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By February 16, 2017News


The Association Sport Motorcycles and Cars on the Sunday 19 March 2017 to organize the third activity of the National Enduro Championship 2016/2017. It is sponsored by Pasta POIATTI and Dunlop. This event will be held outside the sports complex Association. It will become the barrier of Fawwara limits of Siggiewi. The Registration opens at 9: 00am and the event starts at 10: 00am.

Meanwhile on Sunday the Association organized another Autocross and a Motocross event. These are also an ASMK & Pasta Poiatti 2016/2017 Championship events. During this event 45 competitors participated in the races.

In Autocross Section was very busy on the day with the 22 competitors divided into two classes, that of the Modified and that for the Standard Class. In the Modified class we saw the Opel Corsa of Philip Joe Vella winning the three Heats of the day thus he was the first driver to seal his place in the Class A finals. Other drivers who qualified for Class A were Gordon Johnson, Joseph Micallef and Malcolm Borg all on Opel Corsa cars, Jason Martin on a Volkswagen Polo and the Ford Fiesta of Karl Micallef.

Right from the Start of this final we saw Johnson and Vella head to head right to the first corner but Vella spinned his car and was forced off the racetrack. Meanwhile Karl Micallef and Borg entered in the scene where both of them battled to take Vella’s place. Karl Micallef managed to pass ahead of Borg which but Micallef remained defending the post until the end. Meanwhile, the final result ended with Johnson winning the 9 Laps race and followed by Karl Micallef and Borg. Fourth place finisher was Joseph Micallef while fifth and sixth places were won by Vella and Martin respectively.

In the Class B Final Race we saw the starting line composed by Noel Zammit on a Fiat Punto, the Peugeot 106 of Jean Paul Grech, Jonathan Camilleri, Terence Azzopardi and Melo Zammit all on Opel Corsa and the Vauxhall Nova of Kieth Borg. Right from the Start of this final we saw Noel Zammit, Azzopardi and Grech making a good launch and remained side by side right to the first corner. Noel Zammit took the lead of this Final while he was followed by Grech and Camilleri. Azzopardi withdrew from the race because he caught the tires on the track sideway while the other drivers remained defending their place right to the Finish. Melo Zammit  drew the attention as he was making pressure on Camilleri and finally they changed positions. The race continued on but had an unfortunate end to Grech where a steering mechanism failure forced him to retire from the race finish. This Class B Final ended with Noel Zammit winning ahead of Melo Zammit and Camilleri. Fourth place was won by Borg while fifth and sixth places were won by Grech and Azzopardi respectively.

In the Autocross Standard Class we had these results: – Ian Fenech on Citroen AX won this class ahead of Deane Farrugia both driving Citroen AX cars. Third place was won by Quinn Camilleri on a  Peugeot 106 while fourth and fifth place finishers were Karl Scicluna on a Peugeot 106 and the Opel of Johann Vella  from Gozo on his Nova. Sixth place finisher was Angelo Galea on his Peugeot 106.

A look at what happened in the Motocross races. Class A races were a spectacle of high level racing and demonstrating highly competitive driving. The main two riders catching the attention were Clayton Camilleri on his 350cc KTM and Paul Muscat on his 450cc KTM. After the first qualifying Heat Muscat was seen to make a very good launch but he was followed by young Kyle Camilleri on his KTM 250cc and the 450cc Honda of David Dimech. Despite this situation Clayton Camilleri made a very strong advance after the first lap to finish following Muscat. This situation remained until the end of the race where Muscat continued to defend his place though there were instances where Camilleri managed to lead ahead of Muscat who was continuously fighting back to hold and secure hus lead. During the Second Heat we saw a similar situation where Paul Muscat won the day’s race. Clayton Camilleri followed close by in 2nd place. Third place finisher was Trevor Muscat on a KTM 250cc followed in fourth and fifth places by cousins David and Stefan Dimech both of then racing on Honda motorcycles.

Other results from the Class B Motocross were:- Here we had seen Ryan Faenza on a Yamaha winning the day while Peter Lee Sammut on a KTM followed in second place. Third place winner was Debono Elvin on his 250cc Kawasaki.

In the Motocross Class C we had Vincent Agius winning his class on a Yamaha. Second placed rider was young Michael Sant on a Honda and third place was won by Adrian Bonnici on a Yamaha.

In the Veterans Class it was William Sant on his Suzuki winning this class. Sant was followed in second place by Paul Degaura on his KTM. Third place was won by Jethro Sant on a Yamaha 250cc.

Further information can be found in the Association website named www.asmk.org.mt or in the Facebook pages named A.S.M.K. Malta or Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi. One can make contact by email on [email protected] and by mobile phone on 9942 5489



L-Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi nhar il-Hadd li gej 19 ta’ Marzu 2017 sa torganizza it-tielet attivita mill-Kampjonat Nazzjonali Enduro 2016/2017. Dan huwa sponsorjat min Pasta Poiatti u Dunlop. Din l-attivita ser issir barra l-kumpless sportiv tal-Assocjazzjoni. Fil-fatt ser issir fil-Barriera tal-Fawwara Limiti tas-Siggiewi. Ir-Registrazzjoni tiftah fid-9:00am u l-attivita tibda fl-10:00am.

Intant nhar il-Hadd li ghadda l-Assocjazzjoni organizzat attivita ohra bil-Karozzi Autocross u l-Muturi Motocross. Dawn kienu tigrijiet wkoll mill-istagun ASMK Pasta Poiatti 2016/2017. Ghal din l-attivita hadu sehem 45 kompetitur.

Fis-Sezzjoni Autocross rajna gurnata impenjattiva ghal 22 kompetitur maqsuma f’zewg klassijiet, dik Modified u dik Standard. Fil-Klassi Modified rajna lill Philip Joe Vella fuq Opel Corsa jirbah it-tliet Heats tal-gurnata biex kien l-ewwel sewwieq li s-sigila postu fil-finali klassi A. Mieghu kkwalifkaw Gordon Johnson, Joseph Micallef u Malcom Borg it-tlieta fuq karozzi Opel Corsa, Jason Martin fuq Volkswagen Polo u Karl Micallef fuq Ford Fiesta.

Mat-tluq ta din il-finali rajna hrug tajjeb min Johnson u Vella fejn baqghu ras imbras sa wara l-ewwel kantunier izda Vella spinja bil-karozza u hareg barra mil-korsa. Intant issa dahlu fix-xena Karl Micallef u Borg f’taqtija min se jiehu l-post ta Vella. Karl Micallef irnexxielu jghaddi quddiem segwit min Borg fejn baqghu jiddefendu l-post sa l-ahhar. Intant, ir-rizultat finali spicca b’Johnson jirbah segwit minn Karl Micallef u Borg. Fir-raba post spicca Joseph Micallef waqt li fil-hames u s-sitt post dahlu Vella u Martin rispettivament.

Fil-Finali Klassi B rajna il-linja ta tluq composta minn Noel Zammit fuq Fiat Punto, Jean Paul Grech fuq Peugeot 106, Jonathan Camilleri, Terence Azzopardi u Melo Zammit fuq Opel Corsa u Kieth Borg fuq Vauxhall Nova. Mat-tluq ta din il-finali rajna lill Noel Zammit, Grech u Azzopardi jaghmlu harga tajba hafna tant li baqghu flimkien sa l-ewwel kantuniera b’Noel Zammit jiehu t-tmun tal-finali segwit minn Grech u Camilleri. Azzopardi rtira mit-tigrija minhabba li qabad it-tyres mal-genb tal-korsa waqt li s-sewwieqa baqghu jiddefendu posthom. L-attenzzjoni daret fuq Melo Zammit li kien qed jaghmel pressjoni fuq Camilleri sakemm irnexielu jissuperah. It-tigrija kompliet imma kellha tmiem sfortunat ghal Grech fejn minhabba hsara fl-isteering spicca kellu jirtira mit-tigrija. Il-finali spiccat b’ Noel Zammit jirbah segwit minn Melo Zammit u Camilleri. Fir-raba post dahal Borg waqt li fil-hames u s-sitt post spiccaw Grech u Azzopardi rispettivament.

Fl-Autocross Standard kellna dawn ir-rizultati:- Ian Fenech fuq Citroen AX jirbah din il-klassi segwit min Deane Farrugia ukoll fuq Citroen AX. Fit-tielet post dahal Quinn Camilleri fuq Peugeot 106 filwaqt li fir-raba u l-hames post spiccaw Karl Scicluna fuq Peugeot 106 u Johann Vella fuq Opel   Nova. Fis-sitt post spicca Angelo Galea fuq Peugeot 106.

Harsa hafifa lejn x’gara fis-sezzjoni Motocross. Fi Klassi A rajna spettaklu ta sewqan sportiv u ferm kompetittiv fejn l-attenzzjoni kienet fuq Clayton Camilleri fuq KTM 350cc u Paul Muscat fuq KTM 450cc. Wara l-kwalifikazzjoni fl-ewwel Heat rajna lill Muscat jaghmel hrug tajjeb hafna segwit minn Kyle Camilleri fuq KTM 250cc u David Dimech fuq Honda 450cc. Minkejja din is-sitwazzjoni Clayton Camilleri ghamel avvanz qawwi tant li wara l-ewwel lap spicca isegwi lill Muscat. Din is-sitwazzjoni baqghet sa tmiem it-tigrija b’Muscat ikompli jiddefendi posthu fejn f’mumenti minnhom Camilleri irnexxilu jisspura lill Muscat b’dan tal-ahhar jaghmel hiltu kollha biex igib il-pozizjoni tieghu lura. Fit-tieni Heat rajna sitwazzjoni simili bir-rizultat finali jispicca b’Paul Muscat jirbah il-gurnata segwit minn Clayton Camilleri. Fit-tielet post spicca Trevor Muscat fuq KTM 250cc segwiet fir-raba u il-hames postijiet mill-kungini David u Stefan Dimech, it-tnejn fuq muturi Honda.

Rizultati ohra mill-Motocross li kellna fi Klassi B. Hawn rajna lill Ryan Faenza fuq Yamaha jirbah il-gurnata segwit fit-tieni post min Peter Lee Sammut fuq KTM. Fit-tielet post dahal Elvin Debono fuq Kawasaki. Fil-Motocross Klassi C rajna lill Vincent Agius fuq Yamaha jirbah il-klassi segwit fit-tieni post min Michael Sant fuq Honda filwaqt li fit-tielet post dahal Adrian Bonnici fuq Yamaha.

Fil-Klassi Veterans rajna lill William Sant fuq Suzuki jirbah din il-klassi segwit fit-tieni post min Paul Degaura fuq KTM. It-tielet post intrebah minn Jethro Sant fuq Yamaha.

Iktar informazzjoni wiehed jista jsibha fis-sit elettroniku tal-Assocjazzjoni www.asmk.org.mt jew fil-pagni Facebook bl-isem A.S.M.K. Malta jew Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi. Wiehed jista jaghmel kuntatt bl-email [email protected] jew Mobile 9942 5489

Pual Muscat fuq KTM  Motocross Starting LineElvin Debono fuq Kawasaki
 Noel Zammit fuq Fiat Punto flimkien Jean Pual Grech fuq Peugeot 106 u Tenerence Azzopardi fuq Opel Corsa  Quinn Camilleri Peugeot 106 flimkien ma Johann Vella fuq Opel Nova

Johann Pace
Segretarju Generali
ASMK – Malta