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ASMK through the Year 2015

By January 6, 2016 News


ASMK is now 30 years young and is still one of the Islands major Motorsport active organisations for Autocross cars and Off-Road motorcycle sport of various disciplines. Autocross and Motocross races are held at the ASMK Motorsport Complex at Ta Qali. Presently ASMK is organizing the Trials competitions and the Enduro Motorcycle Championships in different locations outside the ASMK Premises around the Island including events for motorcycles also in Gozo.

Through the years the ASMK Management managed to make the best use of the area at Ta Qali and though this place is now limited in footprint area ASMK Officers have managed to construct and maintain tracks for Autocross, Motocross, Trials, Moto Enduro races and a car Demolition oval too. The Spectators areas are quite safe as they are elevated from the tracks surface level, are constructed at a reasonable distance from the tracks and are protected by a protective steel net of reasonable height. One of the main seating areas also protects the spectators from the natural elements by means of a steel tent. Other facilities are available too. 

The Year 2015 has registered another golden historical page in the books of ASMK. Following 3 years of great work and planning ASMK has been unanimously granted to organise the 2015 FIM-Europe General Assembly in Malta. Headed by FIM-E President Dr Wolfgang SRB, his FIM-E Officials and FIM President Dr Vito Ippolito all gathered in Malta to discuss, decide and approve motions and an event calendar for 2016 and the future of the FIM-E European Federation for motorcycling. This congress was attended by 280 delegates from the 47 countries affiliated to FIM-E most of them were accompanied by either delegates or relatives…

Day long Workshops were held at Grand Hotel Excelsior from the 1st to the 4th of July 2015. One of the main meetings which drew the presence of a very large audience was the Safety Conference headed by four intelligent speakers including a representative of Transport Malta (TM). This meeting presented many interesting topics, mainly for the environment, for the safety of bikers and pedestrians, riders in racing, leisure, tourism and the inclusion of Electronics in rider and motorcycle new safety features.

The General Assembly was well attended and new decisions were taken accordingly. This was followed by a Grand Gala Dinner held at Palazzo Verdala by kind permission of her Excellency Marie Louise Coleiro Preca President of Malta. Surely the event has been a great success not only for ASMK exposure but also to the Maltese economy. Following this great event the ASMK officials started preparing for the coming Championships scheduled at Ta Qali and other locations.

An Autocross Warm-up event took place at Sannat in Gozo. For the 2nd consecutive year this event was spread over a weekend in September and drew many Maltese and Gozitan competitors together with a large crowd of spectators from both Islands. All proceeds were donated to ARKA Foundation in Gozo. The Ministry for Gozo, the site owners and other sponsors made this event possible and fruitful for this year too. 

In 2014-15 the ASMK Pasta-Poiatti National Autocross Championship consisted of twelve (12) race dates held between October and the following May. The degree of driving on soft terrain demands high varying driver’s skills and different car set-ups mainly due to the continuously changing track surfaces from wet to dry and the race directions during the championship races. Yet, Autocross driving demonstrates high level skill and exciting driving tactics. Competition and pressure for the lead are high in this regard yet very rewarding for the winning competitor and his team.

Autocross is the only sport held on the Island where six cars race together on the Kilo-meter long circuit for 5 Laps during the Qualifying Heats and for 9 Laps in the Final Races of Classes A and B. The Finals for the Standard Class are run on a 7 Laps race.  All Autocross results gain valuable points for the National Autocross Champion and Runner-Up. The Current 2014-15 winner is Christian Mark Galea driving a 1400cc modified Fiat Ritmo. Runner-Up Philip Joe Vella competes on a Vauxhall Nova 1400cc. Both Galea and Vella won the Autocross Class A Championship 2014-15 too.

The Autocross Class B is also competitive in every way. The 2014-15 Championship was won by Godwin Martin on an ex-Championship winning car – an Opel Corsa B. Runner-up in this Class B is Jonathan Camilleri also on an Opel Corsa B. The Gozo Autocross Class was won by Domenic Zammit on his Alfa Sud and Runner-Up is Joseph Agius on a Ford Fiesta.

During this said season ASMK introduced a ‘low-cost’ version of the Modified Autocross Cars where the bodywork is to remain as original as possible yet the rules do not allow any modifications to the engines and transmissions among other issues. This class is growing fast and is becoming very popular among new competitors and teenage drivers. Deane Farrugia driving a Citroen GT won the 2014-16 Championship while his Runner-up is Salvu Micallef on a VW Polo. Surely the competition has become very high in this class.

The motocross Championship was based on 8 championship events throughout the season. The most experienced Class A riders ride 250cc bikes in Class A while Class B beginners often start with lighter yet powerful 125cc bikes. Motocross riders are crossing over to Sicily where they compete in the FMI Motocross Regional Championship. Competition is high there yet but the results are very promising. This participation is made possible through negotiations between ASMK and FMI. Virtu Ferries is supporting the riders in their travelling to Sicily.

The Class A Motocross Championship winner is Clayton Camilleri on a 250cc KTM Bike. Runner-up is Edward Ciantar on a Kawasaki. Ludvic Muscat on a KTM won the Class B Championship while his Runner-up is Adam Sultana on a Kawasaki from Gozo. The ‘Open Class winners were Camilleri and Ciantar.

It is important to note that early in November 4 riders were invited to compete as a Team in France in the AMM Race for the Mediterranean Basin Motocross. They did very well when compared with the close Lap Time results of our riders with professional riders lap times from the other 12 countries. The team is already preparing for the 2016 AMM Race of the Mediterranean. Presently the motocross tracks at Ta Qali are maintained to high standards to help the riders improve their talents and skills. This coming year 5 Motocross riders will be competing in the FMI-Sicily National and Regional Championships.

The Trials are doing well with the support of ace riders and are also running a nursery for beginners. Tuition and some Trials competitions are held at the ASMK tracks in Ta Qali. Most competitions have been held in other locations following Mepa and other permits. Trials, being a non-speed event but demonstrates riders skills to overcome various difficulties and challenging obstacles on route is mainly a safer sport. Damon Bonello on a Gas Gas won the Class A followed by Robert Caruana also on a Gas Gas. The Class B Trials Championship was won by Joseph Scicluna and his Runner-Up is Manuel Camilleri. Both ride Gas Gas machines.

Enduro racing demonstrates rider’s skills riding over rough terrain. Enduro is organised by ASMK on locations outside Ta Qali and also in Gozo. Rider’s participation is high and very promising. During the last 12 months some riders have competed in the FMI Sicily Enduro championships as guests. The 2014-15 Enduro Championship was won by James Zahra on a Yamaha and Matthew Gauci on a KTM is the Runner-Up. The 2015-16 Championship is already running and Gauci is leading the results so far.

Other important events organized by ASMK throughout the year are the Car Demolition Derby, a Day’s work at id-Dar tal-Providenza and social events for the members and their families. The Car Demolition is a great Crowd-Puller to raise funds for Charity. It has been held for 22 consecutive years but it’s a pity that the authorities are finding it difficult to let us make use of scrapped and VRT Failures to be used for the Demolition Derby and return them back to the scrap-yard. Hope this issue is resolved for the good of the sport and the good of charity institutions too.

In December ASMK organised an EGM mainly following the resignation of the Treasurer and two other section member drivers. ASMK would like to thank Mr Edgar Xuereb following his 20 years service as ASMK Treasurer and has elected him as Hon. Member together with Mr. Francis J. Azzopardi and Mr. Emm. Pisani for the services rendered throughout many years.

ASMK during this coming year will be represented by Motocross Competitors in the FMI Regional Championship in Italy and by Moto Drag Racers in the European Championships in Europe.

Obviously, ASMK will continue running the three National Autocross Championships, the two Championships for the Motocross Classes, that for the Trials and that for the Enduro riders too. There are also new plans to welcome youths in motorsport and more. Info is available at www.asmk.org.mt

 Champion Christian Mark Galea u Runner-up Philip Joe Vella flimkien ma Rodrick Debono il-mechanic  Edward Ciantar fuq Kawasaki flimkien mieghu Paul Muscat fuq KTM  Godwin Martin fuq Opel Corsa segwiet min Jason Martin fuq VW Polo



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