Authorities urged to give sports priority restart

From the onset of the spread of the Corona-19 virus in Malta, the Maltese Olympic Committee (MOC) immediately urged our National Sports Associations to abide by the directives of Government and the Health Authorities in order to safeguard the health of our Athletes and the public. The MOC would like to thank the sports community for their understanding and collaboration. Moreover we thank the Maltese Government and the Health Authorities for their sterling work to contain the spread of the Covid -19.

However the Maltese Olympic Committee, which represents 47 National Sports Associations, is disappointed that until now Sport has been left in the dark as to when and how restrictions will be relaxed.

More than a month ago we asked all Federations to prepare a report and propose how national team Athletes may resume training whilst respecting Health Authorities directives.

On the 6th May communication was sent to ask for a meeting with the Health Authorities to present these proposals. Regretfully to date, the MOC has not received any response to our requested meeting.

The MOC is aware that a meeting was held last Thursday 14th May between the Health Authorities and Sport Malta. It is very disappointing that the MOC was not invited to this meeting. Furthermore,it seems that no information to the Maltese public seems to have been issued with regards to the outcome of this meeting.

Most European Countries have already opened up to a number of sporting disciplines with specific special guidelines. Unless the Government urgently reacts to the needs of the Sports, Maltese Athletes will be disadvantaged when compared with our competitors.

On behalf of our National Team Athletes, National Federations and National Coaches we plead with the Authorities to urgently issue specific guidelines for different sports as soon as possible.

The Maltese Olympic Committee is willing to collaborate with and offer advice to the local authorities.