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The MAPFRE MSV Life Leagues

By June 5, 2018News

The MAPFRE MSV Life Leagues are now over, with the new leagues starting in July.

Division 1: Winners – okmalta.com 1st place, Fina – 2nd place and Turu’s Knights – 3rd place.


Hi Average: Mauro Anastasi / Sue Abela
Scratch Game: Mauro Anastasi / Melissa Swift
Scratch Series: Mauro Anastasi / Sara Xuereb
Handicap Game: Neil Bergin / Sara Xuereb
Handicap Series: Justin Caruana Scicluna / Sue Abela

Division 2: Winners – Supersonic 1st place, Bank of Valletta 2nd place and J Grima & Co 3rd place.


Most Improved: Miguel Xuereb / Milva Borg
Hi Average: Paul Gray  / Alessia Schembri
Scratch Game: Matthew Attard / Alessia Schembri
Scratch Series: Paul Gray  / Alessia Schembri
Handicap Game: Miguel Xuereb  / Josephine Borg
Handicap Series: Miguel Xuereb  / Raquel Xuereb


Division 3: Winners – 4 Play 1st place, 2nd place – The Youths, 3rd place – Move It


Most Improved: Jean Francois Biere / Doris Zammit
Hi Average: Miguel Mula / Louise Sammut
Scratch Game: Chris Gales / Louise Sammut
Scratch Series: Miguel Mula / Louise Sammut
Handicap Game: Noel Farrugia / Judy Falzon
Handicap Series: Ian Vella / Doris Zammit


The Doubles Cisk Lager League has restarted and after just one week DenKen are leading on 8 points followed by Ballbarians and Bell Caffe who also have 8 points but lesser pinfall.

Composite average for the 5th month of the year is as follows:

Males: Mauro Anastasi (200.96), Justin Caruana Scicluna (198.12), Neil Sullivan (196.70) and Females: Sue Abela (192.25), Sara Xuereb (189.77), and Tiziana Carannante (185.68).

Youths Males (U19):  Matthew Magro (188.35), Edward Xuereb (184.79), Kurt Attard (177.70) and Youths Females (U19): Sara Xuereb (189.77), Alessia Schembri (183.11) and Raquel Xuereb (177.33).

During this month we had 4 youths participating in the 4th Youth Challenge Zurich 2018. The bowlers were Edward Xuereb, Dwayne Zahra, Christopher Fenech and Kayden Lagana.

All 4 boys performed well.   In fact they bagged two medals in the doubles: A gold by Edward Xuereb when paired with Marc Jörg and a bronze by the youngest bowler, Kayden Lagana when paired with Noah Wilfinger

During the first step of the singles, Edward Xuereb played an 808 scratch to finish in 5th place with an 856 handicap series.  Dwayne Zahra rolled a 737 + 64 handicap to finish in 9th place, Chris Fenech bowled a 703 + 80 handicap to finish in 11th place, whilst Kayden Lagana played a 617 + 100 handicap to finish in the 17th position, thus all 4 made it to the 2nd stage.

5 games had to be played during this step, with Edward placing in 4th place with a 985 handicap series, Dwayne finished in 6th (967) and Chris in 8th (963), while Kayden rolled an 829 to finish in the 21st position.   All boys except Kayden made it to the last round, where 8 games had to be played.  Final positions were: Edward (5th), Dwayne (8th), and Chris (9th place).


4 of our Youths who had played in the YET championships around Europe managed to make it to the finals, and travelled to the Netherlands.  The youths were Matthew Magro, Juliana Bonanno, Raquel and Sara Xuereb.

There were 8 boys in the U16 finals, which was Matthew Magro’s category.  Playing a 1176 in 7 games, he placed 7th and did not proceed to the next round.

The 3 girls all played in different categories:  Sara in the U16, Raquel in the U19 and Juliana in the U22.  Sara played an impressive 1335 series, to finish 2nd only by 1 pin.   Raquel also bowled a good 1305 series to finish in the 4th place, whilst Juliana played a 1159, but since there were only 4 competitors she also made it to the following round.

The next round was a single game, and unfortunately all 3 girls had a low score:  Sara 150, Raquel 145 and Juliana 159, thus failing to clinch a medal, placing 4th.

Still this was quite a good show by the Maltese contingent and being in the finals was already a huge feat.  Keep up the good work.

Our upcoming local tournaments are the National Championships which will be played on the 2, 3 and 4 of June. Then there is the Malta Open which will run from 13-17 June, and then the AMF World Cup Qualifying tournament on 29 June and 02 July.  Please take care to apply by the deadline.

Internationally we also have the ladies’ team participating in the European Women’s Championships, namely Tiziana Carannante, Cynthia Duca, Melissa Swift and Sara Xuereb leaving for Belgium..   Later on we have the Senior team composed of Giancarlo Tolu, Sammy Borg, Hubert Camilleri and Tony Paris leaving for Vienna for the European Senior Championships.  We wish both teams good luck.

The MAPFRE MSV Life Summer National Leagues are scheduled to start as follows:

Division 1 on 5th July

Div 2 on 3rd July

Div 3 on 9th July.