About Us

Established in 1928, the Maltese Olympic Committee is the supreme and exclusive authority on matters relating to Malta’s representation at all games falling under the jurisdiction of the International Olympic Committee. The Committee’s main commitment is that of encouraging, promoting and funding of Maltese participation in the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Games of the Small States of Europe and Mediterranean Games just to mention a few.

In Games such as the Small States of Europe and Mediterranean Games, our athletes have fared extremely well, whilst medals in the Olympic Games have so far eluded our athletes, we have seen substantial improvement in timings and placing – this is the result of the commitment that athletes have shown and the fruit of our investment in appropriate training programmes. The up and coming athletes are seeking to achieve new heights in the years to come and we aim to prepare their way ahead in the best possible way.

Our Aims

To educate youth through sport practiced without discrimination of any kind within the Olympic spirit, which requires a mutual understanding and spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.

This is achieved by working closely with all the 47 National Associations, which are affiliated to the Committee by means of a number of initiatives such as consultancy services, seminars and programmes.

Olympism seeks to create a way of life based on the joy of effort, the educational value of good example, social responsibility and respect for universal fundamental ethical principles.

The Maltese Olympic Committee continues to invest in better awareness and opportunities for the Maltese athletes, seeking to blend sport with culture and education. We work all year-round to promote sport as an agent for positive social change. Locally, we are the voice for sport, and a hub for development. We work towards having the best environment for the development of our coaches and athletes and thus being the catalyst for excellence.

Our Local Partners

The Malta Olympic Committee aims to develop new opportunities for their athletes. Together, with the support and of our partners locally and globally, new possibilities and reached.


Maltese Olympic Committee Presidents

2013 – present    Julian Pace Bonello
1999 – 2013   Lino Farrugia Sacco
1989 – 1999   Gino Camilleri
1977 – 1989   Carm A. Borg
1973 – 1977   Laurence Xuereb
1968 – 1973   Victor Pace
1960 – 1967   Alfred P. Briffa
1946 – 1960   Paul Giorgio
1928 – 1938   Anthony Cassar Torregiani

MOC Executive Committee

Mr. Julian Pace Bonello

MOC President
[email protected]

Mr. William Beck

Deputy President
[email protected]

Mr. Joseph Cassar

Secretary General
[email protected]

Mr. Ivan Balzan

Director of Sport
[email protected]

Mr. David Azzopardi

Finance Director
[email protected]

Dr. Lucienne Attard

Ms. Maria Vella-Galea

Director of Media
[email protected]

Dr. Kirill Micallef Stafrace

Mr. Paul Sultana

Ms. Charlene Attard

Johanna Grech


Sport for All Commission

  • David Azzopardi (Chair)
  • Noel Aquilina
  • Kamil Dworniczak
  • David Guehring
  • Daniel Tanti

Technical Commission

  • Ivan Balzan (Chair)
  • Charlene Attard
  • Maria Vella-Galea

Legal Commission

  • Dr. Adrian Camilleri

Medical Commission

  • Dr. Kirill Micallef Stafrace (Chair)
  • Dr. Nigel Camilleri
  • Dr. Matthew Psaila
  • Olga Fedotkina Galea
  • Tiziana Mifsud
  • Dr. Adele Muscat
  • Milos Stanisavljevic

Youth Commission

  • Johanna Grech (Chair)
  • Charlene Attard

Athletes Commission

  • Charlene Attard (Chair)
  • Eleanor Bezzina
  • Josephine Grima
  • Rodmar Pulis
  • Jeremy Saywell

Women in Sport Commission

  • Dr. Lucienne Attard (Chair)
  • Marie Claire Bonanno
  • Johanna Grech
  • Michelle Vella Wood

Our International Partners