The Games of the Small States of Europe

The Games of the Small States of Europe first took place in 1985 in San Marino, and are held every 2 years bringing together Athletes in various disciplines such as Athletics, Basketball, Judo, Shooting, Squash, Swimming, Table tennis, Tennis, Volleyball and Yachting. The 8 member nations include Andorra, Cyprus, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, San Marino and Malta.

These Games are important for the smaller member states as they provide an opportunity for athletes to come together to share their cultural experiences and establish common goals and strengthen links of friendship across boundaries, while at the same time competing in a good sports competition.

The Games are also a high public profile event with large followings, attracting attendees from all around including a large number of visitors from abroad. Events such as these are a blending of sport, culture, and education providing experiences not just for the athletes and their contingents but for the spectators as well.

Aims of the Games

  1. to bring together, every two years, in a genuine and sporting contest, the athletes designated by the European National Committees (E.N.O.C.);
  2. to back up the ties of peace and friendship between the sportsmen and the youth of these E.N.O.C.’s to promote understanding, cooperation and mutual help and to encourage consultation and exchanges of information and experience;
  3. to promote the Olympic movement and its ideal in each member country through it’s N.O.C.
Edition Host Nation Year Date Athletes
1st San Marino 1985 23 – 26 May 304
2nd Monaco 1987 14 – 17 May 498
3rd Cyprus 1989 17 – 20 May 693
4th Andorra 1991 21 – 25 May 752
5th Malta 1993 25 – 29 May 803
6th Luxembourg 1995 29 May – 03 June 749
7th Iceland 1997 02 – 07 June 744
8th Liechtenstein 1999 24 – 29 May 662
9th San Marino 2001 29 May – 02 May
10th Malta 2003 02 – 07 June 790
11th Andorra 2005 30 May – 6 June
12th Monaco 2007
13th Cyprus 2009
14th Liechtenstein 2011
15th Luxemburg 2013
16th Iceland 2015