73 athletes benefit from the Youth Elite Athlete Scheme

By April 25, 2016 News




The Youth Commission, within the Maltese Olympic Committee launched the new Youth Elite Athlete Scheme whereby highly promising and dedicated young athletes from various National Sports Federations were selected to form part of this Elite Scheme. The scheme aims to help these young athletes with financial benefits to be able to cover expenses while seeking to better their abilities by attending overseas training camps, international competitions or sports schools abroad. Funds for this Scheme have been allocated by the Maltese Olympic Committee for use within its Youth sector. Chosen athletes were nominated and after a meticulous selection process the MOC Youth Commission has shortlisted 73 youth athletes from 20 National Sports Federations.

All National Sports Federations affiliated with the Maltese Olympic Committee were asked to nominate their best youth athletes. Maltese Olympic Committee Director responsible for the scheme, Mr.Paul Sultana stressed that : “ Following the experiences of the past years where in 2014 the MOC had 33 athletes from 13 federations and in 2015 there were 67 athletes from 20 federations, aware of the ever growing interests in the youth sector within the affiliated federations for 2016 there is an increase in the number of athletes as 73 athletes from 20 federations will benefit. One has to note that for athletics and swimming there is allocation to track and field as well as to swimming and synchronized swimming respectively”.

The Maltese Olympic Committee with the main aim of investing in young talents has allocated 40,000 euros for this project which is more than double than it was in 2014.

The Scheme remains open and the progress of these selected athletes will be closely monitored to ascertain if they should continue to form part of the Youth Elite Athletes Scheme in the coming years.


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