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Malta’s oldest Olympian passes away.

NESTOR JACONO ( 1925 – 2014)

From his early days at St. Edward’s College, in the mid-30′s, Nestor Jacono showed great promise in sport especially in athletics. He was unbeatable in the 100 yards not only through his College days but eventually also in the national championships.

After leaving school, Nestor Jacono continued to train hard and became Malta’s undisputed No. 1 sprinter. Although WW II brought all sports activities nearly to a halt, Nestor was determined to keep on improving his national record. Jacono’s potential was recognised by the M.A.A.A. and he was chosen as the sole competitor to represent Malta at the first post war Olympic Games which were held in London in 1948.

Organised so soon after the end of hostilities, Nestor Jacono will never forget the continuous cheers and clapping accompanied by shouts of “Brave Malta” as together with flag bearer Alfred Zammit Cutajar he proudly marched behind the Maltese flag round the Wembley Stadium track during the March Past of the Opening Ceremony.

Back in Malta, Jacono continued to dominate the 100 yards event in the national championships for some more years. After he retired, he set up the Pegasus Club to encourage and train school children. He was later involved in the administration of sport in Malta being a member of various sports organisations including a member of the Maltese Olympic Committee.

Nestor Jacono was included in the Hall of Fame of the Maltese Olympic Committee in 2005 

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Charles Camenzuli

Director of Media

Maltese Olympic Committee