Buttigieg registers best time on German Drag Strip

Buttigieg Registers Best Time on German Drag Strip Last weekend of the 17th August ‘Assocjazzjoni... Read More >


Nicole Gatt u Francesco Aufieri fl-azzjoni

      Fl’azzjoni Nicole Gatt u Francesco Aufieri. Wara li fl-ewwel gurnata... Read More >

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Nanjing – Inghata bidu ghall – Olimpjadi taz-Zghazagh

  F’Nanjing ingħata bidu għat-tieni Edizzjoni tal-Olimpjadi taz-Żgħażagħ.   ... Read More >

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2nd Youth Olympic Games – Nanjing 2014

2nd Youth Olympic Games – Nanjing 2014   Erba' atleti, ser ikunu qed jirraprezentaw lil ... Read More >


World Youth Day 12/08/2014

  World Youth Day 12.08.2014   The Maltese Olympic Committee in collaboration wit... Read More >

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Nanjing YOG 2014 – Maltese Contingent

Chef de Mission Mario Micallef Official Weightlifting Jesmond Caruana Offi... Read More >


Envic Galea elected V.President of the Commonwealth Judo Association

During the Commonwealth Games most sport organisations hold their congresses and so did the Common... Read More >

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