The Carded Athletes Scheme

The Maltese Olympic Committee appointed a Technical Commission responsible for running the MOC High Performance Scheme to update the high-performance athletes’ Scheme.

The aim of the scheme is to identify the most promising athletes who can compete and represent Malta in the various international sports events and provide them with extra support services in order to help them further upgrade their level. These athletes shall still be entitled to the benefits National Team Athletes are entitled to, but shall also benefit from other advantages.

A review will be conducted every six months, an athlete can go up or down the performance ladder.

For year 2024, the Schemes are open to athletes from Olympic individual sports only.

The technical commission with each federation is finalising a matrix with the aim to identify these athletes according to the results obtained.

There are two systems how an athlete qualifies:

  • Matrix Development
  • Point system whether sport is quantifiable or follows a ranking system

Both systems take the following in consideration:

  • Age and sport maturation
  • Sport Development
  • Global age categories and result standards
  • European age categories and result standards


In general, the categories are as follows:

  • D1 and D2 stops at the age where an athlete starts to compete rather than taking part.
  • From D4 onwards, international results are taken in consideration.
  • Categories D4, D5, P1, P2, P3 and E are known as carded athletes.

Apart from the said categories, MOC felt the need to include P1U23, D5+ as well as sub-categories in D5, D4 and D3.


Benefits (vary depending the category) include:

  • Financial help direct to the athlete or indirectly through the federation
  • FDL testing
  • Medical and physiotherapy services
  • Use of Gym
  • Use of Multi-disciplinary services or part of
  • Online system
NB: Table below is a general indication only. Each sport has its specific one. The work on the scheme is continuous.


In the coming months, the Matrix of the different sport will be updated on this website.