Contingent for 2019 Games of Small States of Europe officially announced

By May 2, 2019 April 7th, 2020 GSSE, News

Athlete Gianluca Chetcuti chosen as flag bearer

The Maltese Olympic Committee, today, officially named the contingent representing Malta at forthcoming Games of the Small States of Europe which will be held in Montenegro between the 27th May and 1st June.

The shortlist of athletes was announced at a press conference held earlier on this morning at the Maltese Olympic Committee’s Headquarters in the presence of officials, athletes, coaches and members of the media.

The MOC President Mr. Julian Pace Bonello will be accompanying the athletes, whilst Chef de Mission duties will be undertaken by Mr. Paul Sultana.

Director of Sport Ivan Balzan confirmed that Malta will be taking part in eight disciplines which include Athletics, Basketball, Beach Volley, Judo, Shooting, Swimming, Table Tennis and Tennis. A total of 80 athletes will be fielded. A number of coaches and medical officials will also be forming part of the contingent to support the athletes throughout the Games.   Mr. Balzan continued to explain that preparations have been ongoing since Team Malta’s return from the last Games and which were closely monitored by the Olympic Committee’s Technical Commission. Mr. Balzan feels that Team Malta is well poised to bring home a good medal tally.

Chef de Mission Paul Sultana went on to explain Games logistics and announced that competitions will take place in the cities of Budvar, Bar, Tivat, Cetinje and Podgorica, Montenegro. This is the first time that Montenegro will be hosting these Games since it joined the GSSE family in 2009. Sultana also announced that a number of places on the charter flights are available for those wishing to support the Maltese contingent during the Games.

A strong delegation of Sports Journalists, representing most the majority of Media houses, will be following closely the Maltese delegation. This was announced by Director of Media Maria Vella-Galea, who took the opportunity to appeal to journalists to ensure that a fair and unbiased report of proceedings is given throughout.  In addition to this, she also urged members of the public to support and follow Team Malta through the Committee’s social media channels which will be constantly updated with the latest news.

Towards the end of the conference MOC President Julian Pace Bonello declared shooter Gianluca Chetcuti as the contingent’s flag bearer at the opening ceremony which will take place in the Old Town in Budva on Monday 27th May and presented Chetcuti with the Maltese flag.

MOC President Julian Pace Bonello concluded the press conference by thanking all those involved in the preparation for these Games. Since their inception in 1985, Malta has been present and has given some solid performances.  He stressed the importance of these games to Maltese athletes, since they provide an excellent opportunity for Maltese athletes to compete at an international level at par with other athletes.

The following is the full list of athletes making up the Maltese contingent.


Claire Azzopardi Long Jump, Triple Jump, 4 x 100m
Lisa Marie Bezzina 5000m, 10000m
Mona Lisa Camilleri 1500m, 5000m
Paula Grech 800m, 1500m
Rebecca Sare Long Jump, Triple Jump
Roberta Schembri 10000m
Charlotte Wingfield 100m, 200m, 4 x100m relay


Jacob El Aida Chaffey 100m, 200m, 4x100m
Omar El Aida Chaffey 100m, 200m, 4x100m
Ian Paul Grech Long Jump, Triple Jump
Jordan Gusman 1500m, 5000,
Luke Micallef 3000m steeplechase
Damien Mizzi 400m, 4x400m



Mark Farrugia, Jivko Jetchev, Ivan Rozhnov



Female Athletes Male Athletes
Sophie Abela David Bugeja
Patricia Arguello Cuenca Kurt Cassar
Maria Bonnett Chad Cuschieri Patus
Maddison Borg Samuel Deguara
Samantha Brincat Aaron Falzon
Elena Cassar Tevin Falzon
Christina Curmi Alec Felice Pace
Kristy Galea Matthew Gouder
Josephine Grima Nelson Kahler
Gabriella Mifsud Peter Shoults
Sarah Pace Roderick Vella
Amelia Simmons Kurt Xuereb
Cristina Sollami Nathan Xuereb
Ashleigh Van Vleight Jr



Angela Adamoli, Peter Paul Farrugia, Joseph Muscat, Roberto Ricchini


Beach Volley

Female Athletes Male Athletes
Dominika Dworniczak Roberto Balzan
Melissa Sue Cheviron Manuel Raffa



Oskar Bjorlin



Lara Castillo Individual -52kg, Team – 52kg
Kataryna Esposito Individual -52kg, Team – 63kg
Francesco Aufieri Individual -90kg, Team – 90kg
Isaac Bezzina Individual -100kg, Team -100kg
Clive Camilleri Individual -81kg, Team – 81kg
Luca Montebello Individual -100kg, Team -100kg
Jeremy Saywell Individual -66kg – Team -66kg



Alexander Bezzina, Denis Braidotti



Eleanor Bezzina     Air Pistol
William Vella Air Pistol
Gianluca Chetcuti Double Trap
William Chetcuti Double Trap, Trap
Brian Galea Trap



Francis Bugeja, John Mary Bugeja, Angelo Galea



Female Athletes Male Athletes
Mya Azzopardi Dylan Cachia
Francesca Falzon Young Andrew Chetcuti
Sasha Gatt Matthew Galea
Alexandra Mcgonigle Harry Stacey
Amy Micallef Michael Stafrace
Martina Valletta Mikhail Umnov
Michee Van Rooyen Thomas Wareing


David Bonello, Artem Goncharenko, Grant Kriztinger, Ioan Catalin Stan

Table Tennis

Female Athletes Male Athletes
Sasha Genovese Daniel Bajada
Viktoria Lucenkova Andrew Gambina
Jessica Pace Gabriel Grixti



Mario Genovese, Johanna Grech


Female Athletes Male Athletes
Francesca Curmi Matthew Asciak
Elaine Genovese Matthew Cassar Torreggiani
Omar Sudzuka



Joseph Sciberras

For further queries please do not hestiate to contact Maria Vella-Galea, Director of Media & Public Relations on +356 9981 2345 or [email protected]