BAKU 2015 – 100 days away .

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BAKU 2015 – 100 days away .

The European Games are an exciting and innovative new format that will be the continent’s first major multi-sport event. All members of the European Committees have been invited to attend and compete in Azerbaijan’s capital city Baku, situated on the shores of the Caspian Sea. The Opening Ceremony will be held on Friday 12 June 2015, with the Closing Ceremony celebrated on Sunday 28 June. The Games were designed and are to be regulated by the European Olympic Committees (EOC) and run with the support of the Baku 2015 European Games Operation Committee (BEGOC). Baku was awarded the honour of being the first host of the Games at the 41st EOC General Assembly in Rome, on 8 December 2012. The European Games will take place every four years thereafter, with the next competition due to be held in 2019.

Where is Baku ………..

Baku lies on the southern edge of the Absheron Peninsula on the shores of the glittering Caspian Sea.

The coastal terrain around Baku is up to 28 metres below sea level, with mud volcanoes and salt lakes creating a rugged and surreal geography around the city. The Bakuvian climate is moderate, with warm summers and mild winters. The average temperature in June is approximately 24°C with around 15 hours of daylight.

Evidence of early settlements dating back to the Stone Age has been found in the Absheron Peninsula, including stone carvings from around 12,000 BC. As the settlement grew, Baku became a key staging post on the Silk Road, due to its ideal location at the crossroads between China, India, the Middle East and Europe.

This strategic position, along with its political stability and pleasant climate, has [...]

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More medals for the Maltese Judo Team

Press Release

514 athletes members of 72 clubs from 8 countries travelled to Tolmezzo to fight in the 33rd Trofeo internazionale di Judo “Città di Tolmezzo”.

The first medal of the day came from Joanna Camilleri, who landed a bronze medal for Malta. Her first contest was against Medves Giada. The contest started off well, however Camilleri was disqualified after she caught the opponent’s leg, which, under the new International Judo rules, is punished by Hansokumake (disqualification). Medves continued winning her contests winning the gold in the category. Once Medves made it to the quarter final, she recuperated Camilleri to fight in the repechage with a chance for bronze. Camilleri was adamant she was getting on the podium. She eliminated Vidorin Francesca with a drop seio nage (drop shoulder technique) for Ippon (full points) and then Maccari Martina again with drop seio nage concluding the contest with osaekomi (hold down), thus winning the bronze medal.

12 Judoka including Jeremy Saywell contested the -66kgs. He won his first contest against Gaeta Sergio with Ippon after Gaeta gave up to Saywell’s strangle. Saywell’s second contest was a tight one, but he managed to secure a Yuko with kata guruma (shoulder wheel throw) against Stefanel Gino Gianmarco and defended his advantage till the end of the contest. Stefanel then won the bronze medal. Saywell concluded his semifinal match against Modvala Romano again with a strangle. The final match was against the Slovenian Jereb Andraz. Jereb is an extremely experienced Judoka with a Grand Prix bronze medal, 4 medals in the Junior and U23 European Championships, as well as a collection of European Cup and National medals in all age categories. Jereb used his experience to throw for Wazari and [...]

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PrePLAY – multinational doping prevention project.

PrePLAY – multinational doping prevention project.
On 27-28 January 2015 representatives of the NADOs of Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, and Croatia and the Maltese Olympic Committee as well as representatives from the Institute of National Anti-Doping Organisations and the German Olympic Sports Confederation have met in Adergas, Slovenia, for the kick-off meeting of “prePLAY”.

“prePLAY” is a multinational doping prevention project initiated by the Slovenian Anti-Doping Organisation (SLOADO), which – in collaboration with organizations from four other European countries – will be implemented in Slovenia, Malta, Estonia, Latvia, and Croatia. The main purpose of “prePLAY” is the creation of a transnational network of young athletes who have knowledge about anti-doping and who act as anti-doping ambassadors for the fight against doping in sport. The innovative aspects of this doping prevention project are the focus on grassroots-level sport, the transfer of knowledge through anti-doping ambassadors, the peer-to-peer character of the project, the focus on education to prevent the use of doping, and the opportunity for retired young athletes to act as anti-doping ambassadors.

Because of its multinational character and its emphasis on peer-to-peer education, “prePLAY” is one of 20 sport projects that has successfully applied for funds from the Erasmus+ program, which is an EU programme for education, training, youth and sport. In the field of sport, Erasmus+ provides financial support for several opportunities, including collaborative partnerships, non-profit European sports events, and actions that strengthen the evidence base for policy-making.

During the two-day meetings in Adergas, the “prePLAY” project team talked about the timetable and milestones of the two-year project and how it will be implemented in the participating countries. Major activities in 2015 will be the recruitment and initial training of the anti-doping ambassadors in each of the [...]

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    Bonello and Scicluna win in ASMK Trials – Autocross and Motocross on Sunday

Bonello and Scicluna win in ASMK Trials – Autocross and Motocross on Sunday

Bonello and Scicluna win in ASMK Trials – Autocross and Motocross on Sunday

On Sunday 22nd February 2014 ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ will continue with the ASMK – Pasta Poiatti 2014/15.Championship races. This time the event will take place at the ASMK Sport Complex at Ta’ Qali where the eight (8) program for Autocross and the third for Motocross will be held. Racing starts at 11:00 am till about 5.00pm.
Look at the National Autocross Championship top ranking we find Philip Joe Vella on his Opel Corsa with 145 points. This is a marginal advantage on Christian Mark Galea on his Fiat Ritmo with 136 points. Third-ranking post is currently occupied by Vince Farrugia on a Volkswagen Polo with 112 points while fourth place is occupied by Andrew Pisani on his Vauxhall Nova with  93 points.
The Motocross riders National Classification after two races activities is a s follows. In Class A we find that Clayton Camilleri on a KTM motorcycle is leading the classification with 102 points. He is followed by Paul Muscat on another KTM but with 96 points. Third place is occupied by Edward Ciantar currently on his Kawasaki and with 79 points.

In Class B we find Ludvik Muscat on KTM is leading this class. He occupies the first place with 105 points and is followed by Adam Sultana from Gozo on his Kawasaki with 83 points. Third place is occupied by Elvin Debono with 75 points on a Kawasaki motorcycle.
Meanwhile on Sunday 15th February the Association held the third Trials Championship event. This competition was held within the ASMK premises at the Ta Qali Motorsport Complex. The program began at 9: 00am where in Class A we saw Damon [...]

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ASMK rewards the Champions – Gauci wins the Enduro

ASMK rewards the Champions – Gauci wins the Enduro
On Sunday 8th  February the ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ organized the third Moto Enduro Championship event sponsored by ASMK – Pasta Poiatti 2014/15. This was organized in the Quarry at Torri Falka within the limits of Mgarr. The event started at 10.00am and was supported by Dunlop Tyres and KTM of Malta.

The 27 competitors were divided into two classes, one Class A for motorcycles with a capacity up to 250cc and Class B for motorcycles with a cylinder capacity greater than 250cc. On the 3.5 kilometers long track Daniel Caruana on a Honda 125cc registered his first best time in Class A followed by Bernard Sammut on a Yamaha 125cc and the 250cc KTM of Nigel Anastasi in 3rd place.

During the second Heats Caruana continued to improve his time and defend his position in first place. He registered a best in class time of 4 minutes 41.71 seconds. Sammut followed but did not make any improvement in his lap-time. Never the less he kept his place in second position with a best time of 4 minutes 53.27 seconds. Anastasi finished in third place with a time of 5 minutes 5.21 seconds.

In Class B there was an interesting competition between James Zahra on his Yamaha 250cc and Matthew Gauci on his 300cc KTM. From the start Zahra was seen faster and registered the best overall time in the Pole Position. He continued to better his time in the first timed Heat with 4 minutes 15.21 seconds. Till now Gauci was always in second place with a time of 4 minutes 19.07 seconds. Alex Sant Fornier on his KTM 450cc was places 3rd overall with a [...]

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Golden Italian trip for the Maltese Judo Team

Press Release

After an absence for some years from Malta, the Centro Sportivo Educativo Nazionale (CSEN) from Italy returned to Malta after the CSEN Malta was set up. The Malta Judo Federation immediately affiliated and included the membership of CSEN to the national membership, thus availing itself of the insurance offered and the possibility to participate in the Italian sport calendar. The first activity the Malta Judo Federation targeted was the CSEN National Judo Championships which were held in the Palazzetto dello Sport in Monterotondo Scalo. The Maltese National team, competing under the name CSEN Malta, placed 4th out of 49 teams who competed in the Junior / Senior categories, winning 4 gold medals out of 5 athletes.

Jeremy Saywell was the first one to go to the tatami, and won his first bout in the -66kgs with a drop seoi nage (drop shoulder throw) in less than a minute. In the second contest, Saywell, first scored a yuko (1 point) with a Ko-soto-gari (minor outside reap) and then closed the match with an Ippon (full points) with the same technique. In his third contest Saywell continued beating his opponents with the Ko-soto-gari closing it with another Ippon. Jeremy’s semi-final was probably his toughest contest, as both athletes knew eachother. Pisano had spent a week training in Malta as a sparring partner in preparation for the Games of Small States of Europe. Nonetheless, Saywell closed this contest with a hat-trick –Yuko and Wazari (10 points) with kosotogari, and an Ippon through a counterattack with Tani Otoshi (valley drop) in the last seconds. In the final match, Saywell took less than a minute to secure his gold medal by throwing his opponent for Ippon.

Marcon Bezzina [...]

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ASMK AUTOCROSS Finals on Saturday 31st January

ASMK AUTOCROSS Finals on Saturday 31st January

Sunday 25th January 2015 ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ organized the seventh program of the ASMK – Pasta Poiatti 2014/15 Championships at Ta Qali. Despite the overnight storm the Association made everything to continue the day’s  program as scheduled. But it was not the same for the Motocross section. These races had to be postponed for safety reasons for another day. 

Meanwhile the day was not missing any fun as though the track surface was excessively wet at first most drivers change racing techniques and adjust to the continuously changing track conditions. This condition leaves some drivers struggling to keep their vehicle stable on course. Despite these conditions on the day 24 drivers which were divided into 2 classes participated in the day’s event. The current classes are one for Autocross Modified and another for the Standard class. 

A look at the day’s events where in the Autocross Modified Class Vince Farrugia on Volkswagen Polo, Christian Mark Galea on his Fiat Ritmo and Lucas Pace on his Honda Civic obtain the highest score of the day during the three Heats. Though none of the competitors managed to win all the heats of the day Farrugia, Galea and Pace secured their positions on the Class A Final race. Together with these Andrew Pisani on Vauxhall Nova, Godfrey Gauci on Ford Fiesta and Philip Grima on Ford Escort also secured their place on the six-car Start line-up.

Class B finalists are Malcolm Borg on an Opel Corsa, Philip Joe Vella on his Opel Nova, Jean Paul Grech on a Peugeot 106, Jason Martin on Volkswagen Polo, Pedro Attard on his Fiat X-19 and Martin Godwin on an Opel Corsa.

Unfortunately the instability of the [...]

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The 8th edition of the Malta Golf Association Shield

The 8th edition of the Malta Golf Association Shield sponsored by NESCAFÈ DOLCE GUSTO was won by John (Jnr) Micallef with a differential score of 29 two ahead of Bernard Bugeja and three better than Maike Beekman and Catherine Milet.

The tournament reverted to a Medal stroke play for the first day and a Stableford for the second day with the Stableford points’ results subtracted from the Medal net scores to determine the overall placing. The re-scheduled competition (cancelled from November 2014 due to the storm that hit the Islands) was played in very favourable weather conditions and on a well presented golf course at Royal Malta.

32 ladies played their first day on Thursday 22nd January with Dodie Waterhouse registering the best score with a net 70 (68 when calculating the difference between the men and ladies’ tees) on countback ahead of Maria Woodward, Peta Hattersley and Joanne Cassar. The two female juniors Filippa Konig and Mia Allsopp came in with a net 72 (70) and 79 (77) respectively.

Out of the 79 men that played on Saturday 24th, 12 played to their handicap or better. JJ Micallef’s +1 handicap turned his gross 65 to a nett 66 to tie him with Bernard Bugeja, Patrick Brown and Thomas Jacobsen but still very much 3 shots behind the nett 64 carded in by Peter Gatt and Frank Wagg and 1 shot behind Andy Holland. The only junior boy in the field – Laurens Schulze Doering – came in with a nett score of 75 to place right in between his two girl counterparts.

Unfortunately, for personal reasons, the best lady could not play in the second day which as it progressed saw the main protagonists fail to retain [...]

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Malta Judo – 43rd edition of the National Championships

The Malta Judo Federation hosted its 43rd edition of the National Championships at the Bocci Drome in the Cottonera Sport Complex. The day started with Sensei Joe Castillo, Gaetano Scerri, Joseph Muscat, John Curmi and 60 young dragons on the mat. Our young Judoka brought the Bocci Drome to life as they demonstrated their skills in Judo through games and friendly contests. Envic Galea, President of the Malta Judo Federation said in his opening speech that all our young Judoka are winners, as Judo is not only a sport, but a way of life. All the dragons were awarded a gold medal to commemorate this event.
The first Judoka to go on the mat were the Espoirs – Judoka aged 12 to 14 years. This age category has special rules, such as no sacrifice techniques, strangles and armlocks, as it is considered as a transitional category between the non competitive and the competitive age categories. The winners of the Espoir categories were Massimo Micallef, Cameron Gray, Sean Spiteri, Adin Vella, Clive Camilleri, Thomas Zerafa, Gabriel Camilleri, and Ena Camilleri.

In the Cadet, Junior and Senior categories, the spectators and coaches present witnessed some extremely interesting contests and beautiful Ippon. The winners in the Cadet categories were Kurt Camilleri (Tigne Judo Club), Andreas Castillo (Shirojudokwai Judo Club), Joseph Muscat and Kurt Butters (Kamikwai Judo Club), Alice Battistino and Martha Spiteri (Hibernians Budokwai Judo Club). Some of the cadets also contested the Junior and Senior categories. The winners of the Junior Categories were Joseph Muscat (Kamikwai Judo Club), Cormack Spiteri (Tigne Judo Club), Alessio Muscat (Kinsu Judo Club), and Esther Spiteri (Hibernians Budokwai Judo Club). Lamberto Raffi, was also present at the event, who together with our [...]

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