Anthony Cassar Torregiani
image014 He was the first President of the Maltese Olympic Committee. A known businessman that had a great vision for sport. Thanks to this interest he gave a good future basis to the Maltese Olympic Committee.
Carmel Meme Busietta
image016 A founder of the Maltese Olympic Committee. The only athlete that lead a team in the Olympic Games when in 1928 Malta took part in water polo held in Amsterdam and even managed to win a match.
Tony Nicholl
image019 The legendary football player. Even thought Tony has departed this life, his name is still widely named and he is still remembered no only for his great acknowledgements received but also for all the achievement he gained for the Maltese football. He is considered as a legendary amongst Maltese for his talents and personality.
Eric Pace Bonello
image020 Founder and President of the Malta Sub Aqua Club. Founder Member of under water activities. In 1959 he organized the first World Championship of under water fishing. Our country placed 5th out of19 nations.
Meme Scicluna
 image022 A great businessman that was of a benefit to the development of football in Maltathrough his business. He used to organize the famous Christmas football tournament and rented the Gzira stadium in which all the matches of the highest divisions were held.

He introduced the Scicluna Cup in which all the participating clubs had a share of the spectators’ fee. He was given the honor of the Order of the British Empire by King George in 1945.

Joe Griffiths
image025 Synonymous with the Melita club, of which he was captain in the famous final FA Trophy versus Sliema Wanderers in 1939 won by Melita. Founder of the Coaching Schoolin Malta and founder of the Association of Maltese Football Coaches. He was the first coach of the Maltese national team and played against the legendary national team ofAustria.