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Tenpin Bowling National Leagues

By August 2, 2017 News

Only divisions 1 & 2 have resumed during July as Division 3 will restart in September.  Unfortunately both divisions have also been hogged with postponements and in fact there are still 3 matches to be played for division 1, and 2 for the 2nd division.

Standings Div 1:  Fina (22), Turu’s Knights (20), okmalta.com (18), Royal Shock (18), XS (16), Yobetit.com (12), MIA (10), Ramis (10), Brutal Legendz (6), Supreme (4)

Matches still to be played are:  okmalta.com vs Royal Shock, Brutal Legendz vs Yobetit.com and Ramis vs Fina.

Standings Div 2:  Strike Me Jabaal (28), Supersonic (24), Bank of Valletta (20), Vintage (20), BOV (12), Blitzkrieg (12), Mean Machine (10), J Grima & Co (8), 4-Play (6), Atlas Insurance (4)

The 2 missing matches are:  Blitzkrieg vs Mean Machine and Atlas Insurance vs Mean Machine.

We now have 4 weeks’ break and leagues will resume on the following dates:

Div 3 – 28th August

Div 2 – 30th August

Div 1 – 31st August

The Doubles Cisk Lager League is now during the 7th week.  Standings as follows:

Ballbarians (42), Ozone (40), Double Impact (38), My Bet (32), Bell Caffe (30), Pin Pals (29), Ramis Valletta (24), AES Pro Shop (24), Bjorn Car Hire (24), J Grima & Co (21), Maniacs (18), Here 2 Beer (14)

Highest average for this league is a massive 222.10 by Mauro Anasatasi and a 201 by Sara Xuereb.

Composite Average

Now that more than half the year is over, Justin Caruana Scicluna leads the composite average (209.02), Mauro Anastasi is in 2nd place with a 206.5, followed by Rankin Camilleri (204.54).   In the ladies’ division Sue Abela leads with a 202.78, followed by Tiziana Carannante (196.23) and Cynthia Duca (188.70).

Top Youth bowlers (U19) are:  Matthew Magro (186.27), Kurt Attard (182.27) and Edward Xuereb (169.64), and for the girls: Sara Xuereb (186.90), Alessia Schembri  (178.10) and Raquel Xuereb (168.36).


Day 1 saw 37 bowlers competing in the 5th Silver Cup. Unlike the previous 4 years, this competition was open to all ages, rather than to bowlers U21 or Special Olympic members, and we had 13 more participants than last year.  However, the majority of the participants were still youths.



The qualification round consisted of 6 games and the top 6 totals with handicap from each category would make it to the round robin stage to be held the next day.

Most youths exceeded their high series namely Luke Burke who bowled a 1248 scratch, Dwayne Zahra, and Miguel Xuereb. Also worth mentioning was Kathryn Fenech who managed the last place in the top 6, surpassing 5 other bowlers.

Round Robin

Top 6 were: Luke Burke, Dwayne Zahra, Miguel Xuereb, Nicholas Muscat, Oscar Froberg (the latter could not make it for the finals), Matthew Muscat and Matthew Attard (who took Oscar’s place).

Ladies:  Michaela Briffa, Liliana Spiteri, Marthese Cossai, Jessica Farrugia, Noleen Grima and Kathryn Fenech.


Michaela won 4 encounters to remain in the top position with 1515 points, followed by Liliana who won 3 encounters (1494).  3rd place was taken by Special Olympic bowler Jessica Farrugia (1445).

The boys’ category was intense with loads of high games, mainly a 279 by Luke who bowled his personal best game, a 239 by Dwayne and a 230 by Miguel which were also their personal best games.  Luke finished in the lead, playing a very good 1123 series (also another pb) and winning 4 matches. Dwayne won 3 matches to finish in 2nd, while Miguel finished in 3rd place, winning 4 matches.

Step Ladder

Liliana then faced Jessica. While the former had 0 handicap, Jessica had 20 so an error would prove fatal. Game was close till the very last frame when Jessica opened, whilst Liliana striked to finish the game 171-160.

The match between Dwayne and Miguel was very close, but the latter had 30 handicap as opposed to Dwayne’s 15, and Miguel won by 11 pins.

The finals on the girls’ side was a quiet affair, as everyone was harping for the boys, except a couple of spectators.   Liliana faced Michaela winning the first game 159-138.  But then Michaela more than bounced back, rolling an impressive 220 to beat Liliana’s meagre effort (136).

The boys’ final had lots of cheering.  Miguel won the first game 214-190 against Luke, forcing a second game.  The 2nd game was very close, but all Miguel needed was a spare, which he did with ease much to his mum’s joy who was cheering as loud as an American cheer leader J   So this tournament we had another Xuereb crowned as champion, as this surname is becoming rather synonymous with the title of a bowling champ. It was also the first time a two handed bowler won a competition…




Two of our bowlers, namely Mauro Anastasi and Daniel Grech, went to participate in the Madrid Open this month.  This competition saw over 180 bowlers from all over the world, some of who were even professionals.  After some attempts Mauro succeeded in rolling a 1412 series to make the first cut.  He then had to play 4 games to try to make it with the top 10, but finishing in the 28th position for this round, and with the top 40 from the whole tournament.  Daniel Grech played a decent 180 average, so this served as a good introductory tournament for him.


The competition saw 18 young bowlers ranging from 11 – 21 years of age competing in the Norwich Junior Open which is divided into 7 divisions:  U9, U11, U13, U15, U17, U19 and U22 with a male and female category for each age group.

Team Malta did well with several bowlers bowling their personal best. In all the youths won 5 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 4 bronze as follows:

Gold: Doubles U13 – Shadon Psaila and Nicholas Muscat, Doubles U15 – Ayrton Ciangura and Edward Xuereb, 4 men Team – Kurt Attard, Ayrton Ciangura, Edward Xuereb and Matthew Magro, Singles U22 – Juliana Bonanno, All Events U15 – Edward Xuereb.

Silver:  Singles U13 – Nicholas Muscat, All Events U13 – Nicholas Muscat, Singles U17 – Matthew Magro,  All Events U22 – Juliana Bonanno.

Bronze:  Singles U15 – Edward Xuereb, Singles U22 – Alessia Schembri, All Events U22 Alessia Schembri, Doubles U17 – Kurt Attard and Matthew Magro.


We also had a couple more misses with 4th places going to: Raquel Xuereb (All Events & Singles U19), Raquel & Alessia (Doubles U22), Shadon Psaila (All Events U13), and the 4 person team composed of Shadon, Raquel, Alessia and Nicholas.

All in all it was a successful tournament especially for those competing for the first time.


6 of our Youths then went to play the London Junior Open.  These were: Sara Xuereb, Matthew Magro, Kurt Attard, Edward Xuereb, Daniel Magro and Dylan Santillo.

After a couple of re-entries Sara Xuereb and Matthew Magro made the first cut to proceed to Sunday’s games.  Both had to play 4 games, and Matthew bowled a great 790 (including 32 handicap) to finish in 3rd place, whilst Sara played  a 735 (including 20 handicap) to finish in 11th place, thus proceeding to step 2.

Matthew had to play 2 games against Ki Leighfeld and unfortunately lost by 8 pins, whilst Sara beat Gavin Fox (417-329).

In Step 3 unfortunately, Matthew lost again by 6 pins against Matthew Gore, thus was eliminated, and although Sara also lost against Inigo Garcia, she still advance to Step 4.  However this was the final step for our youngster as she lost to Jake Edwards.

With 4 more steps to go, Samantha Hannan ended as the eventual winner of this Open.

Now that August is here we look forward to the presentation dinner which will be held on 4th August at The Victoria Hotel, Sliema.  So far over 110 persons have booked a place.  If you still have not booked kindly let me know as soon as possible.

Another piece of exciting news is that 4 of our top senior male bowlers will be leaving for Munich to participate in the Senior World Cup.  Athletes are: Mark Spiteri, Dennis Mercieca, Paul Baldacchino and Giancarlo Tolu.  We wish them good luck.

In the meantime continue to follow us on http://www.bowlingmalta.org/and on our Facebook page.


Secretary Malta Tenpin Bowling Association
Liliana Spiteri