Simon Giordmaina Drag Racing team sets new targets

By April 14, 2016 News

When it comes to satisfaction there is nothing better then winning it instantly generates motivation. The 2015 season was a year of success for Simon Giordmaina Drag Racing Team, winning the Maltese OPEN Class Championship stopping the clock at 7.55 seconds. This winning  year  arrived  after two successful years when Simon’s bike had been in the US, raced by legendary driver Rodney Williford. The time spend in the US was a massive learning curve for the whole team, Rodney’s talent was running at a constant 7.00 seconds at major events where he took part. It was also a massive boost for Simon Giordmaina with a Maltese bike doing such incredible times.

During this time support was also given to the Italian Carbonera Super Street Bike team, once more injecting some Maltese magic with the Italian  bike clocking in the 7’seconds, a historic moment for the team.  It was another accolade for both team and local tuner Giordmania.

Being high on  motivation, an excellent winning base, the team propelled itself towards 2016. Rodney even though on the other side of the world was part and parcel of the local team, his vast knowledge and experience was an accelerated input  for the team to reduce the time on track.  Changes to the bike where coming from all sectors, new body parts, Rodney Williford side mount turbo setup, new GTX turbo, new bike geometry, suspension and clutch, plus a new setup and engine mapping.

The latest edition to the team was Franklyn Borg,  the team’s new driver for 2016, Franklyn a seasoned racer is new to SSB but his first outing was an instant success. Trying out the bike on test day, he clocked a time of 7.85seconds.  Franklyn inaugural race had  mixed feeling, excitement, new tuned bike but the results were promising.

Friday started on a not so positive note as bike was spinning and could not get down the track under power. First qualification and the bike ran a very smooth 7.70 seconds. At the end of the day the team had alot of data to analyse before  Sunday event.  The long sleepless night gave its rewards with Franklyn clocking an amazing 7.48 @ 192mph, more fine tuning bettering the time to  7.40seconds  @ 195mph.  His final run gave him the win once more stopping the time @ 7.36 seconds.

A rewarding day for all to celebrate, best of all that all was done in a relatively short time not just on track but also at the team’s garage and Franklyn adaptation to the bike.
Results come on track but they are made up of super dedicated people who make up our team, this success belongs to everyone within the team who have endeavoured to be simply  the BEST.

Well, this is just a successful chapter, we already writing the next one and for sure it is going to be even more exciting.

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