Johnson wins in Autocross and Camilleri wins in Motocross

By May 25, 2016 News

ASMK Riders in Santa Pod and Austria

On Sunday 22nd May ‘Assoċjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ organized the tenth event of the ASMK Pasta POIATTI 2015/16 Championships. This event included the Autocross and the Motocross races which are becoming more competitive as we are approaching the end of another competitive season. The stress is more pronounced especially in those categories which are yet undecided.

During the day the Autocross Standard and Modified categories competed for three heats and in an anti-clockwise direction which is also a bit faster than usual. In the Modified category Chirstian Mark Galea only won all heats of the day on a Fiat Ritmo to seal his place in the final Class A. Johnson Gordon qualified together with Malcom Borg both on Opel Corsa, Andrew Pisani on a Vauxhall Nova, Karl Micallef and Godfrey Gauci both on a Ford Fiesta formed the lineup.

Right from the Start of this final we saw a good launch by Galea and Johnson to the first corner where Galea took the helm of the race final followed by Johnson and Micallef. During this final we witnessed excellent driving and competitive sports to the end of the race. Half way through the focus turned on Borg and Johnson who have been making pressure to advance their position. Johnson managed to overtake on Galea in the secong Lap and took the lead and was followed by Galea and Micallef. This latter was put under pressure by Borg until Borg managed to pass over Micallef and Galea who appeared to have developed some kind of technical fault which cost him to loose some placings. Soon this race came to an end with Johnson registering his first Class A win of the season. Johnson was followed by Borg and Galea. Fourth place was won by Gauci. Pisani and Micallef in fifth and sixth places.

The Final Class B lineup was composed of Jurgen Mallia on Honda Civic, Josef Abela on his Opel Nova, Joseph Micallef on his Opel Corsa, the Vauxhall Nova of Keith Borg, James Micallef on his Opel Corsa and the Ford Fiesta of Ryan Scicluna. From the Start of this final race Joseph Micallef and Abela made a very good launch with Micallef taking the lead followed by Abela and Scicluna. The focus turned on Abela who was making pressure on Micallef who managed to pass infront of Micallef to the end of the race. This Class B final ended with Abela registering his first Class win of this season followed by Micallef and Scicluna who maintaining their positions right to the end. Fourth place finisher was Borg while James Micallef and Jurgen Mallia retired before the finish due to some technical malfunction.

In the Final for the Standard Category the starting line was composed of Karl Scicluna on Peugeot 106, Nicovich Chircop on Peugoet 206, Traydon Bailey on Ford Ka, Deane Farrugia and Ian Fenech both on a Citroen AX. On the Start all cars group together but it was Chircop who found a slot to take the lead for a lap or two. Farrugia and Fenech followed close behind.  Chircop who was driving his first race ever had his lead short lived as Deane soon took the lead followed by Fenech. Farrugia held his position to the Finish Flag making this race his fifth win this season followed by Fenech and Scicluna. Bailey finished in fourth place followed by Chircop.

Although the Motocross race today had a small competitor’s attendance yet they performed great skills during their two qualifying races. Camilleri brothers dominated the Class A while as was again expected Class B was again revamped and dominated by Gozo Riders.

The Class A two heats were won by Clayton Camilleri on a KTM motorcycle. He was in combat with his brother Kyle for quite a number of laps but before the finish Kyle succumbed to the pressure of Clayton. During the secong heat Clayton continued on his success by winning this race ahead of all but he was always followed by brother Kyle.

In Class B we saw that Mario Cauchi on a Honda motorcycle continued to defend his lead in the Championship and title in this class. He managed to win both heats on the day. Mario was always followed by Jorn Stellini on a Kawasaki and Matthew Zammit on a Yamaha. Cauchi also continued to repeat his success of the day by also winning the Open Class MX category. Stellini and Zammit followed in 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

Meanwhile during the end of this week the Association has various Riders committed to racing outside the country. Six Enduro Riders will be taking part in the 20th edition of the 2016 Red Bull Hare Scrambles held in Erzbergrodeo between 26th and 29th May. The Maltese riders in this event are James and Wayne Zahra, Gary Debono, Matthew Gauci, Ian and Joseph Scicluna. In this edition the organizers are expecting about 1500 Riders from around the world. Though this is the second experience for James and Matthew, the other riders will be experiencing their first experience.

Meanwhile during this weekend the ASMK Association will be having two more riders competing in Drag Racing  in UK. Both riders have been awarded International licenses to the two Riders to be able to compete in the F.I.M. Drag Racing Championship starting in Santa Pod in England. As Glenn Borg and Shawn Buttigieg are members of the Maltese MDRA.  ASMK is the only local Authority that can issue these International licenses for Malta’s motorcyclists. Glenn Borg on a Suzuki Hyabusa Top Fuel Drag motorcycle is to drive in the highest class of motorcycle racing, Glenn will be racing in the F.I.M. Top Fuel Class where they can run the Standing Start Quarter Mile in the 6.5 seconds bracket at Santa Por Race Way in England

Shawn Buttigieg on another Suzuki Hyabusa motorcycle will be competing again in the Super Street Bike Championship Cup (SSB) in the European Championship launched by F.I.M.- Europe Federation. Both riders have already been running in these races abroad in Europe and have won positive results in the Drag Racing Sport. They are doing their best and are doing everything possible to continue to making success and make a name for themselves and for Malta in front of tens of thousands of spectators in England . This program starts on this Thursday with the Practice Runs and the Official Elimination races will be held on Friday 26 May to Monday 30 May. We wish them good luck and success as they have acheived in previous years in these Championships.

The Association wish success to all competitors competing abroad and representing Malta during this weekend. For more information one can visit the website of the Association or facebook pages named A.S.M.K. Malta or Association Sport Motorcycles and Cars. One can make contact by email [email protected]


Photos by Mario Micallef

Johnson jirbah fl-Autocross u Camilleri jirbah fil-Motocross

L-ASMK b’Riders f’Santa Pod u fl-Austria

L-Assoċjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi nhar il-Ħadd li għada organizzat l-għaxar attivita mill-Kampjonati ASMK Pasta Poiatti 2015/16. Matul din l-attivita ikkompetew il-Karozzi Autocross u il-muturi Motocross li iktar ma jagħddi z-zmien aktar qed noqorbu lejn tmiem staġun ieħor bil-kompetizzjoni tkun taħt tensjoni iktar mis-soltu l-iktar fejn hemm dawk il-kategoriji li għadhom indeċizi.

Matul il-ġurnata fis-sezzjoni  Autocross rajna z-zewġ kategoriji Standard u Modified li kkompetew fit- tliet Heats tal-ġurnata fid-direzzjoni kontra l-arloġġ. Fil-kategorija Modified Chirstian Mark Galea fuq Fiat Ritmo rebah il-Heats kollha tal-ġurnata biex issiġilla posthu fil-finali Klassi A. Miegħu kkwalifikaw Gordon Johnson u Malcom Borg it-tnejn fuq Opel Corsa, Andrew Pisani fuq Vauxhall Nova, Karl Micallef u Godfrey Gauci it-tnejn fuq Ford Fiesta.

Mat-tluq ta din il-finali rajna ħruġ tajjeb min Galea u Johnson fejn sa l-ewwel kantuniera Galea irrnexilu jieħu it-tmun tal-finali segwit minn Johnson u Micallef. Matul din il-finali assistejna u rajna sewqan kompetitiv u sportiv sa l-aħħar tat-tiġrija. L-attenzjoni mill-ewwel marret fuq Borg u Johnson li kienu qed jagħmlu pressjoni l-ħin kollu biex javvanzaw fil-pozizjoni tagħhom fejn Johnson fit-tieni dawra rnexxielu jissupera lill Galea biex it-tmun tal- finali spiċċa f’idejn Johnson segwit min Galea u Micallef, b’dan ta l-aħħar kien qed jiffaċja pressjoni minn Borg sakemm Borg irnexxielu jaqbez lill Micallef kif ukoll lill Galea b’dan tal-aħħar li deher li qed tizviluppalu ħasra teknika izda għalkemm kompla sa l-aħħar tilef xi postijiet. Il-finali spiċċat Johnson jirbaħ il-Klassi A għall ewwel darba f’dan l-istaġun segwit minn Borg u Galea. Fir-raba post spicca Gauci segwit min Pisani u Micallef fil-ħames u s-sitt post.

Għal finali Klassi B rajna il-linja tat-tluq komposta minn Jurgen Mallia fuq Honda Civic, Josef Abela fuq Opel Nova, Joseph Micallef fuq Opel Corsa, Keith Borg fuq Vauxhall Nova, James Micallef fuq Opel Corsa u Ryan Scicluna fuq Ford Fiesta. Mat-tluq ta din il-finali rajna ħruġ tajjeb minn Joseph Micallef u Abela, b’Micallef imur fuq quddiem segwit minn Abela u Scicluna. L-attenzjoni daret fuq Abela li kien jagħmel pressjoni fuq Micallef sakemm matul ir-raba dawra Abela irnexielu jmur fuq quddiem. Il-finali spiccat b’Abela jirregistra l-ewwel rebħa f’din il-klassi f’dan l-istaġun segwit minn Micallef u Scicluna li zammew posthom sal-aħħar. Fir-raba post spicca Borg, b’James Micallef u Mallia jirtiraw qabel spiċċat il-finali minħabba ħsara teknika.

Fil-Finali Kategorija Standard rajna linja tat-tluq komposta min Karl Scicluna fuq Peugeot 106, Nicovich Chircop fuq Peugoet 206, Traydon Bailey fuq Ford Ka, Deane Farrugia u Ian Fenech it-tnejn fuq Citroen AX. Mat-tluq rajna ħruġ tajjeb min Chircop u Farrugia b’Chircop imur fuq quddiem segwit minn Farrugia u Fenech. Għal Chircop din kienet l-ewwel esperjenza u kien jidher ftit dagħjef għal pressjoni tal-finalisti sħabu. Farrugia mill-ewwel sab l-okkazzjoni biex jieħu t-tmun tal-finali bil-kumplament tal-finalisti rnexxielhom jagħmlu dan biex il-finali spiccat b’Farrugia jirreġistra il-ħames rebħa tiegħu f’dan l-istaġun segwit minn Fenech u Scicluna. Fir-raba post spiċċa Bailey segwit minn Chircop.

Fis-Sezzjoni Motocross minkejja attendenza ftit baxxa xorta rajna spettaklu ta’ sewqan mill-Aħwa Camilleri fejn iddominaw il-Klassi A. Filwaqt, kif mistenni il-klassi B reġġhet kienet iddominata minn Riders Għawċin.

Intant fi Klassi A Motocross rajna zewg heats zbieħ li minkejja li rebahom Clayton Camilleri fuq mutur KTM, dan kellu jiffaċċja u jikkumbatti lill ħuħ Kyle Camilleri fuq mutur KTM għal numru ta dawriet sakemm ftit qabel il-Finish Kyle ċeda lill Clayton. Fit-tieni Heat Clayton kompla bis-suċċess tal-Heat biex issiġilla it-tieni rebħa f’dan l-istaġun waqt li kien dejjem segwit minn ħuħ Kyle.

Fi Klassi B rajna lill Mario Cauchi fuq muturi Honda ikompli jiddefendi it-titlu f’din il-klassi fejn irnexxielu jirbaħ il-Heats kollha tal-ġurnata. Mario kien dejjem segwiet min Jorn Stellini fuq mutur Kawasaki u Matthew Zammit fuq mutur Yamaha. Cauchi kompla jirrepeti is-suċċess tal-ġurnata fejn irnexielu jirbaħ ukoll il-kategorija Open segwit minn Stellini u Zammit.

Intant fit-tmiem din il-ġimgħa l-Assoċjazzjoni għanda diversi Riders impenjati barra mil-pajjiz. Mis-Sezzjoni Enduro sitt Riders ser ikunu qed jieħdu sehem fl-20 edizzjoni Erzbergrodeo Red Bull Hare Scramble 2016 li ser issir bejn is-26 u d-29 ta’ Mejju. Ir-riders Maltin f’din l-attivita ser ikunu James u Wayne Zahra, Gary Debono, Matthew Gauci, Ian u Joseph Scicluna. F’din l-edizzjoni l-organizzaturi qed jistennew madwar 1500 Rider min madwar id-dinja. Din se tkun it-tieni esperjenza għal Riders Maltin f’din it-tiġrija.

Intant fi tmiem il-ġimgħa l-Assocjazzjoni ħarġet licenzji għall zewġ Riders li sa jikkompetu fid-Drag Racing ġewwa Santa Pod fl-Ingilterra fejn minkejja li dawn huma membru tal-MDRA Maltija, l-ASMK biss hija l-Awtorita li tista toħrog dawn il-licenzji Internazzjonali għall sewwieqa tal-muturi. Glenn Borg fuq mutur Suzuku Hyabusa sa jsuq fl-għola klassi tal-muturi, dik imsejha F.I.M. Top Fuel Class fejn mill-wieqaf, dawn il-muturi jigru distanza ta Kwart ta Mil f’ħin ta madwar 6.5 sekondi.

Shawn Buttigieg fuq mutur ieħor Suzuki ser ikunu qed jikkompeti għall darb’oħra fil-kampjonat Super-Street Bike (SSB) fil-Kampjonat Ewropew imniedi mill Federazzjoni F.I.M.-Europe. Minkejja li z-zewġ riders mhux l-ewwel darba li kkompetew fl-Ewropa u ġabu rizultati pozittivi fid-Drag Racing Sport dawn zgur li ser ikunu qed jagħmlu minn kollox biex ikomplu jagħmlu isem għalihom u għall Malta quddiem eluf kbar ta spettaturi fl-Ingilterra. Dan il-programm jibda il-Ħamis bil-Practice Runs u it-tiġrijiet ufficjali ħa jsiru minn nhar il-Ġimgħa 26 ta Mejja sa nhar it-Tnejn 30 ta Mejju. Nawguraw li jkollhom success bħall ma għamlu fis-snin preċdenti fil-kampjonat madwar l-Ewropa.

L-Assocjazzjoni tawgura success lill kompetituri kollha li ser ikunu qed jirrapprezentaw lill Malta matul tmiem din il-ġimgħa. Għal iktar informazzjoni wieħed jista jzur is-sit elettroniku tal-Assocjazzjoni jew fil-facebook pages bl-isem A.S.M.K. Malta jew Assoċjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi. Wieħed jista jagħmel kuntatt bl-email [email protected]

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