A delegation from the Maltese Olympic Committee, made up of Mr Julian Pace Bonello, Mr Joseph Cassar, Mr Ivan Balzan, Dr Lucienne Attard, Dr. Kirill Micallef Stafrace and Mr Paul Sultana, yesterday held a meeting with the Hon. Dr Chris Fearne, Prof Charmaine Gauci, the Hon. Dr Clifton Grima, Dr Chris Bonnett and Mr Jeremy Dalli. The meeting’s focus was the strategy to return to practicing sports.

MOC President, Mr Julian Pace Bonello thanked the Deputy Prime Minister and his colleagues for the excellent way in which they have been conducting the measures to curb the dissemination of the Covid-19 Virus. He continued to give an overview of what the MOC had done to-date with the National Federations on this topic and their recommendations as to how to commence their athletes return to training in their proper sport environment

He also confirmed that the strategy adopted to-date, was totally in line with the MOC’s own recommendations to commence with individual sports practiced outdoors and of a non-contact nature.

Director of Sport, Mr Ivan Balzan presented a detailed dossier for many of the sports. The dossier was compiled in conjunction with the National Federations and included thorough research as to how other GSSE countries were returning to the sports venues to resume their training.

MOC Secretary General Mr Joseph Cassar also added that the MOC was only proposing training for elite athletes and was not encouraging any sort of competition at this stage. He also pointed out that certain sports had to be played inside sports venues where distance and other safety measures were possible.

Hon Chris Fearne welcomed this dossier and thanked the MOC for attending this meeting as well as for the valuable proposals presented during the discussion, [...]