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The Maltese Olympic Committee has been advised that  on the 4th and 5th August 2014  the Executive Committee members of the Archery Association of Malta, ( President: Mr John Schembri, Treasurer: Mr Brian Micallef, and the Membership Secretary: Mr Edgar Formosa) all resigned their posts on the committee, citing personal reasons.

Consequently, the Archery Association of Malta no longer has a committee to represent the membership and there is no caretaker committee to call a General Meeting.

The Executive Committee of the MOC has entrusted its Secretary General Mr Joseph Cassar with calling a General Meeting with the objective of electing a Committee / Council  for the Archery Association of Malta.

This meeting will be held at the MOC premises which are situated at the University Sports Complex on Wednesday 10th September at 19.00 hours.

Elections will be held for the posts of :




Membership Secretary



Scores and Records officer

Range Manager

*(the position of PRO cannot be contested by a competing archer).

Nominations must be submitted by hand by not later than the 3rd September 2014 at noon at the MOC premises on the appropriate form.

Kindly also note that only those members who had paid up their affiliation fee for 2014 and who were duly approved by the Archery Association Executive will be able to vote during this meeting.  


Joseph Cassar

Secretary General

Maltese Olympic Committee