Union Medical Seminar this weekend. This will be the 17th time this seminar is being held in Malta, and the 2nd time it is being held on its own, not in conjunction with other seminars. This year’s participation has been a record so far, with 30 participants from 19 countries.

The participants include the European Judo Union Medical Commission, who through their expertise of the sport of Judo and medicine, discuss how Judo, which is already a very safe sport, could become an even safer sport. Amongst the subjects which will be discussed are the latest updates from WADA, analysis of injuries through video software, and precautions to injuries.

Hon Chris Agius, Parliamentary Secretary for Youth and Sport, will be visiting the participants of the Seminar on Saturday 6th September at 11:00hrs.

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  • Mark Mamo fuq Yamaha
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    Muscat Records Endurance Race. Zahra and Jourdan win EnduroCross

Muscat Records Endurance Race. Zahra and Jourdan win EnduroCross

Muscat Records Endurance Race. Zahra and Jourdan win EnduroCross
On Saturday evening 30th August ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ held the first Summer Event at the ASMK Sports Complex at Ta Qali. The Programm was to include an Autocross Endurance Race lasting an Hour and a Lap. The Motocross and Enduro ASMK Sections teamed together and organised the first EnduroCross Races ever. These races drew quite a large number of Motocross and Enduro riders for this special tough competition. In all, 47 competitors participated in the Autocross Endurance Race and in the EnduroCross.

The Riders were grouped into 2 classes based on engine capacity. The Motocross track was also modified as it was laid with man-made obstacles such as riding over wooden beams and laid tyre carpets while the riders had to ride in the opposite direction to normal practice.

Racing lasted for 10 minutes each which was hard enough at this time of the year. In the big capacity class James Zahra riding a Yamaha made a very good start with Matthiew Gauci on his KTM while Solomon also followed close behind in 3rd place. Edward Ciantar riding a Kawasaki soon added pressure on Solomon and soon moved to 3rd place. Soon Ciantar started building pressure on Gauci and in his very few laps managed to win 2nd place. Zahra drove first to the Finish Flag followed by Ciantar and Gauci. Alex Sant Fornier finish 4th in class.

In the 2nd group race French Pierre Jourdan riding a KTM took the lead from start to finish. Elvin Debono on a Kawasaki and Vince Farrugia on a Yamaha followed in this formation till the finish. So Jourdan won his class ahead of Debono and Agius. Alviro Borg [...]

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GSSE 2015 – Iceland


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ASMK Races – Summer Event

ASMK Races in Malta Records on Saturday
“Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi” launched the Summer Events program to conclude the 2014 – 2015 events. These events include special races and voluntary work for a noble cause.

A special program of events is prepared for next Saturday 30th of August 2014. The special races will be held at the ASMK Race Complex at Ta’ Qali starting from 4.00pm till late in the evening.

The Motocross and Enduro riders will be racing on the Motocross track but in opposite direction to normal. This race offers greater challenge and demonstrates the riders skills to the full. This is the first ever race of this kind where even the keen riders are practicing for this event where a greater challenge will be faced mainly by the Enduro bike riders.

Later at the strike of 8.00pm, the eight (8) Autocross cars registered for the toughest race of the season will line-up on the Start Line. This “Endurance Race” lasts One (1) Hour driving on the Autocross Track which will be lit with artificial lights along the track, the paddocks and the spectator areas too. Three (3) mandatory stops are included among other rules set for safety reasons during the event.

As this race is the only one of its kind on the Island and it is the longest race ever held in Malta, ASMK decided to register this race in the ‘Malta Record’ who will also scrutinise the event according to the set  rules. The car which covers the largest number of Laps within the set-hour will be declared the winner of this prestigious race. Penalties for breach of rules results in deducted number of laps.

On Saturday 6th September ASMK also included a [...]

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Nanjing 2014 – Fl-azzjoni Raoul Stafrace – Ghawm


Fl’azzjoni Raoul Stafrace – għawm.
F’Nanjing fic-Cina tkomplew l-Olimpjadi taz-Zghazagh. Illum rega kien fl-azzjoni l-ghawwiem Malti Raoul Stafrace illi fil-100 metru freestyle spicca it-tielet fil-heat numru wiehed. Huwa ghamel id-distanza fi 53.45 sekondi . Fil-frazzjoni tal-50 metru huwa kien gham f’24.59 sekondi. Din il-heat intrebhet minn Patrick Canton tal-Istati Uniti qabel Collum Bain tal-Irlanda. 
Aktar qabel fit-tielet gurnata ta’kompetizzjoni fl-ghawm fil-50 metru freestyle kien wkoll fl-azzjoni Raoul Stafrace li f’heat numru 4 spicca fir-raba’post f’ 24.02 sekondi f’heat mirbuha minn Javier Acevedo tal-Canada .
Charles Camenzuli

Direttur tal-Media KOM


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Lawn Bowls Pics – Commonwealth Games 2014










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Buttigieg registers best time on German Drag Strip

Buttigieg Registers Best Time on German Drag Strip
Last weekend of the 17th August ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ (ASMK) was following the Drag Racing events held in Hockenheim in Germany where among other Maltese competitors ASMK has two Drag Racing riders who are competing in the FIM- Europe Super Street Bike Cup for motorcycles. Other Maltese Teams were competing in the car dragster categories. Maltese Kalanc Racing Team who this weekend run his dragster to victory and his Super Street bike winning the best time of the day in his class in front of about 70,000 spectators.

Shawn Buttigieg riding the Kalanc Maltese Racing Team Suzuki Hayabusa 1300cc bike registered his first heat with 7.493 seconds and 306.17 kph. On his 2nd run Shawn registered an unbeatable best time of 7.213 seconds and reaching a top speed of 318.93 kph on the ¼ mile drag strip while starting from rest. This record was unbeaten throughout the weekend. During the semi-finals run a small technical mistake from the team forced Shawn to register a higher time of 8.027 seconds with a lower terminal speed of 260.59 kph thus Shawn was eliminated from racing in the Final duel and made way to Danish Mogens Lund to compete in the Finals though his time was 7.687 seconds and a speed of 301.62 kph.

Mogens then raced against British rider Bradley O’Connor but during this Final race neither Mogens nor Bradley managed to beat Maltese Shawn Buttigieg best time of 7.213 seconds. Though O’Connor won this Final running the Quarter Mile in 7.409 seconds and Lund finished in 2nd place with 7.578 seconds none managed to beat 3rd placed Shawn’s best time of 7.213 seconds.

Besides all this the general [...]

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Commonwealth Games 2014 – Team Malta Photos




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Nicole Gatt u Francesco Aufieri fl-azzjoni



Fl’azzjoni Nicole Gatt u Francesco Aufieri.

Wara li fl-ewwel gurnata kien fl-azzjoni l-ghawwiem Julian Harding, illum fil-Judo, FRANCESCO AUFIERI fil-kategorija – 81 kg. Tilef kontra Nemanja Majdov tas-Serbija b’wazari filwaqt li fir-repercharge l-istess Aufieri tilef b’ippon kontra Nicolas Grinda ta’ Monaco.
NICOLE GATT fil-weightlifting fil kategorija 53 kg giet fit-tmien post minn daqstant atleti wara li l-ahjar refa’ taghha fis-snatch kienet ta’ 48 kg. u 71 kg fil-clean and jerk ghal total ta’ 119 kg. Il-grupp intrebah minn Rattanaphon Pakkaratha tat-Tajlandja li refghet total ta’ 190 kg .

Raoul Stafrace fl-ghawm jikkompeti nhar it-Tlieta

Charles Camenzuli

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Nanjing – Inghata bidu ghall – Olimpjadi taz-Zghazagh

F’Nanjing ingħata bidu għat-tieni Edizzjoni tal-Olimpjadi taz-Żgħażagħ.

Il-kontingent Malta ta’ erba’ atleti immexxi mix-chef de Mission, Mario Micallef beda l-impenji tiegħu permezz tal-għawwiem JULIAN HARDING illi fil-Heat nr.1 tal-100 metru breaststroke spicca fit-tielet post b’ 1 minuta 06.38 sekondi wara Andrey Pravivtsev tal-Uzbekistan b’ 1 minuta 03.99 sekondi u Jacob Nordman tal-Fillandja b’ 1 minuta 04 86 sekondi . Għawwiema minn Hong Kong u l-Kambodja spiccaw wara Harding li fil-klassifika ġenerali temm fit-32 post fost 37 għawwwiem.

It-Tnejn jidhlu fl-azzjoni il-judoka Francesco Aufieri kif wkoll Nicole Gatt fil-wieghtlifting b’Raoul Stafrace fl-ghawm jikkompeti nhar it-Tlieta

Charles Camenzuli

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