By August 24, 2018 News

The Maltese Olympic Committee is looking for a sports administrator, who will be responsible for carrying out a number of administrative tasks across a wide range of functions.

Priority will be given to raising sponsorship, maintaining databases, and implementing project management processes to ensure everything runs smoothly. Other tasks will include organising and scheduling sports events and updating the MOC website and social media pages. The administrator will essentially be responsible for making sure that all MOC’s events and initiatives are run efficiently and cost-effectively.

Key responsibilities:
– Carrying out administrative duties, using systems and processes relevant to the organisation
– Coordinating and raising sponsorship
– Ensuring administrative systems, processes and databases are efficient and well managed administrative support to managerial staff and heads of organisations
– Organising meetings, training, coaching, festivals, conferences and other events
– Promotion of sport in schools, working with students or young people
– Liaising with member national sport governing bodies
– Consulting with clients, members, the community and local sporting organisations
-Advising sports federations on areas such as organisation, funding, promotion and regulations
– Undertaking or commissioning research and collating, mapping and monitoring data
– Producing promotional literature, reports and event materials and liaising with marketing and media organisations
-Making presentations to grant-making bodies and/or relevant authorities
-Managing, supervising and training staff, and sometimes running an office

Working Hours
Full-time (40h/week)

Any applicant with a recognised qualification in sports administration, marketing, sports science, physical education, business studies will be given preference.  Prior experience of organising or volunteering in sporting events/activities are also an asset.

The applicant must also possess strong IT skills and be willing to learn new systems quickly (such as Database management).
Ability to communicate fluently and confidently in written and spoken English
Strong organisational skills with exceptional attention to detail.

Starting date:
1st October 2018

Application deadline:
Monday 17th September 2018.

Please send your CV and covering letter to Mr Joseph Cassar (Secretary General) at: [email protected]