ASMK cars and bikes racing in Malta, Gozo and Sicily

On Sunday 12th October 2014 the “Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi” opened the 2014/15 season ASMK Pasta Poiatti National Championships. The first activity was that by the Enduro Section for Offroad Motorcycles. This event was held inside inside a rock-cutting quarry in Fawwara and it was made possible thanks to the site owners Schembri Barbro and Polidano Group for their continued support to ASMK. 

25 Enduro and Motocross riders registered for this Enduro event and were divided into two classes: – those in Class A for motorcycles under 250cc and Class B for motorcycles Over 250cc engine capacity. The temporary laid course was 3.8 kilometers long and included tracks mainly used by quarry machinery, foot paths and rainwater filled channels and pools amongst other terrain.

The competition against the clock mainly between the leading competitors in both class ‘A’ and ‘B’ was high but an interesting one during the day’s three races. Carmelo Borg on a Suzuki Motorcycle battled to beat Joseph Scicluna time on Honda in Class A. Scicluna registered a time of 5 minutes 27.34 seconds while Borg registered a close time of 5 minutes 27.74 seconds. Scicluna closed the day in first place followed by Borg while third place was won by Edward Ciantar on a Kawasaki with a best time of 5 minutes 41.22 seconds.

Last Season’s winners competed in Class B where bikers compete with motors larger than 250cc. Matthew Gauci on 2T KTM 300cc motorcycle registering his best time of the day with 5 minutes 16.39 seconds. This result made him win this class ahead of his best competitor James Zahra on 4T Yamaha 250cc motorcycle. Zahra registered his best time [...]

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The Malta Judo Federation interested in starting VI Judo

Press Release

The Malta Judo Federation interested in starting VI Judo

The President of The IJF Vizer appoints Galea to Coordinate with IBSA and bring closer relationships between the two International Federations.

Mr Marius Vizer, President of the International Federation (IJF) and of Sport Accord appointed Envic Galea to coordinate relationships between the IJF and IBSA (international Blind Sport Federation). The Olympic sport of Judo has grown and presently there are more than 20 million Judoka in 198 national Federations. IBSA, who is reasonable for Visually Impaired sport has Judo in her sports programme and at the moment has 4,000 active competitors.

Envic Galea went to Colorado Springs USA For the World VI Judo Championships, to represent Mr Vizer and to meet the IBSA Judo Executive in September and whilst he was there it was proposed that IBSA should sign a memorandum of understanding to consolidate further the work to promote VI Judo World Wide, IBSA acknowledged that IJF, under the leadership of Mr Vizer has made huge steps in the way the sport is run and presented to the media. Judo has become the third most popular sport in the Olympic Games and the Youth Olympic Games.


On Monday 29th September, at the offices of the IJF in Budapest Marius Vizer President of the IJF and Jennie Hammershoi President of IBSA signed a Historic MoU where both agreed to collaborate closely and that the IJF will help in many ways to assist IBSA promote VI Judo. One of the many points mentioned was that by next August the IJF Academy of which Galea is the director, will introduce a module for the Judo Instructors on how to teach VI Judo. Present for this signing besides the two presidents, [...]

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 “Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi” (ASMK) and Pasta Poiatti National Championships will start next Sunday 12th October. The first race will be an Enduro Race for all Maltese riders and taking place at Fawwara quarry thanks to its owners.

The new range of Championships are to include six Enduro races and eight Trials Events. All these races will be held outside the ASMK Motorsport Complex at Ta Qali.  The Motocross Championship will be based on seven events while some riders will be competing in the FMI-Sicily Regional Championship too.

The Autocross Championship will be based on 12 events which will be run on 3 different track layouts and directions. A new Standard Class is to be introduced for novices and beginners to Autocross racing.

Sunday’s 12th October Enduro race will be run at Fawwara on a temporary track laid by team leader Eddie Bonello and his helpers. Registration for all starts at 9.00am and First Practice Race starts at 10.00am. The three (3) Classes will be set for Under 250cc bikes, for over 250cc and another class for Trials bikers too. 

In the meantime, a Team of 3 ASMK Motocross riders were competing in the 5th event of the FMI-Sicilia Regional Championship. This event was held at Hi-Fly MX arena in the province of Syracuse. Clayton Camilleri on a 250cc KTM and Edward Ciantar on a 250cc Kawasaki  are competing in the Over 21 Class among a minimum of 8 other top national riders. In this race Clayton won 3rd place with equal points with another Sicilian competitor. Due to Standing Rules Clayton is placed 4th Overall while Edward Ciantar is placed 5th in the same class. This race was the [...]

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Photo courtesy of the USGA – All Rights Reserved.

The World Amateur Team Championships came to an end last Saturday with Team America retaining the Eisenhower Trophy through an aggregate score of -38 two ahead of Canada. Team Malta composed of Daniel Holland, Andy Borg and JJ Micallef finished a credible 50th place out of 67 teams with a score of +24.

The result reflects an improvement of 15 places from Team Malta’s first showing in these Championships in Turkey two years ago plus a team score of 44 strokes to the better. Furthermore whilst in 2012 Malta’s team score was 92 strokes behind the USA, this year’s result narrowed this deficit to 62 – an improvement of 30 strokes.

With the two best out of three scores counting on each day, the result is a combined effort of the three players with Andy showing the way for his two younger colleagues throughout the four days of the championships.

Andy’s four rounds consisted of 7 birdies, 49 pars, 14 bogeys and 2 double bogeys for an overall score of +11. His +1 first round was successively followed by +4; +2 and +4. Andy’s fighting spirit manifested itself mainly in his second round when after four holes he had already dropped four shots. He followed these with 9 successive pars and a birdie which was then followed by two more pars, a bogey and a par to finish off with. Starting his final 4th round at 6:50 am, Andy remained +7 for the tournament until the very last four holes when he dropped four shots to place him 132nd from 200 players.

JJ and Daniel both played to +20 for the tournament [...]

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IOC Trophy – Sport and Art 2014

IOC Trophy – Sport and Art 2014
The Maltese Olympic Committee is subscribing to this year’s IOC Trophy Sport and Art to reward artistic expression.

With this trophy, the Maltese Olympic Committee will recognize artists and creators who, through their talent, have promoted Olympism and left a legacy through art.

For your information, here is a non-exhaustive list of forms of our definition of art.

The visual arts such as painting, sculpture, architecture, textiles, videos, cartoons, calligraphy, experimental cinema, design, drawing, graffiti, graphics, engraving, marquetry, mosaics, mural painting, photography, sculpture, architecture, silk-screen printing, dress design, stained-glass window-making, web design, etc., but also other forms of expression, for example the performing arts, music, etc.

All those who are interested in being considered for this prestigious IOC Trophy are to write to the Secretary General, Mr Joseph Cassar, National Swimming Pool Complex, Maria Teresa Spinelli Street, Gzira, by not later than the 30th of October 2014 giving details of their work.

A panel will be set up to vet all entries and applicants could be asked to provide more information after the first phase of the selection process.

The awarding of the IOC Trophy will be held in December 2014.

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Judo Annual Medical Seminar


The Malta Judo Federation is hosting the Annual European Judo Union Medical Seminar this weekend. This will be the 17th time this seminar is being held in Malta, and the 2nd time it is being held on its own, not in conjunction with other seminars. This year’s participation has been a record so far, with 30 participants from 19 countries.

The participants include the European Judo Union Medical Commission, who through their expertise of the sport of Judo and medicine, discuss how Judo, which is already a very safe sport, could become an even safer sport. Amongst the subjects which will be discussed are the latest updates from WADA, analysis of injuries through video software, and precautions to injuries.

Hon Chris Agius, Parliamentary Secretary for Youth and Sport, will be visiting the participants of the Seminar on Saturday 6th September at 11:00hrs.

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  • Mark Mamo fuq Yamaha
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    Muscat Records Endurance Race. Zahra and Jourdan win EnduroCross

Muscat Records Endurance Race. Zahra and Jourdan win EnduroCross

Muscat Records Endurance Race. Zahra and Jourdan win EnduroCross
On Saturday evening 30th August ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ held the first Summer Event at the ASMK Sports Complex at Ta Qali. The Programm was to include an Autocross Endurance Race lasting an Hour and a Lap. The Motocross and Enduro ASMK Sections teamed together and organised the first EnduroCross Races ever. These races drew quite a large number of Motocross and Enduro riders for this special tough competition. In all, 47 competitors participated in the Autocross Endurance Race and in the EnduroCross.

The Riders were grouped into 2 classes based on engine capacity. The Motocross track was also modified as it was laid with man-made obstacles such as riding over wooden beams and laid tyre carpets while the riders had to ride in the opposite direction to normal practice.

Racing lasted for 10 minutes each which was hard enough at this time of the year. In the big capacity class James Zahra riding a Yamaha made a very good start with Matthiew Gauci on his KTM while Solomon also followed close behind in 3rd place. Edward Ciantar riding a Kawasaki soon added pressure on Solomon and soon moved to 3rd place. Soon Ciantar started building pressure on Gauci and in his very few laps managed to win 2nd place. Zahra drove first to the Finish Flag followed by Ciantar and Gauci. Alex Sant Fornier finish 4th in class.

In the 2nd group race French Pierre Jourdan riding a KTM took the lead from start to finish. Elvin Debono on a Kawasaki and Vince Farrugia on a Yamaha followed in this formation till the finish. So Jourdan won his class ahead of Debono and Agius. Alviro Borg [...]

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GSSE 2015 – Iceland


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ASMK Races – Summer Event

ASMK Races in Malta Records on Saturday
“Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi” launched the Summer Events program to conclude the 2014 – 2015 events. These events include special races and voluntary work for a noble cause.

A special program of events is prepared for next Saturday 30th of August 2014. The special races will be held at the ASMK Race Complex at Ta’ Qali starting from 4.00pm till late in the evening.

The Motocross and Enduro riders will be racing on the Motocross track but in opposite direction to normal. This race offers greater challenge and demonstrates the riders skills to the full. This is the first ever race of this kind where even the keen riders are practicing for this event where a greater challenge will be faced mainly by the Enduro bike riders.

Later at the strike of 8.00pm, the eight (8) Autocross cars registered for the toughest race of the season will line-up on the Start Line. This “Endurance Race” lasts One (1) Hour driving on the Autocross Track which will be lit with artificial lights along the track, the paddocks and the spectator areas too. Three (3) mandatory stops are included among other rules set for safety reasons during the event.

As this race is the only one of its kind on the Island and it is the longest race ever held in Malta, ASMK decided to register this race in the ‘Malta Record’ who will also scrutinise the event according to the set  rules. The car which covers the largest number of Laps within the set-hour will be declared the winner of this prestigious race. Penalties for breach of rules results in deducted number of laps.

On Saturday 6th September ASMK also included a [...]

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Nanjing 2014 – Fl-azzjoni Raoul Stafrace – Ghawm


Fl’azzjoni Raoul Stafrace – għawm.
F’Nanjing fic-Cina tkomplew l-Olimpjadi taz-Zghazagh. Illum rega kien fl-azzjoni l-ghawwiem Malti Raoul Stafrace illi fil-100 metru freestyle spicca it-tielet fil-heat numru wiehed. Huwa ghamel id-distanza fi 53.45 sekondi . Fil-frazzjoni tal-50 metru huwa kien gham f’24.59 sekondi. Din il-heat intrebhet minn Patrick Canton tal-Istati Uniti qabel Collum Bain tal-Irlanda. 
Aktar qabel fit-tielet gurnata ta’kompetizzjoni fl-ghawm fil-50 metru freestyle kien wkoll fl-azzjoni Raoul Stafrace li f’heat numru 4 spicca fir-raba’post f’ 24.02 sekondi f’heat mirbuha minn Javier Acevedo tal-Canada .
Charles Camenzuli

Direttur tal-Media KOM


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