ASMK Autocross & Trials Championships on Sunday 13 January


On Sunday 13th January 2019 ASMK is to continue the Championships at the Sport Complex of the Association at Ta’ Qali. ASMK will be holding the third event of the National Autocross Championship by ASMK and Pasta Poiatti 2018/2019. This event starts at 10.00am.

Also, from the Trials National Championship 2018/2019 ASMK will be holding the third event by 2 main competitors classes including a Juniors Class. This Trials event will be held in Pembroke and starts at 10. 00am start.

Meanwhile on Sunday 6th January 2019 ASMK continued its events at Ta’ Qali Sport Complex. This event was the 3rd event of the Honda Motocross National Championship 2018/2019 where 19 competitors participated and divided into three main classes.

During the day Class A rider Kyle Camilleri on his KTM motorcycle continued to dominate and demonstrate in Motocross. After winning the qualification runs Kyle went on to defend his lead during the two Heats of the day by winning first place in both Heats and thus he registered his third win in this season’s championship. During the Heats Kyle Camilleri was always followed by Bernard Sammut on a Beta and by young Mark Mamo on his Yamaha motorcycle. Sammut and Mamo finished the day in second and third places respectively.

In Class B Daniel Caruana on his Honda Motorcycle dominated the day. First he won the qualification then during the Heats he was in combat with Gary Debono on a KTM motor. Debono took the lead at the start of the first Heat while Caruana followed close by. But in the 5th Lap Caruana passed ahead of Debono and held this placing to the Finish of the race. During the second Heat Caruana was determined to defend his [...]

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Brian Galea wins Muscat Cup

Brian Galea  was the overall winner of The Muscat Cup in a Trap event organized by The Malta Shooting Sport Federation. The Muscat Cup as seen in the picture attached is the most prestigious and oldest sports trophy on the island . It dates back to 1909, 110 years ago when it was donated by Messers Muscat of Strada Reale, Valletta.

Brian Galea placed 1st with 19-23-27-30-39

William Chetcuti placed 2nd with 19-21-26-30-37

Paul Formosa placed 3rd with 17-21-25-29.

Rudolph Zammit placed 4th with 18-21-24.

John Marmara placed 5th with 17-20

Chris Vella placed 6th with 15


Class A 1st William Chetcuti 44/50

                2nd Brian Galea 43/50

                John Marmara 42/50

Class B 1st Paul Formosa 47/50

              2nd Chris Vella 42/50

              3rd Chris farrugia 39/50

Class C 1st Charlie Demanuele 38/50

                2nd Paul Gatt 32/50

                3rd George Grech 31/50



Edwin Vella


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ASMK 2018 demolition derby on Sunday 23rd

Sammut wins BETA in WotoMoto Enduro Challenge
On Sunday 23 December 2018 the “Assoċjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi” will be organizing the special Motorsport event held every year during Christmas time. Like in previous years the event is being organized to raise funds for the Istrina. In this 25th edition of this event the program of the day will include the Autocross section with their second event of the 2018/2019 National Autocross Championship by ASMK and Pasta Poiatti. Also the Motocross Motorcycles will compete in a Fun Race . The day’s program starts at 8.00am with motorcycles while the cars races follow from 10:00 am. The program is expected to come to the end with the Cars Demolition Derby beginning at about the 3:00 pm.

Although the Demolition competitors are finding it very difficult to buy old cars for this Istrina event of Demolition which is held “Once a Year”, 30 competitors registered for this competition while being busy preparing their cars for this event. This edition will see 11 new competitors while the regular drivers amount to 19 to take part in this game. Just when the number of new competitors be more than a third of the lot this makes it more difficult to forecast who the Winner and Runner Up will be.

Although car crashing is the role of this game the participating drivers have special safety rules that has to be observed to protect the safety and health of all drivers on track. The preventive rules for this game in the past have been respected by all drivers during and to the end of the Demolition Derby. Meanwhile, the Association takes all the necessary precautions for the safety of all participants to [...]

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    Micallef, Spiteri and Vella dominate the first Autocross Event

Micallef, Spiteri and Vella dominate the first Autocross Event

On Sunday 16 December 2018 Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi will be doing another attempt to open the WotoMoto National Enduro Championship 2018/2019. Once again the competition season will be spread over six events where five races will be conducted in Malta and one to be held in Gozo. This Championship season will again be very well supported by several quarry owners in Malta and Gozo who cooperate with ASMK by allowing the Association to temporarily construct an Enduro race circuit in their Quarry as these quarry bear the right environment for the sport of Moto Enduro.

Despite all this first event will be held at ASMK Sports Complex in Ta’ Qali and the program begins at 10:00 in the morning. Non-ASMK members are also welcome to compete in any of the two classes on the day.

For this second season the firm BETA of the Wotomoto Company Ltd will again be the main sponsor of the ‘2018/2019 BETA Enduro Challenge’ right from the first event of the League. This day’s event at the ASMK complex in Ta’ Qali consists of a Warm-up and 2 individual Timed Laps by each competitor one by one on a specially laid common track where some obstacles are also laid for this event which is timed by electronic equipment.

The winner of the day who records the fastest times during races which are electronically controlled will be declared as the Winner. In addition to the trophy of the day the lucky winner will also be presented and takes home a brand new BETA RR 300cc 2T motorcycle. This rider is given by the Beta firm for a year to the winner who is bound to participate during the whole season and [...]

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Jurgen Balzan wins the Major of Italy.

The FISTF Major of Italy was organised  last weekend  in Milan.

The individual competitions  were played on Saturday and five Maltese players participated.  In the Open category  we had Massimo Cremona and Derek Conti.   Massimo Cremona made it till the last sixteen, while Derek Conti made  it to the semifinals. Conti  lost the semifinal match against  the winner of this category, Luca Colangelo 5-3.  The seventeen  year old Jurgen Balzan also participated in  this category.  Balzan passed the group stage and made it till the last thirty-two.

In the  Veteran category, we had Mario Camilleri and Jason Pisani.  Camilleri made it till the last sixteen, while Pisani was eliminated  in the quarter final in his match against the Italian Eduardo Bellotta 1-0.  The Italian  Gianfranco Calonico was the winner in  this category.

In the Under 19 category  we had a Maltese winner.  Jurgen Balzan had a great tournament  and won the final match against  the French player Theo Modeste 1-0.

The team competitions  were held on Sunday, and Valletta Subbuteo Club was participating. The team was composed of Derek Conti, Mario Camilleri, Jurgen Balzan, the Belgian player Pascal Scheen and the French Axel Donval.  Valletta Subbuteo Club made it till the last sixteen.  Jean Tabone was playing with Salernitana and Jason Pisani with Masters Sanremo, they both made it till the last sixteen. Napoli Fighters with Massimo Cremona made it to the quarter final.  The winning team was Reggio Emilia.

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46th edition of the Judo National Championships

The National Judo Championships started with the traditional Children Festival. Close to 100 children, aged 4 until 11 shared the tatami (Judo Mat) at the Malta Judo National Dojo. Sensei Joseph Castillo conducted a great warmup with core and coordination exercises. The Dragons then participated in judo games, but also had a taste of competition when they participated in Randori (competition training), under the coordination of several coaches from Maltese Judo Clubs. At the end of the 2-hour session, each child was called to the top podium, where they were presented with a gold medal each.

The next session was that of the Espoirs, aged 12 to 14. Tigne Judo Club dominated this age category, winning 3 out of the 5 gold. The National Champions in this age category are:
Tigne Judo Club: Bartolo Kris Samuel -46 kgs, Brincat Claude -55 kgs, Mizzi Gianluca – 60 kgs; Shirojudokwai Dojo: Castillo Leonor -40 kgs;
Malta Judo Academy: Camilleri Estelle -52 kgs.
This age group has been only recently exposed to a regular international circuit, and the athletes have shown commitment. Some of them will be moving to the next age category, that of Cadets, and a new generation of Espoir will start next January.

2 male Cadet categories were contested. The National Champions were Cauchi Owen -55 kgs from Tigne Judo Club and Zvicer Nikola -73 kgs from the Malta Judo Academy.

In the Junior categories another 2 categories were contested. In the females -57 kgs, 3 very strong elements battled for the title. Cardona Alanis (Mellieha Judo Club) gave a great performance, and had a very close call with Esposito Katryna (Tigne Judo Club), but placed third . Esposito, who weighed in for the -52 kgs, moved up a category, as her category was uncontested, [...]

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Maltese Olympic Committee Celebrates Sporting Excellence

The Maltese Olympic Committee celebrated sporting excellence at the annual Maltese Olympic Committee Sports Awards held on Friday evening in Attard.

Each year the Maltese Olympic Committee Sports Awards recognise the efforts, commitment, dedication and results achieved by local athletes competing and representing Malta in international sporting competitions organised under the auspices of the International Federation of that sport or a recognised and reputable International Sport Organisation.

With 2018 being the year of the XXII Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast and the XVII Mediterranean Games in Tarragona, Maltese sport was particularly celebrating the medals won in these Games – namely Bronze Medal in Shooting (Brian Galea) and Lawn Bowls (Ladies Team) at the Commonwealth Games and the Bocci/Raffa Medal (Stefan Farrugia) in the Mediterranean Games.

However, the awards and recognition bestowed is not limited to these Games and the Maltese Olympic Committee is proud of the numerous achievements that Maltese athletes registered in various competitions around the world throughout the past year.

“The Adjudicating Committee did not have an easy job when assessing the nominations. Maltese athletes have shown nothing but dedication and sacrifice to ensure their best possible performances on the international sphere” remarked Julian Pace Bonello, President, Maltese Olympic Committee. “It is always encouraging to see returning faces to the awards meaning that these athletes are still top of their game, whilst even more reassuring to see new and young faces which means a good promise for Maltese sport especially in view of the 2023 Games of the Small States of Europe which will be hosted in Malta.”

William Beck, Deputy President and Chairman of the Sports Awards Organising Committee explained that the criteria for the selection of Gold, Silver and Bronze awards were based [...]

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Medals for the new generation of Malta Judo

9 Judoka travelled to Follonica in Italy last weekend, to compete in the CSEN National Championships. The Centro Sportivo Educativo Nazzionale is an association based in Italy, with over 1,300,000 members. One of its aims is to contribute to the development of sport and sport disciplines. The Malta Judo Federation is a member, and can therefore contest the National Championships.

As Isaac Bezzina just came back from the Commonwealth Championships, where he won the silver medal, and Jeremy Saywell was indisposed due to personal reasons, the Malta Judo Federation convoked its young and upcoming team to this event, who were accompanied by the Youth Director, Joseph Castillo, and the new coach, Denis Braidotti.

The girls were without doubt the Maltese stars at this event.The young fourteen-year olds, Kirsty Cauchi and Estelle Camilleri, a student of the National Sport School, contested the -52 kgs Espoir Category. Apart from being best friends off the mat, they are eachother’s biggest opponents on the mat, having competed for the title in their weight cateogry for umpteenth times. After sending in the air their italian oppponents with beautiful tachi waza (standing techniques), they met in the final match. As in all their direct duels even in Malta, the contest went into golden score (supplementary time). This time it was the turn of Kirsty to step on the highest podium, after she surprised Estelle, and threw her for Wazari (1 point), which was enough to close the contest. Thus, Kirsty won the gold medal, with Estelle winning the silver medal.

Katryna Esposito won her bronze medal in the Under 23 – 52 kgs. She beat convincingly her Italian opponent, first by scoring a wazari (point) with a standing technique, and pinned her opponent [...]

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    Maltese Olympic Committee Sports Awards to be held on Friday, 7th December

Maltese Olympic Committee Sports Awards to be held on Friday, 7th December

The Maltese Olympic Committee (MOC) has announced that the 17th edition of the Maltese Olympic Committee Sports Awards will take place on Friday 7th December at the Corinthia Palace  Hotel.

The MOC Sports Awards will be bestowed upon athletes and teams who have distinguished themselves in major international competitions organised under the auspices of the International  Federation of that sport or a recognised and reputable International Sport Organisation as well as games held under the MOC umbrella such as the Commonwealth and Mediterranean Games.   Sporting Associations and Federation as well as Local Councils have been invited to submit nominations for achievements during the competition period 16 October 2017 and 15 October 2018.  On the evening, new members to the Maltese Olympic Committee Hall of Fame will be announced and inducted.

“The Maltese Olympic Sports Awards are where we celebrate Maltese athletes’ sporting excellence.  It is where their commitment and dedication that translated into international success is congratulated” commented Julian Pace Bonello, President, Maltese Olympic Committee.

The Maltese Olympic Committee also announced that guest of honour for the evening will be female Shooter Alessandra Perilli from San Marino.  Olympian Perilli has a long list of achievements in the international sphere including two Olympic Games – London and Rio as well as regular participation in World Championships of which she won two coveted first places in Nicosia (2015) and Sydney and Concepcion in 2011. More recently she won Gold Medal in Trap at the 2018 Tarragona Mediterran Games

The MOC Sports Awards will be televised live on TVM2.

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Motocross season starts on Sunday 25th November

On that Sunday 25th November 2018 ASMK is to launch the ‘Honda Motocross National Championship 2018/2019’. This event will be the first competitive event of this Championship where Motocross riders in 3 different classes will be in competition for the lead right from the championship start. The previous event was a Fun Race following the summer break and an introduction to the present championship.

Meanwhile now that we are in the month of November the Association organize a Holy Mass in the ASMK complex to mark the memories of the former deceased members. The Mass on Sunday is said on site in a well prepared tent at Ta’ Qali race complex and begins at 10:00am. The Motocross Warm-Up is to start at 11:00am. All is to take place at the ASMK Sport Complex at Ta’ Qali.

The rainy weather of these last weeks have forced the Association to cancel two activities that were planned in the Events Calendar. The Enduro race for Motorcycles scheduled for Sunday 11th November now is expected to take place on Sunday 16th December. Also, the races for the Autocross Cars of Sunday 18th November are now scheduled to be held on 9th December 2018.

The Association informs that work is in progress to organize the 2018 ASMK Derby Demolition which is expected to be held on Sunday 23rd December 2018. In preparation for this Demolition Race ASMK will be holding a meeting for anyone interested in participating in this year’s edition. To be able to participate one must be 18 years of age and is in possession of a valid Driving License. The meeting will be held on Thursday 29th November 2018 in the Parish Center Hall in Triq il-Knisja, Had Dingli [...]

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