The Maltese Olympic Committee is pleased to announce two educational lectures which will be delivered by Prof Matej Tusak PhD, a top level Sports Psychologist, from the University of Ljubljana. He is the National Slovenian Team Psychologist for ski jumping, alpine skiing, kayak and canoe, shooting, archery, judo, sailing, track and field, ice skating, gymnastics, football, basketball, handball, waterpolo and others, and assisted athletes in several Olympic Games and other high level competitions.


The details of the educational sessions are as follows:

Date:               Friday 9th May 2014

Time:               16:00hrs -19:00hrs

Venue:             Meeting hall – St Aloysius College Sports Complex, B’Kara.

‘Psychological preparation for athletes’
. This lecture is aimed at coaches from all sports and is intended to give an overview on how psychology techniques can be used by the coach as part of training sessions to prepare athletes for competition. This session is open to all coaches, from all sports at all levels.

Date:               Saturday 10th May 2014

Time:               17:00hrs -19:00hrs

Venue:             Meeting hall – St Aloysius College Sports Complex, B’Kara.


‘The role of parents and family in sport’. This lecture is aimed at and open to parents of children who are practicing sports at all levels. Dr Tusak will explain how parents and family can influence and support the athlete throughout his/her sporting career.



These sessions are open to all coaches and parents.