MOC Sports Awards Hall of fame logo

It has long been felt the need to pay tribute and to honour those who have served and contributed with excellence towards Malta’s sporting endeavors. Finally in the offing, the Olympic Hall of Fame will act as a showcase of athletes, coaches, officials and administrators who have, through their participation and service promoted and fostered the principles of Olympic ideals at various levels whilst respecting the Olympic charter.

In line with other such Halls abroad, the Hall of Fame in Malta will serve to preserve Maltese sporting history and be a point of reference.  Acting as a motivating mechanism it will be a driving force for the pubic to emulate local sporting heroes and encourage locals to participate in sports in its different facets, whether on the sporting field or administration. No doubt it will be an ideal inspirational force for those involved in sports to aspire to and hope that one day they too would be so honoured for their outstanding achievements, thus creating the right channels for greater attainment.

The Hall will be managed by a Board of Trustees constituted of former Presidents of the MOC as well as the active MOC board of management and, led by a Chancellor, will be responsible for the management of the Hall’s affairs. Eligibility for election will not be merely restricted to those who would have battled it out on the competitive arenas but will equally honour officials, coaches and administrators alike.