Prohibited List for 2022 published by WADA

By October 4, 2021 News
WADA have published the Prohibited List for 2022, which will come into force on 1st January 2022
Coaches and athletes are to take note of some VERY IMPORTANT changes which can affect a large number of athletes and may result in a positive doping control test.
These are explained in the below documents, but the most important one pertains to the use of Intra-articular glucocorticoid injections, which are now prohibited in-competition, and can result in a positive doping control test if they are given close to a competition date.
These injections are given quite commonly to treat painful joints and inflamed tendons and used frequently in the sporting setting.
The document outlines the wash out periods required for the substance  injected to leave the body and not be detected in an in-competition doping control test.
For more information visit the National Anti Doping Organisation of Malta’s website –