Brian Galea wins Muscat Cup

By January 9, 2019 News

Brian Galea  was the overall winner of The Muscat Cup in a Trap event organized by The Malta Shooting Sport Federation. The Muscat Cup as seen in the picture attached is the most prestigious and oldest sports trophy on the island . It dates back to 1909, 110 years ago when it was donated by Messers Muscat of Strada Reale, Valletta.

Brian Galea placed 1st with 19-23-27-30-39

William Chetcuti placed 2nd with 19-21-26-30-37

Paul Formosa placed 3rd with 17-21-25-29.

Rudolph Zammit placed 4th with 18-21-24.

John Marmara placed 5th with 17-20

Chris Vella placed 6th with 15


Class A 1st William Chetcuti 44/50

                2nd Brian Galea 43/50

                John Marmara 42/50

Class B 1st Paul Formosa 47/50

              2nd Chris Vella 42/50

              3rd Chris farrugia 39/50

Class C 1st Charlie Demanuele 38/50

                2nd Paul Gatt 32/50

                3rd George Grech 31/50



Edwin Vella