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Maltese Olympic Committee enters into partnership agreement with Saint James Hospital Group and Planet Health Limited. 

By January 22, 2018 Events, News

Specialist Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy Services to be provided to Team Malta Athletes. 

The Maltese Olympic Committee (MOC) announced the signing of a four year agreement with Saint James Hospital Group and Planet Health Limited.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Julian Pace Bonello, President of the Maltese Olympic Committee and Ms. Maria Bugeja, CEO Saint James Hospital Group, and Mr. Milos Stanisavljevic, Director, Planet Health Limited.

“We are grateful towards Saint James Hospital Group and Planet Health Limited for their renewed support towards the Maltese Olympic Committee. Both organisations have been working together for a number of years and the rapport that has been built so far is definitely to the benefit of Maltese athletes” explained Julian Pace Bonello, President, Maltese Olympic Committee. “As we are now getting closer to the Commonwealth Games it is imperative that our athletes have all the state of the art facilities that Saint James and Planet Health offer at their disposal to ensure top notch performances”.

Through this agreement, MOC accredited athletes will be able to benefit from a number of Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy services that are offered by the Group’s Physiotherapy Department. Athletes will also be able to benefit from state of the art hospital based diagnostic and therapeutic facilities as well as various gym and rehabilitation facilities.

“This partnership is very much in line with our motto “Because our family cares” – we care about the well-being of Team Malta athletes as they prepare for international competitions”, remarked Ms. Maria Bugeja, CEO Saint James Hospital Group.  “Through this partnership, athletes will have access to a team of highly qualified specialists and equipment that will enable them to be in top condition when preparing for international competitions”.

The Maltese Olympic Committee is currently preparing for the forthcoming Commonwealth Games which will take place in Australia in April and the Maltese Squad is expected to be announced towards the end of February.