MOC to setup Approved List of Sports Service Providers

By May 20, 2022 News

The Maltese Olympic Committee has announced its intention to setup an MOC Approved List of Sports Service Providers.

This list is being developed in order to provide the best possible environment for Team Malta athletes which will enable them to reach their maximum potential and succeed in their respective sports.

The services that the Maltese Olympic Committee intends to incorporate in the approved list include sports nutrition, sports psychology and  strength and conditioning services. These will be included in the current benefits athletes falling under MOC schemes already enjoy.

In order to compile this list, the Maltese Olympic Committee is looking for qualified, competent and experienced service providers who are willing to work with Malta’s best athletes. A set number of criteria, specific to each of the different areas,  have been published to ensure that providers are qualified in their respective areas.

The MOC explained that this is not to be considered as a call for direct employment but an opportunity for professional practitioners to be on MOC Approved List of Sports Service Providers. In doing so, Team Malta Athletes benefitting from sports services will be able to make use of services provided by the professionals on that list.  Athletes will also be able to claim part of these expenses according to their allocated funding.

For more information click on this link Call for applications Sports Services

Applications for consideration should be sent to the Maltese Olympic Committee via email on [email protected] by not later than 5th June.