Functional Diagnostic Lab Tests

Through the Maltese Olympic Committee’s sports clinic, we offer performance enhancement services available to athletes of all ages and abilities. With our international medical and scientific personnel, we will be able to provide tests and programmes geared to meet your specific goals and to improve performance. Our physiological tests use the latest in technology to identify individual advantages and weaknesses in aerobic capacity, anaerobic power, speed ability, strength, muscles balance and more. Test results are explained for your complete understanding and applied to your specific training and goals. These tests and other supporting services eliminate guesswork and ultimately help you achieve peak performance!

The functional diagnostic laboratory aims to:

  • Provide and monitor highly specialised training methodologies to high performance athletes.
  • Assess and devise fitness programmes for sports people.
  • Promote the importance of sports medicine including diet, nutrition and exercise.

Testing and Services include:

  • Body Composition Analysis
  • VO2 max (Maximal Oxygen Uptake) direct or indirect measurement
  • Blood Lactate Analysis
  • Designing HR Training Zones & Training Intensities
  • Dynamic Bike Fit & Treadmill Ergometers
  • Sub-maximal Testing
  • Anaerobic Power and Capacity
  • Scientifically Based Training Programs correction
  • Individual Consultations
  • Training Log Reviews
  • Speed of reaction and Explosive Power Analysis
  • Pulmonary (Spirometry) Analysis
  • Muscle Dynamic and Isometric Strength and endurance (upper & lower) Analysis

Each assessment includes a one-on-one feedback session with our personnel who will interpret the results and explain how to apply them to your training. Each athlete receives a comprehensive pack, which includes previous and current test results and estimations, training zones, testing protocol records, and express information on how to apply the results to achieve peak performance.


The functional diagnostic laboratory is run by Maltese and Russian specialists in rehabilitation and treatment of sports injuries, physical education and coaching. The C.O.N.I. act as advisers to the Maltese Olympic Committee regarding the implementation and monitoring of the Functional Diagnostic Laboratory (FDL).