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Annual MOC Athletes’ Commission Seminar Tackles Key Topics

By November 12, 2023Events

The annual Maltese Olympic Committee Athletes’ Commission hosted its annual seminar which was marked by its dynamic content, featured in-depth dialogues on the prevention of competition manipulation, awareness on Parkinson’s disease and a spirited team-building activity that left participants with strengthened bonds.

Prevention of Competition Manipulation: Safeguarding the Spirit of Sport

The seminar kicked off with an exploration of the prevention of competition manipulation, a topic that has been on the forefront of the Maltese Olympic Committee’s concerns and which resonates within the athletic community.  The speakers for this topic were Andy Grech, Head of Education at the Authority for Integrity in Maltese Sport (AIMS) and Anthony Scerri an expert on the topic.  Insights on the evolving challenges and potential solutions to maintain the integrity of sports were presented and discussed together with an emphasis on the importance of collaborative efforts between athletes, sports organizations, and regulatory bodies to create a robust system that upholds fair play and sportsmanship.

Step Up for Parkinson’s: Advocacy Beyond the Arena

Adding a philanthropic touch to the event, the seminar featured a heartfelt discussion and call to action in support of Parkinson’s awareness by Adrian Casha, who has been an inspiring voice on the topic, he himself having be affected by Parkinson’s disease. Notwithstanding the challenges he faces, he mentioned how sport is helping him and those with this condition to conduct a better life. He highlighted how sport athletes can make a positive impact on society, extending their reach beyond the boundaries of competition to raise awareness and support for those affected by Parkinson’s disease.

 Team Building Activity: Strengthening Bonds Beyond the Scoreboard

Amidst the serious discussions, the seminar injected a dose of fun and camaraderie through a team-building activity. Athletes were challenged to work together, fostering teamwork and cooperation. This interactive session allowed participants create a lighthearted atmosphere which created a balance to the other weightier topics covered.

“We are very satisfied with the participation and outcome of this seminar.  The objective is to bring athletes together to address not only the challenges within their respective sports but also broader issues affecting society. My Commission members and I  cannot thank those involved in this seminar enough for their contribution.” commented Eleanor Bezzina, Athletes Commission Chair.

MOC President Julian Pace Bonello also joined Bezzina in thanking all those who contributed towards the successful hosting of the seminar.

The Athletes’ Commission is made up of Eleanor Bezzina (Chair), Matthew Abela and Sascha Genovese.

The  next event on the Athletes’ Commission diary is a Clean-up, which is the perfect opportunity for athletes to give back to the community. The Clean Up will take place Saturday 25 November at 9.30am at Golden Bay and is open to all.  For more information, send an email on [email protected].