The XVII Commonwealth Games is a world-class event and is the world’s largest multi-sport event outside the Olympic games. The event will involve over 5,000 athletes and officials, from 72 countries competing across 17 sports, a celebration of sporting excellence. The Games will involve more competitors from more Commonwealth nations than ever before. An estimated one million people will attend the games and a further one billion will watch them on TV.

Values of these Games:
Humanity. Equality. Destiny.

The Commonwealth Games have a unique distinction in the world of sport – for they are dedicated as no other sporting event is to the principles of democracy and equality among nations. Every four years, they take the world’s stage to celebrate the shared values and traditions of the Commonwealth – a family of 72 countries and territories whose smallest member has a voice equal to its largest. For the athletes of Commonwealth, these games serve as a moment of destiny, a chance to build friendships and push the envelope of human performance to new heights on a field of fair play. With the introduction of its new identity, The Bar, the Commonwealth Games are raising the bar of sport for all humanity.

The sporting disciplines

Aquatics Netball Athletics Rugby
Badminton Shooting Boxing Squash
Cycling Table Tennis Gymnastics Triathlon
Hockey Weightlifting Judo Wrestling
Lawn Bowls

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