William Chetcuti visits Bajada’s stand during MFCC Fair

William Chetcuti visits Bajada’s stand during the MFCC trade fair, with the World Cup medal he recently won.
Mark Bajada, managing director was present during this visit.

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Valletta Cruise Port Olympic Day Run 2016 – Photos








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Next Saturday 18th June 2016 Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi will be holding the last program of the 2015/2016 ASMK Pasta Poiatti Championships Season. During this special evening the Association will launch the day’s program from 4: 30pm.  This special event is to include two sections for motorcycle sport which are the Motocross and Trials events. Later in the program from 7: 30pm the Autocross cars will start their racing and continue until late at night.

During the last event of two weeks ago the Motocross Championship came to an end. During this next event they will be performing again on friendly basis. Yet, next Saturday the ASMK Pasta Poiatti Championships for the three Autocross Cars classes and also for the two Trials classes will be coming to an end.

An overview of the situation in Autocross we see that in the Modified category Christian Galea Mark on his Fiat Ritmo will be confirmed again as champion yet another time. It is expected that Malcolm Borg on an Opel Corsa will win the Runner-Up placing in the National Championship. The same cannot be said for the 3rd placed championship winner of the year as Gordon Johnson and Joseph Micallef both on an Opel Corsa are very close to each with regards to the points result for this position. Josef Abela on a Nova and Josef Grech on a Ford Fiesta also stand a chance for 3rd place.

In Autocross Standard Championship class the situation is somewhat yet unconfirmed too. Deane Farrugia on a Citroen AX is still leading the classification by a marginal lead. During the last event he lost the chance of securing his championship win as he was suspended from the race following an anti-sporting [...]



On Saturday 4 June 2016 Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi successfully organized the first night event of this season with the participation of the Autocross cars and Motocross Motorcycles. During this evening the ASMK organized the eleventh program of the ASMK Pasta Poiatti 2015/2016 National Championships which also brought to an end the National Motocross Championship.

Meanwhile a slight look on the day where 40 competitors registered for this Night event. The program started with the Motocross Motorcycles late in the afternoon where in Class A we saw Mario Cauchi on a Honda motorcycle competing and dominating this class in both Heats. During the racing Heats Cauchi was always followed by David Dimech on a Kawasaki motorcycle. It was noted the loss of participation of Camilleri brothers in this final competition. Nevertheless Clayton Camilleri on KTM was declared National Motocross Championship Champion for 2015/2016. He registered his ten times Championship win on a KTM and ahead of his brother Kyle Camilleri. For the next season we will be seeing for the first time ever the Camilleri brothers running numbered 1 and 2 for Clayton and Kyle respectively.

In Class B we saw an interesting battle for the lead between Jethro Sant and Gozo rider Robert Spiteri both on Yamaha motorcycles. Although during the two Heats Sant always managed to beat Spiteri in the start yet the latter always made his very best and ended the race ahead of Sant. Spiteri won the highest score and finished the day ahead of Sant and Paul Deguara on a Honda. Fourth place was won by Peter Lee Sammut on a KTM.

In the Open Class for Motocross Mario Cauchi on his Honda registered a third consecutive win of this season [...]

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On Saturday 4th June 2016 Assoċjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi is to continue its motorsport events of the ASMK Pasta Poiatti 2015/2016 championships. During this activity the National Motocross Championship will be concluded while the National Championships for Autocross cars will be competing in the next last two races. On the day the Motocross races events starts at 4: 30pm. Follow these the car racing starts at around 7: 30 pm and will continue until late at night.

Meanwhile a look at the rankings of the Autocross Modified class in the National category we find that Christian Mark Galea on a Fiat Ritmo continues to dominate despite that in his last event he finished in third place overall. Galea still enjoys a substantial lead and the chance of winning another Class A Championship with his 206 points with two more races to go. Galea is followed by Malcolm Borg on an Opel Corsa in second place with 150 points while third place Joseph Micallef on another Opel Corsa has 116 points. In this classification it is still completely uncertain who the second and third place drivers will be as with Borg and Micallef we find that Gordon Johnson on an Opel Corsa and Josef Abela on a Nova still stand a very good chance to advance further in the classification during these last two remaining events.

In the Autocross Standard Category Deane Farrugia on Citroen AX continues to strive to acquire another championship honor. Farrugia is heading in the standings with 54 points and during the two following activities he is expected to continue the battle for the lead with his followers who currently are Traydon Bailey on a Ford Ka with 42 points and the [...]

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20 Edizzjoni COJI 2016 – Mallorca


Riżultati pożittivi għal kontingent tal-Kumitat Olimpiku Malti li f’dawn il-ġranet qed jieħu sehem fl-20 edizzjoni tal-Logħob tal-Gżejjer (Jeux des Isles) li qed isiru f’Mallorca. Il-kontingent Malti immexxi mid-Direttur tal-KOM Paul Sultana qed jieħu sehem fi tlett dixxiplini mit-tlettax il-dixxiplina li hemm fil-programm tal-Logħob.

L-akbar sodisfazzjon wasal fl-aħħar ġurnata tal-ġinnastika artistika fejn fl-individwali fil-kategorija ‘beam’ SANA GRILLO rebħet il-medalja tad-deheb. Dan kien it-tielet success fil-ġinnastika wara li ġurnata qabel wara li l-istess Sana Grillo rebħet il-medalja tal-bronz fil-kategorija ‘overall’, it-tim Malti magħmul minn Sana Grillo, Emma Camilleri, Niamh Agius u Leah Barber kiseb il-medalja tal-bronż fil-kategorija tat-timijiet wara Mallorca u Sqallija.

Malta qed tieħu sehem wkoll fil-ġinnastika ritmika permezz ta’ Juliana Debono u Monica Lazarova kif wkoll fit-table tennis permezz ta’ James Vella Vidal u Nicholas Pace Bonello.

Il-pajjiżi li qed jieħdu sehem flimkien ma’ Malta huma Azores, Cape Verde, Martinique, Sqallija, Sardinja, Jersey, Korsika, Korfu’, Guyana u Gżejjer Balearici.


Charles Camenzuli – Direttur tal-Media                    


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Johnson wins in Autocross and Camilleri wins in Motocross

ASMK Riders in Santa Pod and Austria

On Sunday 22nd May ‘Assoċjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ organized the tenth event of the ASMK Pasta POIATTI 2015/16 Championships. This event included the Autocross and the Motocross races which are becoming more competitive as we are approaching the end of another competitive season. The stress is more pronounced especially in those categories which are yet undecided.

During the day the Autocross Standard and Modified categories competed for three heats and in an anti-clockwise direction which is also a bit faster than usual. In the Modified category Chirstian Mark Galea only won all heats of the day on a Fiat Ritmo to seal his place in the final Class A. Johnson Gordon qualified together with Malcom Borg both on Opel Corsa, Andrew Pisani on a Vauxhall Nova, Karl Micallef and Godfrey Gauci both on a Ford Fiesta formed the lineup.

Right from the Start of this final we saw a good launch by Galea and Johnson to the first corner where Galea took the helm of the race final followed by Johnson and Micallef. During this final we witnessed excellent driving and competitive sports to the end of the race. Half way through the focus turned on Borg and Johnson who have been making pressure to advance their position. Johnson managed to overtake on Galea in the secong Lap and took the lead and was followed by Galea and Micallef. This latter was put under pressure by Borg until Borg managed to pass over Micallef and Galea who appeared to have developed some kind of technical fault which cost him to loose some placings. Soon this race came to an end with Johnson registering his first Class A win of [...]

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    Autocross and Motocross on the Sunday 22nd May at Ta’ Qali

Autocross and Motocross on the Sunday 22nd May at Ta’ Qali


On the Sunday 22nd May 2016 Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi will be organizing the tenth program of ASMK Pasta Poiatti 2015/2016 Championships. The program starts at 11.45am and racing starts at 12: 00 hours. The day’s racing will consist of Motocross and Autocross who will be competing on track in an anti-clockwise direction.

Meanwhile a look at the Autocross and Motocross classes where as more time passes more added stress is placed on all those who stand the chance to win their respective championship. In the Motocross Class A we find the challenge for the leadership between Camilleri brothers with just an 11 points gap. Clayton on a KTM motorcycle leads with 208 points and lies ahead of his brother Kyle on another KTM with 197 points. Third place is won by Paul Muscat on a KTM with 144 points.

In Motocross Class B the Gozo riders continued to dominate the classification. It seems that this award will be won by a Gozo rider. Mario Cauchi on his Honda is dominating this class B with a substantial advantage over his followers. Cauchi leads with 257 points and is followed by Etienne Bigeni with 197 points on his Honda motorcycle. Third placed Jorn Stellini on a Kawasaki won 155 points so far.

In the Open Class Category for all Motocross riders irrespective of age and experience we find leader Mario Cauchi on Honda with 94 points. Cauchi is followed by Etienne Bigeni on another Honda with 84 points. In third place is Paul Muscat on KTM with 75 points.

The situation in the Autocross National Championship category shows that Christian Mark Galea on his Fiat Ritmo is approaching another title in this category. Galea is leading the classification [...]

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    Galea and Pace win in Autocross and Muscat wins in Motocross

Galea and Pace win in Autocross and Muscat wins in Motocross

On Sunday 24 th April 2016 Assoċjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Kaorozzi organized nineth championship event from ASMK Pasta Poiatti 2015/2016 Championship. The day’s programm included Autocross cars and Motocross Motorcycles where 42 competitors regiistered for the day’s event .

Meanwhile in the Autocross section we had seen both the Standard Class together with the Modified classes A and B. In the Autocross Modified class nno one competitor won all the Heats of the day though there was great competition between Andrew Pisani on an Opel Nova and Josef Grech on a Fiesta. Both were the favorites of the day. Other drivers who qualified for this Class A were Christian Mark Galea on a Fiat Ritmo, Borg Malcom and Gordon Johnson both on an Opel Corsa and Ivan Birmingham on Suzuki Swift.

Right from the Start of the Final Class A we saw Galea making a very good launch and right by the first corner he had already developed a competitive advantage. Galea left behind him Johnson and Grech battling for second place until after the second corner there was a contact between two cars which was out of the vicinity of the referee. This resulted into a collision on track between the rest of the finalists.  This resulted bad to Borg and was forced to retire as he found himself face to face with Johnson’s car as well as with several tires on track as a result of the accident. The race final continued with Galea taking the Finish Flag followed by Grech and Pisani. Birmingham finished in fourth place followed in fifth place by Johnson.

For final Class B starters were Jean Paul Grech on a Peugeot 106, Jonathan Camilleri and Joseph Micallef both on an [...]

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73 athletes benefit from the Youth Elite Athlete Scheme



The Youth Commission, within the Maltese Olympic Committee launched the new Youth Elite Athlete Scheme whereby highly promising and dedicated young athletes from various National Sports Federations were selected to form part of this Elite Scheme. The scheme aims to help these young athletes with financial benefits to be able to cover expenses while seeking to better their abilities by attending overseas training camps, international competitions or sports schools abroad. Funds for this Scheme have been allocated by the Maltese Olympic Committee for use within its Youth sector. Chosen athletes were nominated and after a meticulous selection process the MOC Youth Commission has shortlisted 73 youth athletes from 20 National Sports Federations.

All National Sports Federations affiliated with the Maltese Olympic Committee were asked to nominate their best youth athletes. Maltese Olympic Committee Director responsible for the scheme, Mr.Paul Sultana stressed that : “ Following the experiences of the past years where in 2014 the MOC had 33 athletes from 13 federations and in 2015 there were 67 athletes from 20 federations, aware of the ever growing interests in the youth sector within the affiliated federations for 2016 there is an increase in the number of athletes as 73 athletes from 20 federations will benefit. One has to note that for athletics and swimming there is allocation to track and field as well as to swimming and synchronized swimming respectively”.

The Maltese Olympic Committee with the main aim of investing in young talents has allocated 40,000 euros for this project which is more than double than it was in 2014.

The Scheme remains open and the progress of these selected athletes will be closely monitored to ascertain if they should continue to form part of the Youth [...]

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