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    Caribbean and Commonwealth celebration as The Bahamas awarded VIth Commonwealth Youth Games

Caribbean and Commonwealth celebration as The Bahamas awarded VIth Commonwealth Youth Games

The Bahamas has been awarded the 2017 edition of the Commonwealth Youth Games, it was announced today, aiming to unite 1000 young athletes aged 14-18 in a Caribbean carnival of impactful competition, personal development and new Commonwealth friendships. The 6th edition of the Commonwealth Youth Games will take place from 19-23 July 2017 in the nation’s capital, Nassau and seven sports are proposed: Aquatics (Swimming), Athletics (Track and Field), Boxing, Cycling (Road), Judo, Rugby Sevens and Tennis.  It will be the first time Judo has been presented at a Commonwealth Youth Games. As part of the Federation’s commitment to partner and support peaceful, sustainable and prosperous Commonwealth communities, it will be the second edition of the Youth Games to be held on a Small Island Developing State, following the hugely successful Samoa 2015 Commonwealth Youth Games in September last year.  It will also be the first Commonwealth Games event to be held in the Caribbean for over 50 years, with Commonwealth athletes last participating in the 1966 Commonwealth Games in Kingston, Jamaica.

Speaking after the CGF’s Executive Board meeting in Gibraltar, Commonwealth Games Federation President Louise Martin CBE said: “It gives me the greatest pleasure to announce that the Executive Board of the Commonwealth Games Federation has unanimously voted to award the upcoming edition of the Commonwealth Youth Games to the Bahamas. The Commonwealth Youth Games are a unique and empowering opportunity to celebrate and engage young people on the level playing field of sport. I congratulate and commend the Bahamas Bid Committee for their passion, commitment and expertise and look forward to helping realise their dream of an impactful and inspiring Games for the Bahamas, the Caribbean and the Commonwealth.” Almost all events will [...]

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    MUSCAT Brothers dominate Motocross & Galea wins in Autocross

MUSCAT Brothers dominate Motocross & Galea wins in Autocross


On Sunday 31st January 2016 ‘Assoċjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ organized the sixth program with the Autocross and second race of the Motocross ASMK Pasta Poiatti 2015/2016 National Championships. During this busy day 46 competitors registered to race in the motorcycles or cars races.

A look at the day’s Autocross races which were divided in two classes. In the Modified ‘Autocross Class’ we have seen JeanPaul Grech on his Peugeot 106, Gordon Johnson on an Opel Corsa and Godfrey Gauci on his Ford Fiesta dominating the Heats by registering two wins from three races thus sealing their place in the Class A final. Mark Christian Galea on his Fiat RITMO, Josef Grech on a Ford Fiesta and Josef Abela on his Opel Nova also raced in Class A.

Right from the start Galea took the lead ahead of both Grech brothers. The spotlight has fallen on the fourth and fifth places occupied by Gauci and Johnson where the latter was making pressure on Gauci until he was forced to retire due to mechanical failure in a front wheel. The race went on to the 9th Lap where Galea won this Class A final. Grech brothers Jean Paul and Josef finished in second and third places while Abela and Johnson finished the race in the fourth and fifth places.

The qualified Class B drivers were Kieth and Matthew Borg both on a Vauxhall Nova, Jurgen Mallia on Honda Civic, Guzi Pace on a Ford Escort, Joseph Micallef and Jonathan Camilleri both on a Opel Corsa. From the Start of this final we saw a good launch by Micallef followed by Camilleri. Soon Micallef started building margins ahead of the rest where Camilleri, Pace Kieth Borg in fourth place [...]

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    Commonwealth Games Federation and ICSS EUROPE sign agreement to protect and safeguard sport

Commonwealth Games Federation and ICSS EUROPE sign agreement to protect and safeguard sport


For immediate release

09.00 GMT, 26 January 2016


The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) has announced a collaboration with the International Centre for Sport Security Europe (ICSS EUROPE) to work together to help protect and safeguard Commonwealth sport.

As part of the far-reaching cooperation agreement, the CGF and ICSS EUROPE will work in partnership to promote the highest standards of good governance, transparency and integrity in sport. The CGF will also collaborate with ICSS EUROPE as it looks to help encourage the development of a global independent, neutral, multi-stakeholder integrity alliance for sport. 

The agreement is built on the shared belief that sport is an activity that, when governed correctly and with integrity, is a powerful tool that contributes to achieving a number of goals, including promoting health and well-being, physical activity, education, youth empowerment, gender equality, social cohesion and inclusion, cultural integration and community development.

As part of the collaboration and in line with its commitment to service sport and support organisations across all sectors, ICSS EUROPE will also independently audit the CGF’s governance model and assist with the development of a code of conduct on sports betting and integrity to maintain the Commonwealth Games body’s position as a global leader in the field of sports policy, governance and integrity.

The signing took place at a reception in the House of Commons with the special permission of the Rt. Hon John Bercow MP, Speaker of the House of Commons. The function gathered key stakeholders from sport, business and government to further ongoing efforts to establish a new global alliance for sport integrity, address current challenges facing the sporting industry and develop new thinking around much-needed and long-overdue reforms.

David Grevemberg CBE, Chief Executive of the Commonwealth Games Federation, said:

“As a [...]

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ASMK Autocross and Motocross on Sunday at Ta Qali.

On Sunday 31st January 2016 ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ will continue the ASMK Pasta Poiatti 2015/2016 championships at the Sports Complex in Ta ‘Qali. The program starts at 11: 00 am and consists of the sixth race of the Autocross Cars and the third for the Motorcycles Motocross.

A look at the rankings of the ASMK Autocross National Championship we find that Christian Mark Galea on his Fiat RITMO continues to dominate the top of the scale with 114 points. He is followed by the Malcolm Borg on his Opel Corsa with 94 points.

In the Class B rating we find that Jonathan Camilleri on another Opel Corsa is at the front by 28 points followed by Joseph Micallef with 20 points on another Opel Corsa. In the Standard Autocross Class we continue to see that Dean Farrugia still leads the standings with 37 points on his Citroen AX and followed by Traydon Bailey with 30 points on his Ford Ka.

In the National Motocross Classification Clayton Camilleri on a KTM motorcycle is still leading the Class A chart with 97 points followed by Edward Ciantar with 89 points on a Kawasaki. In Class B Gozo rider Mario Cauchi riding a Honda leads the classification with 94 points. Elvin Debono on a Kawasaki follows with 76 points.

The Motocross Open Class leader is Edward Ciantar with 45 points riding a Kawasaki. Mario Cauchi on a Honda is Runner-up with 38 points.

Meanwhile on Sunday 24th January 2016 the Association continued its activities with the motorcycles of the Trials section. This competition being the 3rd event of the championship was held at the Sports Complex at Ta’ Qali. Several barriers and other man-made obstacles customized by the ASMK officers [...]

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Malta Chess Federation – Preliminaries


Open to MCF Members with a rating less than 1800 (refer to January’s 2016 rating list)

Venue:  Malta Chess Federation club at Tal-Handaq Qormi.

Days of play: 25th Feb, 29th Feb, 3rd Mar, 6th Mar, 10th Mar, 13th Mar, 17th Mar.

All rounds start at 6pm and a player should turn up within 30 mins of the start of the clocks.

Time Limit:  90 minutes + 30 sec per move for all game

If less than 21 players take part, the top 6 qualify to Maltco Candidates. If between 21 and 30, the top 8 will qualify and so on.


Direct encounter result. 2. Greater number of victories. 3. Most games played as black. 4. Buchholtz (0,0,N,Y,0,N [37])
Sonnenborn-Berger (0,0,N,S,0,N,N [2])

Software used for pairings:  Swiss-Manager.

Tournament will be 7 round Swiss System and all games will be Internationally rated with FIDE.


1st:  €50; 2nd: €35; 3rd: €25.  Trophies and medals for all qualifiers.

Players should apply by 23rd February by sending email to (reply to this email) or by sending an sms to 77386226. Please send your date of birth and mobile number when applying.

While the MCF will take all possible steps to ensure all applicants participate, there is a limit of the maximum number of players that can take part. Should this limit be imposed, applicants will be accepted in order of applications.

Participation fee is of €5 (under 16) and €10 (16 and over). Payment will be accepted before the first round.

As per statute:

Only persons who are members of the Malta Chess Federation and are Maltese citizens (as defined in Cap. 188 of Maltese law) or who have been ordinarily resident in Malta for a period of at least six years in the preceeding 8 years can participate in the Men, Women [...]

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ASMK Events Cancelled due to Bad Weather

3rd Trials Event on Sunday 24th at Ta’ Qali

On Sunday 24th January 2016 ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ will continue the events of the ASMK Pasta-POIATTI 2015/2016 championships where the Trials motorcycle section will be organizing the third event of the season at the Ta’ Qali Motorsport Complex. This event is scheduled to start at 9: 00am and entry for this event is free for all.

Meanwhile a look at the Trials classification we find that Damon Bonello is leading the Class A classification on his Gas Gas motorcycle with 40 points. Rowen Bonello follows in second place on his Beta motorcycle with 34 points. In Third place we find that Gary Debono on a Sherco motorcycle with 30 points while Joseph Scicluna is fourth placed on a Gas Gas with 26 points. The Class B leader is Manuel Camilleri riding a Gas Gas and his runner-up is Ian Scicluna with 34 points on a Gas Gas.

On Sunday 17th January the Association had to cancel all activities which were to be held at Ta’ Qali by the Autocross Cars and Motocross motorcycles due to the overnight storm which turned the track surface conditions as dangerous. Yet, the ASMK Administration announced that this event is now scheduled for Sunday 31st January 2016 where the programme starts at 11: 00am.

One can found further information on the website of the Association or on the ASMK Facebook pages named ASMK Malta or Association Sport Muturi u Karozzi. One can make contact by email at: –



Il-Hadd 27 ta’ Jannar ikomplu Trials f’Ta’Qali.

Nhar il-Hadd 24 ta’ Jannar 2016 l-‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ sa tkompli bil-kampjonati ASMK Pasta-Poiatti 2015/2016 fejn is-sezzjoni muturi Trials [...]

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Galea wins in Autocross and Gauci win the Gozo Enduro.

On Sunday 17 January 2016 Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi will continue its events this time at the Ta’ Qali Sporting Complex with Motocross and Autocross. The Autocross cars will be competing in their sixth Championship event by ASMK PASTA-POIATTI 2015/2016. The program starts at 10: 30 am.

The storm during the Christmas special event forced the ASMK Organizers to cancel the Autocross Rides which were planned to happen in the afternoon. Nevertheless the Committee again decided to make another attempt during the Sunday 17th January event in which there will be enough time to do the rides where a passenger can ride in an Autocross car on track to experience some of the feelings normally experienced by the Autocross drivers. One can have his turn to ride for a few laps on track to experience a once a year chance of such rides. The Association states that these rides already happened in other years where spectators were taken around the track driven by experienced drivers under strict rules during the rides.

Meanwhile on Saturday 9th January ASMK organized the Race Finals A and B and that of the Autocross Standard Class. All started at 3.00pm. The young drivers in this class were seen taking positions on the Start Line. These were Karl Scicluna on a Peugeot 206, Johann Vella on an Opel Nova, Melvin Buttigieg on a Citroen AX, Traydon Bailey on a Ford Ka and Ian Fenech on a Citroen AX. The launch of this final race witnessed an accident between Scicluna and Bailey where the race was stopped. Before the second start the two drivers who created the incident were each Warned for bad practice by the Autocross Committee. In the 2nd Start [...]

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ASMK through the Year 2015

ASMK is now 30 years young and is still one of the Islands major Motorsport active organisations for Autocross cars and Off-Road motorcycle sport of various disciplines. Autocross and Motocross races are held at the ASMK Motorsport Complex at Ta Qali. Presently ASMK is organizing the Trials competitions and the Enduro Motorcycle Championships in different locations outside the ASMK Premises around the Island including events for motorcycles also in Gozo.

Through the years the ASMK Management managed to make the best use of the area at Ta Qali and though this place is now limited in footprint area ASMK Officers have managed to construct and maintain tracks for Autocross, Motocross, Trials, Moto Enduro races and a car Demolition oval too. The Spectators areas are quite safe as they are elevated from the tracks surface level, are constructed at a reasonable distance from the tracks and are protected by a protective steel net of reasonable height. One of the main seating areas also protects the spectators from the natural elements by means of a steel tent. Other facilities are available too. 

The Year 2015 has registered another golden historical page in the books of ASMK. Following 3 years of great work and planning ASMK has been unanimously granted to organise the 2015 FIM-Europe General Assembly in Malta. Headed by FIM-E President Dr Wolfgang SRB, his FIM-E Officials and FIM President Dr Vito Ippolito all gathered in Malta to discuss, decide and approve motions and an event calendar for 2016 and the future of the FIM-E European Federation for motorcycling. This congress was attended by 280 delegates from the 47 countries affiliated to FIM-E most of them were accompanied by either delegates or relatives…

Day long [...]

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On Sunday 20th December 2015  ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ organized the pre-Christmas special program aimed to raise funds for charity. This day has now been well fitted in the ASMK Calendar so much so that this is the 22nd edition of this special event. On a day dominated by all kinds of bad weather the ASMK Management did not give up and organized this important event with the participation of 55 competitors.

The event started at 10: 30 in the morning when some light rain was still pouring down but the Autocross competitors challenged the elements and raced their competition cars in difficult conditions while making racing more spectacular on the natural wet track conditions. This race saw the return of former Autocross champion Patrick Cassar on an Opel Corsa. Despite the slippery road conditions Patrick still dominated the day by winning all the qualifying Heats. Along with Patrick, Josef Grech on his Ford Fiesta also finished the Heats of the day with the highest score thus guaranteeing their place in the final of Class A. Malcolm Borg also qualified for this Race Final on his Opel Corsa together with Jurgen Mallia on a Honda Civic, Ivan Birmingham on a Suzuki Swift and Mark Christian Galea on a Fiat Ritmo.

Class B finalists were Ryan Scicluna on a Ford Fiesta, Joseph Micallef on an Opel Corsa, the Peugeot 205 of Gordon Johnson, Matthew Borg on an Opel Nova, Christian Apap and Karl Micallef both on a Ford Fiesta.

The Standard Autocross Class finalists were Ian Fenech on a Citroen AX, Traydon Bailey on Ford Ka, Karl Scicluna on a Pegueot 206, Melvin Buttigieg on a Citroen AX and Johann Vella on an Opel Corsa.

From the Motocross [...]

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ASMK DEMOLITION DERBY 2015 on Sunday 20th Dec.

On Sunday 20 December 2015 the “Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi” will be holding the special event is for Christmas time. Like previous years the event is held to raise funds for Charity. In this 22nd edition of this event the program will is to include the 5th Autocross Championship event of the ASMK Pasta-Poiatti National Championship and the 2nd event of the Motocross Championship too. The long day’s program comes to an end by another Car Demolition Derby which is expected to start at around the 3: 30pm. The Program program starts begins at 10: 30am.

Autocross Rides which were successfully introduced last year will be available for the general public during the days program. As  the Association had a strong demand last year, more cars will be available on this occasion. On this Sunday the Autocross cars will be fitted with a second seat for the rides which are available against a €5: 00 donation for charity.

Anyone who likes to feel the experience of the ASMK Autocross cars on soft track surface, Zanu Racing Team will be having one of their cars available to spectator drivers who would like to demonstrate their experience in a real Autocross car in its real environment. Obviously this is against a fee and all safety gear will also be provided.  All donations will be for charity.

Meanwhile on Sunday the cars will continue racing in the National Championship.The National Classification for Autocross after four activities we find that Christian Mark Galea on a Fiat RITMO leads the list with 89 points and is followed by Philip Joe Vella on his Opel Corsa with 82 points. In third place we find Malcolm Borg on his Opel Corsa with 74 [...]

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