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On Sunday 8th January 2017 the ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ will be opening the Autocross and Motocross National Championships. The Autocross will be racing on a new track surface which is recently renovated while the Motocross riders will be competing on a completely new track which now has a longer Lap distance – that of 1430 meters. The Autocross track now has a greater vision for the spectators to enjoy.

Again the ASMK 2016/2017 season will be sponsored by the firm ‘Pasta POIATTI’. This particular Sunday program starts at 10: 00am with the Autocross and Motocross races. The program is scheduled to close with the ‘Once a Year’ Demolition Derby. This Derby is held for the 22nd year, in aid of L-Istrina Foundation.  This event was scheduled to happen on Sunday 18th December 2016 but it was postponed due to very bad weather on that day. This Demolition Derby is expected to start at 3: 30pm with the participation of the 14 Car Drivers who will be in great competition driving various coloured cars in the competition.

Meanwhile the ASMK Administration has worked hard to solve the problems caused by bad weather that have developed on the race-track due to the storms and rainfall in the recent weeks of 2016. Thanks too to the assistance and aid of several benefactors contractors including ‘Central Asphalt Ltd ‘and ‘Polidano Group’ the racetracks project is now complete. These works were executed under the leadership of ASMK Projects Manager Mr. Lawrence Darmanin. who managed to guide us to finalise the project of the Autocross cars which was scheduled to be finished by Sunday 18th December 2016. Now the cars and motorcycles Championship can be launched on good race tracks surfaces.

The Association notifies that due to previous events dates postponements which took place in these last months, the ASMK 2017 Events Calendar is now updated and can be found in the Official website

Further information together with Championships standings can also be found in this website and in the Facebook pages named ‘A.S.M.K. Malta’ and  ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’. One can also make contact by email – [email protected]


Nhar il-Hadd li gej 8 ta’ Jannar 2017 l-Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi ser tkun qed tiftah l-istagun bil-Karozzi Autocross u l-Muturi Motocross. l-Autocross sa jsuqu fuq wicc gdid tal-korsa waqt li dawk tal-Motocross sa jduqu fuq korsa kompletament gdida u b’distanza itwal – dik ta 1430 metru.

Ghal darb’ohra l-istagun tal-ASMK 2016/2017 ser ikun sponsorjat mid-ditta ‘Pasta Poiatti’ Il-programm ta nhar il-Hadd jibda fl-10:00am bit-tigrijiet Autocross u Motocross. Il-programm ser jaghlaq bid-Demolition Derby li ssir b’risq l-Istrina, liema attivita kellha ssir nhar il-Hadd 18 ta Dicembru 2016. Id-Demolition Derby mistennija tibda fi-3:30pm bil-partecipazzjoni ta’ 14 il-kompetitur fuq Karozzi ta ghamla u qiesien varji minn xulxin.

Intant l-Ammisitrazzjoni hadmet qatieh biex issolvi l-problemi li zviluppaw kagun tal-maltemp li ghamel fl-ahhar gimghat izda bl-ghajuna ta diversi kuntratturi benefatturi fosthom ‘Central Asphalt Ltd’ u ‘Polidano Group’ taht it-tmexxija tal-ASMK Project Manager Lawrence Darmanin irnexielna nwaslu il-progett tal-Korsa tal-Karozzi fit-tmiem biex nhar il-Hadd 8 ta Jannar jinghata bidutat-tigrijiet bil-karozzi u l-muturi u jinfetah l-istagun il-gdid.

L-Assocjazzjoni tinforma li minhabba il-posponimenti li kellha fl-ahhar xhur, issa fuq is-sit elettroniku wiehed issib il-Programm ghas-sena 2017.

Iktar informazzjoni wiehed jista jsibha wkoll fis-sit elettroniku tal-Assocjazzjoni jew fil-pagni tal-Facebook bl-isem A.S.M.K. Malta jew Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi. Wiehed jista jaghmel kuntatt bl-email:- [email protected]

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